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Part 44: Other Stuff - Music, Fanart and Characters

Other Stuff
Throughout the LP I somewhat frequently bring up a manga based on this game. If you're interested in reading it for yourself, it can be found here! Note that the translation of it is a work in progress, and as of now up through Chapter 4 is translated.

Music Thus Far

Fan Contributions

Orange Fluffy Sheep shows us Alvis' true feelings about sex with Deidre.

OFS has a great premise for a new sitcom!

Fire Emblem: Descent of the Jihad

Orange Fluffy Sheep's Pairing Options to get the Best Little Murder Machines
Lackhe and Skasaha
Lana and Lester
Delmud and Nanna
Arthur and Tinny
Patty and Faval
Fee and Sety
Leen and Corple
Leaf and Altenna



The story's main protagonist, crusader of Baldo, and a knight of Chalphy, a kingdom in Grandbell. He kicks off our adventure by attempting to rescue his childhood friend, Aideen. He later falls in love with the mysterious Deirdre, and the two have a son together.  He is slain by Alvis in the Battle of Barhara 


A knight of Chalphy, faithful to Sigurd. The red knight of the Red Knight-Green Knight archetype.


A knight of Chalphy, faithful to Sigurd. The green knight of the Red Knight-Green Knight archetype.


A knight of Chalphy, faithful to Sigurd. Too slow and weak to ever be used seriously.


Half brother to Alvis, the lord of Velthomer, and a minor crusader of Fala. Has a crush on Aideen,  but later falls for his childhood friend, Tiltyu. 


Heir to Dozel, minor crusader of Neir, best friend of Azel, total badass.  He later falls in love with Brigid.  


Prince of Lenster, crusader of Noba, and long time friend to Sigurd. Married to Ethlin, and the two have a daughter together.  They later have a son, and tragically fall to Trabant's army in the Yeid Desert. 


Sigurd's sister, Cuan's wife, minor crusader of Baldo. She persuades Cuan to help Sigurd's cause in rescuing Aideen.


Knight of Lenster, loyal to Cuan.  He later goes on to have kids with Lachesis. 


Knight of Jungby, deeply in love with Aideen.  He eventually marries Aideen, and the two have two children. 


A thief from Verdane, set free by Prince Jamka at Aideen's request.


Princess of Jungby and minor crusader of Ulir. She is in search of her long lost twin sister.  After the Battle of Barhara, she works as a nurse in Tilnanogue, raising the orphans that battle left. 


Princess of Isaac, minor crusader of Odo, younger sister of Prince Mariccle, and daughter of King Mananan. She flees for Verdane when war breaks out between Isaac and Grandbell, taking heir to the throne Shanan with her.  She later falls in love with her distant cousin, Holyn. 


A mysterious woman from the Spirit Forest in Verdane. Crusader of Narga. She falls in love with Sigurd at first sight.  She later is kidnapped by Manfloy, has her memory erased, and falls in love with Alvis. 


Prince of Verdane intent on stopping war between his country and Grandbell.


An arena fighter who joins Sigurd's army after being impressed by his fighting in the arena. Minor crusader of Odo.


Princess of Nodion, younger half-sister of Eltshan, minor crusader of Hezul. Perhaps a little too close to her half-brother, some would say.  Presumably dies in the Yeid Desert after the Battle of Barhara. 


A mercenary hired by Sigurd's army in Agustria. He's got a thing for Lachesis.


Prince of Silesia, crusader of Sety, kind of a badass. Having fled from home, he travels the world disguised as a bard. Secretly in love with Fury.  He later announces his love to her, and the two get married.  


A dancer following Levin around and minor crusader of Blagi. She has a bit of a crush on Levin.  She later falls in love with her long lost brother, Claude. 


Pegasus Knight of Silesia and childhood friend of Levin. She secretly harbors strong feelings for him, but is too timid to let him know.  Retires to Silesia after the Battle of Barhara. Eventually dies of illness. 


Childhood friend of Azel, aide to Father Claude, Princess of Freege, and minor crusader of Tordo. An upbeat and plucky girl.  After the Battle of Barhara, she is captured and tortured to death by Hilda. 


Lord of Eda and crusader of Blagi, Claude wishes to find out the truth about the mysteries surrounding Kurth's death.


