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Part 42: Endgame Part 4: Freege-Velthomer

Endgame Part 4: Freege-Velthomer

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem 4! We're in the home stretch here, with only two castles left to take.

As you may recall, Freege was plagued by Sleep Bishops, and Delmud, Arthur, and Fin are taking a nap in the middle of the battlefield.

We also have these guys who are probably too far away from the combat to do much in these last two updates.

But we can always use people to visit some villages.

Wielding the Demon Mistolteen, the Black Knight Hezul assails the darkness
Wielding the Divine Balmunk, the Sword Master Odo holds the darkness at bay
Wielding the Holy Tailfing, the Holy Knight Baldo shines upon the darkness
And with the Book of Narga in hand, Saint Heim prays to the heavens
Prayer invokes light, and from the light emerges the white dragon who confronts the dragon of darkness
the white and black dragon
a seemingly endless battle between darkness and light
Shall we be greeted with victory or defeat?
Yet fear not in the face of defeat
For endless is the source of the light we seek
In those who shall succeed us
I believe
In those who receive the light
I believe
How 'bout it? Sure soothes the soul if you ask me.

Back by Freege, where the action is, we take out a few Sleep Bishops. We've just about seen the last of them! Also after taking Freege last time, Fee and Arthur can talk.

Well! It's nice to see you, too!

There you go again. See, it's no wonder nobody...

...wants to be around me? Is that what you want to say!? Well, forget you!

Fee! All I'm saying is people get the wrong impression about you sometimes. But I'm crazy about you...

Arthur... You really mean that?

Of course I do. Once this war finishes, you and I are moving back to Silesia.

Really!? Oh, Arthur! That'd be perfect!

Normally a +3 Skill boost is given to Arthur with this conversation, but he's capped that already.

Now we're finally done with Sleep. Forever. Well there's still Fin sleeping, but nobody else will fall asleep.

I suppose it never hurts to have some more holy crusaders with the main army, so Lana warps Faval to Freege.

Let's take a look at Ishtar's army.

Ishtar's slightly better than she was last chapter, but not in any meaningful way that will change our tactics for fighting her.

She does have five leadership stars though, so she'll be a lot better at hitting us than before.

Ishtar's squad all have decent stats and pretty good weapons. Since three fourths of the army can avoid direct confrontation on enemy phase, we'll end up fighting them mostly on our next turn.

Over by Barhara, we have three Pegasus Knights, and 12 other units of various classes.

Let's focus on the peg knights for now.

So all three of these recolors are more or less identical. Meng has some leadership stars, so we'll want to kill her first. The three of them also have quite a few dangerous skills, and the deadly 1-2 range Earth Sword.

As soon as we end out turn, reinforcements from Thracia come in. If you recall, Arion was saved from death by Julius in Chapter 9.

Oh, Arion, you dolt, your father and sister understood that it was time to go against the Empire, why can't you?

So basically the plan here is to tank with Aless and Celice, since they both have high Defense and Resistance.

It works pretty well.

Meng's army, instead of going after Freege, makes a beeline for Dozel. If you recall, we left Shanan there to defend it.

You may also remember that Julia is coming from Velthomer to attack us now. She moves very slowly though, so there's little threat of her killing us, or us accidentally killing her.

On our turn, Altenna will start heading towards the other village. We'll move her back towards Chalphy and see if she can talk some sense into Arion.

Our plan for this next turn will be to have Sety and Celice tank the chokepoint, and hopefully Sety will be able to kill off a lot of their army.

Corple gets warped to Freege, where he repairs his Reserve Staff.

Leaf then brings him closer to the rest of the army to help out.

One important part of our formation here is to have Nanna close enough to give Charisma boosts to Sety and Celice.

Anyone foolish enough to attack Celice at one range deserves what's coming to them.

The same goes for anyone who attacks Sety, period. Especially if they have 0 Hit in the first place.

And Ishtar approaches, ready to take on Sety.

We could've survived that, but I won't complain about a lucky dodge when it's in my favor.

And that's it for Ishtar. She's dead for real this time.

Meng's trio starts attacking Shanan now.

Despite having Earth Swords, they attack at one range, because they can perform the triangle attack. For those not familiar with the triangle attack, if the three peg knights surround one unit and attack, they get an automatic critical.

No lucky kills on the last two, sadly.

But we can immediately take care of one of them on our turn.

