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Part 34: Chapter Five, Part One: The Final Dungeon

Part 33: The Final Dungeon

Last time, so long ago, we entered the final chapter of the game. Now, the time has come to explore the dungeons under Rigel Castle.

This staircase leads to the final dungeon of the game.

Soon after entering, the way back closes.

Celica lost 2 HP!

These messages periodically appear as Alm makes his way deeper into the dungeon. The goal is to find the only weapon capable of killing the final boss and reach Celica before somebody dies.

This chest contains the single most important item in the game. You can also see that there is now a Celica option in the menu. It allows us to check on Celica's status.

Celica: Ah! Alm, help us... At this rate, everyone will... H-hurry... Please...

This is the main challenge of the dungeon. We have to drop into a correct pit that would drop us on a correct floor, then fight a random battle.

The upper left pit drops us one floor. The upper right and lower left pits drop us right to the bottom. The lower right pit drops us three floors. Obviously, the way to go is to try and drop one floor at a time, since if we accidentally fell to the bottom, we would have to go through all this falling down again.

Battles in the final dungeon
are somehow inventive, but also really frustrating and repetitive. I'll be just posting the highlights from each battle. This battle looks simple at first, you just have to move from south to the east and attack the enemies through the corridor. It stops looking simple, when you realise that Fire Emblem Gaiden can use floor switches.

Then it changes to this. The water hurts your units and, of course, the enemy summoner creates Dragon Zombies.

After winning the battle, we come to yet another room with pits. This one is even trickier, because there are twelve different pits to choose from.

After few turns, this gate opens and a bunch of strong enemies can come out and attack. Otherwise, there are only two other enemies in the room.

There is one teleport tile in the room, but one enemy per turn is barely a nuisance. Also note that the brown gate cannot be crossed, even by flying units, while the gray walls can.

This is probably the hardest battle in the final dungeon. There is open space, very tough enemies and summonners mean that the enemy can easily overwhelm us. Oh, and the water moves northward, so it is impossible to stay behind and just wait for the enemy to come.

Here we are at the entrance to the treasure chamber. Let's go inside.

The White Dragon Zombies exist only in this battle, as far as I am aware.

The Falc(h)ion is what we have came here for. It is more or less as powerful as the Regal sword, but is also plot necessary. Now it's just some more walking around corridors until we arrive at the site of the final battle.

Dyute - Level 20 (+3) - HP +2, Magic +3, Skill +2, can be promoted to Priest
Python - Level 10 (+3) - Power +2, HP +2, Luck +1, Skill +1, can be promoted to Bow Knight
Claire - Level 8 (+3) - Speed +3, Luck +1, Skill +2
Cliff - Level 5 (+1) - Skill +1, Speed +1, HP +1
Matilda - Level 8 (+1) - Defence +1
Zeke - Level 4 (+1) - Speed +1
Alm - Level 16 (+4) - Power +1, Defence +1, Skill +2, Speed +1, HP +2

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