Crusader of Ulir and Aideen's long lost twin sister, Brigid was kidnapped by pirates at a young age and raised as the captain's daughter.


King of Grandbell and crusader of Narga.


Prince of Grandbell and crusader of Narga.  Deirdre's father. 


Lord of Chalphy, crusader of Baldo, Sigurd's and Ethlin's father.


Lord of Freege, crusader of Tordo, Tiltyu's father.


Lord of Dozel, crusader of Neir, Lex's father.


Lord of Jungby, crusader of Ulir, Aideen's and Brigid's father.


Prince of Verdane, Jamka's brother. He initially kidnaps Aideen.


Grandson to a great tactician of Chalphy, current aide to Sigurd.


Lord of Velthomer, crusader of Fala, Azel's older half-brother. Cares deeply for Azel, and helps Sigurd at the beginning of his adventure.  Deirdre's half-brother. 


Long time friend of Sigurd and Cuan, crusader of Hezul, Lord of Nodion.  Wastes his life trying to convince Shagaal to not be a dick. 


Aira's nephew and Prince of Isaac.  Celice's caretaker when Deirdre is gone. 


King of Agustria, huge dick.


A mysterious man, leader of the dark Loputosu cult.


King of Southern Thracia, crusader of Dain. Sells himself and his Dragon Knights as mercenaries during times of war. Desperately wishes to overthrow Cuan and Northern Thracia.  He gets his wish, then kidnaps Cuan's daughter. 


Queen of Silesia, Levin's mother. She rules though kind and peaceful methods, but is constantly at threat of attack from her brothers (in law?).


Pegasus Knight of Silesia, Fury's sister. Levin had a crush on her when he was younger.  Dies during the Silesian Civil War. 

Generation 2


Son of Sigurd and Deidre, and rightful heir to the Grandbell throne.


Aideen's daughter, a nun of Tilnanogue. Grew up with Celice and Aira's children.


Aira's daughter, a skilled swordfighter raised by Prince Shanan.


Aira's son, a skilled swordfighter raised by Prince Shanan.


Former aide to Sigurd, he helped raise Celice and train him in the way of the sword.


Lachesis' son, raised by Oifey and Shanan in Isaac.


Aideen's son, a bow knight with a strong sense of justice.


A mysterious young girl with no memory of her past. She was found by Levin in Isaac.  She's pretty obviously the daughter of Deirdre and Alvis. 


Fury's daughter, a Pegasus Knight in search for her brother.


Tiltyu's son, a skilled mage on a journey to find his long-lost sister.


Son of Dozel's Duke Danan, a poet who's smitten with Lakche.


Johan's younger brother, a tough guy with a heart of gold.


The rightful heir to Isaac's throne. He's recently been on a mission to reclaim the holy Balmung.


Brigid's daughter, a thief who steals in order to take care of orphans.


Son of Cuan and Ethlin and Prince of Lenster. Raised by Fin in a war-torn Thracia.


Lachesis' daughter, raised alongside Leaf by Fin.


Son of Eltshan and wielder of the Mistoltin. A mercenary who bears a grudge against Sigurd and Celice.


Unknowingly Sylvia's daughter, raised in Darna as a dancer.


Tiltyu's daughter, raised by her uncle Blume in Alster.


Brigid's son, works as a mercenary to support a group of orphans.


Levin and Fee's son and wielder of Holsety. Left Silesia in search for Levin, and ended up leading a resistance effort in Manster.


Honorable general of Thracia fighting the resistance against his own will. Know as "The Shield of Thracia".


Unknowingly the son of Sylvia. Raised by Hanibal.


Daughter of Cuan and Ethlin. Taken in and raised by Trabant after the Battle of Barhara.


Duke of Dozel and ruler of Isaac. Takes after his father, Langobart.


Son of Blume, defends the Thracian border.


Duke of Freege, son of Reptor, ruler of Northern Thracia.


Blume's daughter and wielder of the Tor Hammer. In love with Prince Julius.


Trabant's son, Prince of Thracia, new wielder of the Gungnir. Loyal to his father, but has conflicted feelings about fighting the rebels.


Son of Alvis and Deirdre, the Imperial Prince of Grandbell.  Reincarnation of the dark god Loputousu. 


Blume's wife and member of House Velthomer.  A huge bitch who torture Tiltyu to death.