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Part 33: Chapter Four, Part Twelve: Rigel Castle

Part 32: Rigel Castle

Sorry, for yet another delay. However, we are near the end, so I think I can finish this before the end of April.

To recap what happened last time, Celica is still somewhere under Doma's Tower, while Alm has managed to break the final defence line before the Rigel castle.

The enemy group is decently powerful and well-positioned. For comparison, Alm's group has 14 units and 769 power.

I leave this to fate now as a knight of Rigel. Men! You have fought well thus far! However... The Rigelian Empire's time has ended. Hear me, all of you! This is my final request. If I should fall, don't interfere. Those remaining should surrender courageously. Do not feel disgraced! Is that clear? Don't die in vain!

A nice speech and all, but since all of the enemies are standing betwen me and Rudolf, they're going to die before him.

The bow knights are going to be the main obstacle. There is a total of five, three of which are level 5, while the remaining two are level one. Both the enemy wizards know the Fortify spell for battlefield wide healing. The enemy mounted units are all Gold Knights and the footsoldiers are all Barons. In fact, apart from the wizards, there is not a single enemy that is not promoted to the last class. Rudolf himself is, well, take a look.

He is maximum level and owns an Angel Ring, which is not shown on the his stats screen. He is therefore practically impregnable to magic, strong enough so that all of our units except Alm will do only 1 point of damage, while taking loads in retaliation and faster than everyone except Claire guaranteeing him double attacks. He is probably tougher than the game's actual final boss.

Turn 1

I summoned some illusions as cannon fodder, while everyone else moves into positions. I probably should have summoned the pegasus knights first, since they would make more tempting targets for the bow knights, but that can be done next turn.

Nothing much had happened during the enemy turn, but Dyute has done extremely well with her counterattack.

Turn 2

This may look good, with both bow knights on the right side dead, but attacking with Python was probably a serious mistake that would lead to his death.

This is Rudolf attacking Claire, by the way. As I said, he hits hard.

Luckily, the illusionary pegasi were a more tempting target for the bow knights.

Turn 3

This is me being either daring or stupid by blocking Rudolf's escape with Claire. I can heal her from afar, while Python and Dyute snipe him, so it is not as dangerous as it might seem, but he's got a decent chance at critical hit.

In the north, the illusions have engaged some enemies. They are likely to keep them busy for a few turns I can use to take control of the gate.

Turn 4

I've retreated Zeke and Matilda, who were in the bow knights' range, while Dyute and Python attack Rudolf's backup.

Turn 5

I've moved Claire to entice more enemies to attack her, while she can still block Rudolf. Otherwise, nothing much is happening. Alm and the bow knights are exchanging some arrows with Dyute moving in for support and the illusions are holding pretty well.

The plan has worked and Python can now attack the wizard and deprive enemy of healing.

Turn 6

The wizard is dead, Alm has killed another bow knight, Teeta has cast Fortify and healed both the illusions up north and Claire. Everything is going well.

Turn 9

I'm still camping at the gates, while the enemies try to kill the illusion, and Dyute is trying to hit Rudolf with a Ragnarok. The Angel ring is making him hard to hit, but if Dyute hits, it counts - the "40 d" in the picture is 40 damage.

Turn 11

I take the time to summon more illusions to keep the enemy occupied.

Turn 12

And the second hit takes Rudolf down.

Was it no mistake entrusting you to Sir Mycen after all? You figured it out by now, right? Your full name is Albyne Alm Rudolf. My... only son... Guh... I have a last request. Use 'Falchion', the holy sword that sealed Mila... Defeat... the evil god... Doma...

And with this, the battle is over. The most important thing is that Dyute managed to loot an Angel ring from Rudolf's body.

We are automatically taken inside the Rigel castle. I won't take about Rudolf's revelation until all of exposition this place has to offer is over.

How could such an evil man as King Rudolf be my father?!

But now you are the only remaining heir of Rigel's royal family.
Alm: But why... Why couldn't I avoid fighting my own father?
Mycen: Don't cry, Alm... Let me clarify your father's actions. Valencia became divided because of the gods. They have involved themselved too deeply with mankind's affairs. As a result, the people have lost balance and head for ruin. After some consideration, Rudolf posed as a destroyer to instigate the advent of true heroes in Valencia. I was told this when he placed his newborn child into my hands: "This child will consign himself to hell's fire!" I couldn't refuse him. And so, I left all to fate. Alm. You musn't let Rudolf's sacrifice be in vain. Go underground and slay the evil god Doma!

GoldKn Mycen joined you!

Hey, we've got our Jeigan character...

Everyone blue-clothed and black-haired: Long live King Rudolf the Second!



I am General Massena, the captain of the king's guards. We have heard our late King's final words and assembled here.

And with all of this over, it's time for...

So, what do I think about Rudolf's plot? It's stupid, that's what it is, as is any plan or story, where the central idea is "begin a war, so that there can be peace". The most glaring problem with the game's story is that it wouldn't happen if Rudolf had just done nothing. Rudolf is directly responsible for pretty much every obstacle in the plot. Until he involved himself, there was nothing wrong with the land. Anyway, this is a NES game, the story isn't that important for enjoying the game, but I wanted to say it.

Dyute - Level 17 (+1) - HP +1
Claire - Level 5 (+1) - Luck +1
Python - Level 7 (+1) - Power +1, HP +1
Alm - Level 12 (+1) - Defence +1

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