It doesn’t look like Altenna will be able to reach Chalphy before Arion's squad…

So we'll have Hanibal hold the fort for now.

We finish up the remains of Ishtar's army here.

Then have Celice start rushing towards Julia. Maybe he can talk some sense into her.

We're now approaching Barhara, and the 12 Dark Warlords guarding it. So let's take a look at them.

The 12 Warlords are all different classes with different skills. They also all have German numbers for names. Eins is a pretty burly Baron with Pursuit and Continue. However, his non-stellar Speed being brought down by the Silver Lance's weight makes him unlikely to activate either.

Zwei is a bit more dangerous. Good Strength and Speed, so he could potentially double some of our guys for high damage. He also has a pretty good chance to activate Critical or Charge.

The real danger with Drei is not killing him in one round, letting him activate Wrath. Or we could just attack at two range.

Vier is the Warlords' healer. Pretty standard, but she's one of the few characters in the game that has the Life skill.

Funf has good Speed, a deadly Killer Bow, and Charge, but being a Sniper, we can easily kill him without him getting an attack off.

Sechs is pretty much an enemy Tinny.

Sieben is a rare Bishop without staves or siege magic. Volcanon is heavy, and he's slow, so we don't have to worry about doubling, but he could be dangerous if he gets a crit.

Acht is very dangerous. Strong, light magic, and dangerous skill. He's basically an enemy Sety, but a bit weaker.

Neun is also quite dangerous, but the lack of two range will make her easier to deal with. She's also a rare character that has Life.

Of course, the Dark Warlords wouldn't be complete without a Dark Bishop. Zehn has a huge, useless Magic score, because Hel will just bring anyone down to 1HP anyway. It's worth noting, by the way, that all of these Warlords have 80 HP, the game's maximum HP for every class.

Oddly enough, Elf is the group's Shaman, and I believe the only enemy Light magic user in the game. Rezire and Critical make her a bit tricky to deal with.

Lastly, Zwolf is the group's Thief, and can steal all of your money if you let him. Though at this point, money doesn't really matter. He's got a Hero Sword, good Speed, Pursuit, and Critical, so he's nothing to scoff at either.

And really lastly this time, Julius. He's actually 5 Magic weaker this time around, has Meteo instead of a Leg Ring, and has learned Awareness. Otherwise, he's the same old Dark Prince, bullshit attack halving tome and all.

Anyway, we slowly approach them in a defensive formation, trying to lure them out without getting swarmed, or drawing Julius' attention.

Hanibal actually does a pretty alright job of defending Chalphy.

Since her sisters are dead, Maybell knows that she can't do the triangle attack, and decides to attack Shanan from 2 range this time. She misses of course, so she's just delaying her defeat.

Uh oh.

God damn, that was a close call.

Luckily nobody else is close enough to finish Leaf off after that devastating blow.

Let's see if we can talk some sense into Julia.

So no luck there, nothing to do but press on towards Velthomer.

And finish off Maybell of course.

Altenna is just barely out of range to talk to Arion.

And with stats like that, I don't think Hanibal can survive another turn.

But I bet Delmud can!

Let's see how well he holds down the fort here.

Meanwhile, Tinny and Sety just fell in love, so let's have them chat.

I know. I'll be safe as long as I'm with you.

You're beautiful, Tinny. You know that? You mean the world to me.

Sety, quit it! You're embarrassing me...

Hahaha... Sorry, I just had to say it while I had the chance.

Sety... be careful.

And Sety gets some more Magic, not that he really needs it at this point.

So last turn we successfully drew the Warlords out, but let's see if we can't get them to come a bit further.

First though, Delmud gets attacked.

Uh oh, this might not work out so well…

Phew, a very lucky dodge there. Truth be told, I had to do quite a bit of experimentation to get through this fight with both Arion and one of our units alive. Sety was too powerful, and would kill Arion, and most people were too frail to survive against him. I thought maybe Delmud or Nanna could get into Prayer range and dodge tank him, but it turns out Delmud was just lucky enough to dodge on his own.

Enemies insist on fighting battles that they literally can't win.

At least Funf had a chance to hit/crit.

Zwolf gets a lucky hit in, and takes our money to the grave with him.

Oh god, Julia's red eyes are really creepy!

Fortunately she has 0 Hit on Celice.

Back by Chalphy, let's finally have Altenna and Arion talk.

You're such a coward! You're so caught up in your damn ego that you've completely lost track of what's right!

So what are you suggesting I do!?

