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Part 35: Chapter Five, Part Two: The Final Battle

Update 34: The Final Battle

Let's go and save Celica.

Celica: Alm...
Alm: Don't worry. I'll crush these bastards.
Celica: It won't work. Judah somehow seals all attacks. Plus, Bigles keep spawning and entangling us. We're done for... Sorry, Alm. I was weak after all. I've had an odd premonition that pain awaits you... That's why I left on a quest to save Mila... That's why I didn't want you to fight yet. I'm sorry I acted so cold... The truth is, I've always...
Alm: I understand. But Celica! Focus on escaping! I'll definitely save you, so hang on!

We have numerical superiority, so the strategy here is to rush the enemy. Both Doma and Judah are protected against attacks, which at least explains why was Celica's party unable to defeat them by themselves.

Turn 1

Half of Alm's party moves to defensive position, while the stronger group moves east. Teeta used her Fortify spell to heal everyone in our group, eliminating all the wounds Celica's party sustained while Alm was going through the dungeon.

Celica's party has done a bit more, killing three Bigles and establishing a very good defence line. Claire is in the north, since she has got the Quick ring equipped and can therefore outrun the rest of Alm's party.

Turn 2

Everything is fine. Celica's party is having a little trouble with the Bigles, since I have no proper defensive units. In the west, the enemy advanced, but couldn't reach our characters.

I've retreated in the west and left Dyute there, since magic is the best way to deal with these three enemies. Alm, Silk and Teeta are advancing.

Claire and Catria serve as bait for the Bigles. I'm using only Catria, Sonia, May, Jenny and Celica from Celica's party, since everyone else is underleveled and would probably die pointlessly.

Turn 3

I've screwed up in the west. I thought that the enemy wouldn't move through the water, but they did anyway and now Matilda's dead. Let's just pretend that after this battle, she was brought to one of those resurrection shrines we have not used up.

Other than this mistake, the west front did fairly okay. One of the enemies died in Dyute's counterattack, so at least, the score is even.

A lot of Bigles died here. However, bow knights arrived from the north and they can be dangerous to Claire and Catria.

Everything is progressing smoothly. In the west, only one enemy is left.

Turn 4

For those who have been wondering, this is what Doma and the witches have been up to.

Judah has been protected from all attacks while the three enemies in the west were still alive. No such luck now.

And May gets the honor of killing him. He also dropped a Magic ring, but May already has one.

Killing Judah causes all the Bigles to desummon. Getting to Doma will be much easier now.

Turn 5

Okay, Doma is a jerk and has summoned new Bigles. No matter, they will only prove a slight delay.

The witches have also started doing something and that something is harassing the western flank.

Everyone except Claire and Catria is slowed down by the water, so the advance is sluggish right now.

Turn 6

Apart from having a ton of hit points and regeneration, Doma kind of sucks. Teeta can outheal him, so nobody in our party is in any real danger from him.

By having a ton of hit points, I mean that he has more HP than the HP bar allows. This is actually Catria's second attack.

Oh, and by the way, I hate summonners.

Right now, I'm mostly concentrating on killing Doma's minions.

Turn 7

Nothing special going on, just business as usual.

Turn 8

As you can see, the Bigles are pretty good at suiciding themselves at Catria.

Doma's ranged attack. Magic Ring or the Lightning spell would allow me to attack from a safe distance, but the water limits my movement.

Dyute and Python are finally catching up and I can also start attacking Doma. Catria is still busy, but she is not necessary to killing Doma.

Turn 9

This is my first time seeing this, but the Megaquake is an attack on everyone in our party. A very strong attack, though it seems that it cannot kill anyone, probably because the game can only display death quotes during combat. It still leaves everyone with about one third of their health.

On the bright side, Doma is all alone.

Turn 11

Doma has fought well, but now he's surrounded and almost dead. It shouldn't take much longer to finish him.

However, when Doma has less than 52 HP, nobody can attack him. The only exception is Alm equipped with Falcion, who also does extra damage and, surprisingly, Clerics and Saints.

As far as I understand the game's programming, Doma just forces attacker's accuracy to become zero. However, Nosferatu has a hardcoded 50% accuracy and Doma cannot do anything to that. It is possible to kill Doma that way, but it requires Silk, Jenny and Teeta to be at high levels and an incredible amount of luck.

For the record, this is Eyeball, Doma's final attack.

Turn 12

Doma restores 40 HP each turn, when he's close to death. However, with Alm doing incredible amounts of damage, it won't help him much.

Hero Alm. Inherit our will and rule this land fairly... Carry both Doma's power and Mila's love... You must never repeat these events... Never again disturb our slumber...

Next time: The epilogue