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Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War

by Wind God Sety

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Original Thread: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Incest!



Hello, and welcome to my let's play of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, or in English, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, more commonly known as FE4. FE4 and Fire Emblem as a series are turn based strategy games similar to Advance Wars, however instead of having generic, disposable units, every unit is a unique character who levels up and gains stats in an RPG like fashion. To say that in a less complicated way, it's a turn based strategy RPG. This game is widely considered one of the best games in the Fire Emblem series, though because it was never released outside of Japan many fans of the series never got the opportunity to play it.

Why is this game so good?

GREAT QUESTION! You see this game has many unique features making it truly stand out from other games in the series. These will be covered more extensively in the actual LP, but in short it features a lover system that creates a story spanning multiple generations! In short, during the first half of the game you can have your units fall in love with one another to have kids who you'll play as in the second half of the game. Who you pair with whom will directly affect their children.

What else is so good about this game you ask? Once again, great question! Man, you're really on the ball today. Another great feature is the maps. Giant maps. Most FE games feature a lot of pretty short maps taking place in forests, deserts, castles, plains, tundras, etc. For example in FE9 (Path of Radiance) there are about 30 chapters where your party travels around the continent visiting various locations. However out of the context of the story you couldn't tell where a specific chapter takes place. In FE4 on the other hand there are only 12 chapters consisting of several castles that you must seize. Each chapter in FE4 takes about as much time as 3 or 4 chapters in another FE game, give or take. Now the reason that these chapters are so large and time consuming is because each chapter is generally an entire country. What's more, the map layout for the chapter actually matches up with the world map! I thought this was a very nice touch, as it helps to give the player the feel that they are actually fighting across an entire continent rather than fighting in a few locations scattered around a continent. In the thread I'll actually post a picture of the world map and a map of each chapter, so you can see how they match up as we go along!

Another one of the great things about this game is its excellent music. In other FE games you have a few map themes that are used chapter after chapter. However since FE4 only has twelve chapters and each chapter is so long, reusing themes like that would be so redundant and would really make the tracks get old and on your nerves. So to avoid that, each chapter has its own unique theme, and almost all of them are great! What's more, each theme has an in game version AND an orchestrated remix! Aside from that, there are a lot of other tracks in the game that are amazing such as the recruitment theme and the first conversation theme. I'll be posting these tracks as they come up in the thread, and keeping a megalist as either a part of the OP or the second post.

There are a lot of other small things that make this game great, but if I keep gushing over it we'll never get to the actual LP, so I think that's enough for this introduction that's steadily approaching being way too long, so I'll leave what's left for the actual LP!

Thread Rules

First and foremost, and I cannot stress this enough, NO SPOILERS. Don't even do that coy shit where you vaguely hint at stuff. This game has probably the best twist in any Fire Emblem game, and overall I'd say it has a relatively good plot for the series. Speculation is fine, and spoiler tags are of course acceptable, but try not to go overboard with them.

Under the subheading of spoilers, I'd like to say that there should be no spoilers regarding FE5: Thracia 776, as it is a mid-quel to this game (it takes place between chapters 6 and 8), and it's opening cutscene spoils a huge moment in this game.

Secondly, when people talk about characters in Fire Emblem, I've noticed things tend to get heated. People (myself included sometimes) tend to type up pages analyzing character stats and growth rates to determine which characters are good and which characters are bad. To save anyone the trouble of doing that, I give a brief analysis of each unit as they join. You are of course free to disagree with my assessment, and voice those disagreements, but I really don't want to see pages and pages devoted to who makes a better father for X child, or who will turn out better for X amount of time after being given Y resources. Again, some talk of things like this are fine, but be reasonable about it.

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