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Part 36: Chapter Five, Part Three: The Epilogue

Part 35: The Epilogue

Many have died, but now Valencia sees peace. Why did this war occur? No one knows. There is but one thing said: If mankind again grows too arrogant... The flames of war shall rekindle. All will be lost... A most dire end. That, perhaps, will remain in our hearts.

Why did the war occur?

The Introduction posted:

Once, two sibling gods, Doma and Mila, lived on this remote island known as Valencia. Doma, obsessed with power, despised mankind's corruption, and fought with his younger sister Mila, who wished for peace. Eventually, the two agreed to split Valencia: The north ruled by Doma, the south by Mila...

Mycen posted:

Don't cry, Alm... Let me clarify your father's actions. Valencia became divided because of the gods. They have involved themselved too deeply with mankind's affairs. As a result, the people have lost balance and head for ruin. After some consideration, Rudolf posed as a destroyer to instigate the advent of true heroes in Valencia. I was told this when he placed his newborn child into my hands: "This child will consign himself to hell's fire!" I couldn't refuse him. And so, I left all to fate. Alm. You musn't let Rudolf's sacrifice be in vain. Go underground and slay the evil god Doma!

Doma posted:

Hero Alm. Inherit our will and rule this land fairly... Carry both Doma's power and Mila's love... You must never repeat these events... Never again disturb our slumber...

I give up on this game's plot.

Anyway, now we get the credits, but that is just a list of names, the interesting part begins after that.

As King Alm I's excellent right-hand man, he threw all his effort into the kingdom's reconstruction.

In case he survived:As one of the knights of the kingdom, he works towards the restoration of Valencia.

This is an euphemism for "He has no personality whatsoever".

When the war ended, he bid farewell to Alm. He was never seen again.


If Robin is dead: Due to his grief over Robin's death in battle he drowns himself in alcohol every day. When will a smile ever return to his face...?
If Robin is alive, but Claire is dead: Having lost the one he loved, never to meet her again, he set off on a journey by himself.

The best thing about this ending is that Robin doesn't give a fuck about him.

"Awww, it was Alm who I really liked..."

If Gray is dead: "Oh, Gray. To tell the truth, I was going to let you win..." Alone, she lived on in regret for the late Gray.

He was entrusted with the command of the newd knights' order of Valencia, until he lost his life in battle.

If Matilda is alive: He was entrusted with the command of the newly formed knights' order of Valencia.
Recently, it's been heard that he accepted a beautiful wife.

If Boey is dead: She still sustains a bit of shock from the loss of her bicker buddy Bowy.

This is seriously one of my favourite ending quotes in the series.

Maybe that's his joy in life?

If May is dead: Now that May's gone before him, he realizes his own heart for the first time. However, time cannot be turned back.

If Jesse is dead: In the former territory of Geyse, he built a new country. Afterwards, he became known as the Desert Mercenary.

If Cleive is alive: She shed her armor and became Cleive's wife. The legendary female knight, Matilda -- That name shall surely be carved within the histories of Valencia for eternity.

If Cleive is dead: Having lost Clerbe, she reluctantly took command of the knights' order. The legendary female knight, Matilda -- That name shall surely be carved within the histories of Valencia for eternity.

a vigilante group's captain.

It is strange that while the game says peace returned to the land, leading a group of vigilantes is a viable long-term career.

Had he survived: After locating his younger siblings, he returned with them to their mountain village. It's said that he's now returned to being a woodcutter like he used to be.

Okay, now I am a little sad for killing him. Though seriously, those shrines still had some charges left.

In Geyse's former lands, he built a new country. Afterwards, he became known as the Desert Mercenary.

Her two older sisters, Mara and Heste, were Doma's sacrifices... Sonia never forgave her father Judah for his deeds.

I think this is the first time we find out Sonia's backstory.

He helped in building Jesse's kingdom. He also found a lovely wife.

If Jesse is dead: Together with his lovely wife, he works towards the restoration of the Kingdom of Valencia.

From what I've seen on Japanese sites, his wife is usually assumed to be Jenny, but it is never confirmed anywhere.

Well, his magic is pretty awful. Especially compared to his sister's.

Why would she ever do that? Her magic is awesome.

Living happily with Zeke, she prays his memories never return.

This is another quote I like a lot.

If Zeke died: When Zeke died, she lost her most beloved person. In overwhelming grief, she cut off her hair.

Okay, Teeta is now one of my favourite characters.

If either Est or Palla died: Having lost her sister, she returned to her homeland with grief within her heart.

happily back to Archanea.

If either Catria or Est died: "I'm sorry, Palla. For such a thing to have happened..."
"No, don't worry, Cellica. After all, my sisters' loss is my own responsibility..."

With grief in her heart, Palla flew back to her homeland.

I'll definitely return! Est remains her upbeat self.

If either Palla or Catria died: "Big sister..." Remembering the older sister who had died for her sake, Est wept.

However, he never revealed it...

Since Teeta survived, this ending is kind of cute and it makes Teeta's ending hilarious.

She and Alm became the founding monarchs of Valencia. The people loved her and believed she was Mila reincarnated.

"Always remember he who tamed the evil god and regained peace: Our Holy King, Alm the First!

Damn, I liked King Rudolf the Second better.

That is all. While the plot is hindered by hardware limitations and the gameplay is unbalanced, I still like Gaiden a lot and it was fun doing this LP, even if it may not seem that way from those long intervals between some updates. Thanks everyone for reading, commenting and putting up with my laziness.