Take a look at Prince Celice! Why do you think he's out here putting his life on the line? Think about it for a minute.

So what? He's in the right and I'm not somehow?

Arion... If I can't get through to you, then just finish me off and move on. My fate is in your hands...

Altenna... that's enough. I... I see your point now. My final action as a mercenary shall be for Celi-... No, for you, Altenna. I fight for you.

Oh, Arion...

And with that, Arion's army becomes our allies. Much like the Paladin Trio in Chapter 2, they'll follow Altenna unless there are enemies nearby, in which case they'll fight the enemies. Unfortunately, by the time they join there's not really anyone for them to fight, so not killing Arion is more for story purposes than gameplay ones.

There are some bishops guarding Velthomer, but they're really inaccurate, and can't hit Celice with Sleep.

And naturally, guarding the castle is Manfloy himself. He's pretty strong, but the real danger about him is his leadership stars and Charisma. Those well actually let bishops that are close to him hit Celice.

Oddly enough, he has no holy blood. You'd think he'd have at least minor Lopt, but nope.

Anyway, Celice will try to draw out the bishops so he can make his way to Manfloy next turn.

Shanan still isn't quite level 30, so we'll Rescue him and try to have him get another kill here.

And with that, we're out of Rescue uses. For now at least.

This is the last time we'll have Big Shield thwart our plans.

But that bit of bad luck lets Shanan get the last kill he needs, so perhaps it's alright.

It turns out that the most dangerous enemies actually have pretty low hit, so they're not much of a problem for our better units.

Fee immediately criticals Neun, negating any threat from her skills there.

Aless does the same to Elf.

Oifey isn't so lucky with Sieben. Well, I think he got one crit, but it wasn't enough to kill.

Thunder beats Fire though, so Sieben is easily finished off.

And lastly, Lester gets a lucky Hero Bow crit to kill Acht.

And Corple will bring everybody back to full.

There's pretty much nothing for most of these guys to do now, but wait for the game to end.

In case you wanted to see how Arion and company group around Altenna, here you go.

So like I said, no threat of these guys actually hitting here.

I've been waiting for you...

Manfloy! You put a spell on Julia!

Indeed. And the only way to break the spell is to kill me. Heheheh, I did the same thing to her mother. She's like putty in my hands...

Really? So you're the one who deceived my mother... It's been you all along, hasn't it?

Heheheh... you're only just now realizing that? This was all part of our dream to resurrect Lord Loputousu. And now, we've gotten our wish. The God of Darkness has finished descending into Lord Julius, and the world will soon be shrouded once more. There's nothing you can do now...

My father's sadness, my mother's grief... It was all part of your plot... Your sinister ambitions are the cause of all of this... Damn it... Manfloy! I won't forgive you. I will never forgive you for this!

A lucky dodge on our part.

You may notice that Julius doesn't have any dialogue when he starts a fight. Well, he just doesn't say anything when he's Meteo sniping. If anyone fights him at close range, he has some stuff to say.

Meanwhile, Leaf runs back to Freege to repair his Rescue staff.

Now we just need to keep our army out of Julius' range.

And Altenna still needs to go and visit that village.

By putting Celice here, we reduce the number of squares that Hel mage can safely attack from this forces some to fight at one range, and inevitably die.

Like so.

Manfloy gets a hit in on us…

But it's immediately healed from the Live Ring.

Leaf only has enough money to repair 7 uses of Rescue, but that should be more than enough.

Alright, let's cut to the chase here.

With non-perfect hit, this could take a few turns to do.

Meanwhile, Altenna visits the last village in the game.

Manfloy healing from the throne will just make things take longer.

While Celice waiting here has the same effect as him waiting where he was last turn, forcing mages to attack at one range, it's less desirable. Attacking at one range puts these guys just barely inside Manfloy's leadership star/Charisma range. Luckilly we don't get hit here.

Alright, that didn't take as long as I thought it would.

Let's seize.

You know, Felipe might know something.

I'm fairly certain the book is within the treasure hall, however, we need the key.

The key? Do you know where it is?

I'm quite sure the emperor had the key affixed to Empress Deirdre's circlet. Now if we just knew the whereabouts of that circlet...

Hmm... The Empress' circlet...

As you might remember, Alvis gave Julia her mother's circlet last chapter. Looks like we'll need her help to get Narga. But that will have to wait until next time. No stats this time, since pretty much nothing has changed from the last update.