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Part 10: Chapter 2 Missed Conversations

Chapter 2 Missed Conversations

Ok, so because people get recruited kind of all over the place in Chapter 2, I couldn't manage to get our new recruits close enough to our main army, meaning there were four conversations I missed out on. Nothing big, just recruitment conversations with Sigurd mostly, and one love conversation with Sylvia, but it's with somebody who we're not going to pair her with, so it doesn't matter. Anyway, here are those conversations, starting with Levin and Sigurd:

Aren't you Levin? I heard you've been helping out the villagers. I certainly appreciate it. I also heard you're a bard... ...but one that can do magic?

Yeah, call it... a hobby of mine. I take it you're that Sigurd guy. You must have an awful lot of free time to be runnin' around startin' wars all over the place!

Huh? I don't follow. What're you so angry about?

Try putting yourself into these people's shoes for a second! They're just tryin' to make a livin' here. Then you show up, flashin' your shiny swords around...

Hmm... I see your point. Geez, I feel awful about the Agustrian people.

Well, talk is cheap. If you really feel so bad, why don't you pack up and leave?

Alright then. Look, I'll go consult with my people.

W, w, whoa! You serious about pullin' out!?

Yeah, I've been tossing the idea around myself, and you just helped me make up my mind. I'm through fighting. I've got to try and settle this with King Shagaal peacefully.

Ah... that'd be a complete and utter waste of your time. He wouldn't listen to you. And if Grandbell pulls out now, all the citizens who helped you guys out'll be tossed in jail! Doesn't that bother you?

Well, um... of course it does! But... didn't I, er...

Hahaha! You're alright, Sigurd. Look, how about I join up with you guys?

Join up wi... Just who are you!?

Me? Just a traveling bard, my friend.

I rather like this conversation. It helps to remind the player that Sigurd isn't exactly 100% in the right here. And it helps to characterize Levin as a sort of man of the people, which is important to remember for later. Let's move on to Sylvia and Sigurd now:

Eeee!! It's Sir Sigurd!

Er... are you a dancer? You certainlly don't belong out here. Now get back to the castle.

Sir, don'cha ya know who I am? I'm Sylvia. Call me Sylvie if ya like.

Look, I don't have time for this. Now be a good little girl and run on back to the castle.

Good little gi... You ever see a little girl with THESE before!? Grr... what a moron.

Enough already!

Sigh... I'm just a lone flower upon the battleground. Beauty entrapped by adversity...

Now what's she... Geez... I'm never going to get rid of her!

Kind of an odd conversation here. Not a whole lot for me to say about it. So let's just move on to Sylvia and Alec:

Ah! So you're Sylvia... Pardon me for sayin' so, but you are fine!

Well, it's about time someone appreciates my beauty! I tell ya...

Good thing I showed up, huh? Sure glad I found you in all this mess.

Me too!

You wanna hang out sometime?

You bet! I can show ya my special dance! I ain't shown it to no one yet. Let's just say it's, ah... V-E-R-Y special!

W, whoa! That's I want to see!

So I guess these two conversations paint Sylvia as someone very… proud of her body, to say the least. This conversation nets the happy couple 100 love points. Lastly, we have Fury and Sigurd:

Are you Sir Sigurd?

Yep, that's me. And who are you?

I'm Fury, a Silesian knight. I'm responsible for Prince Levin's welfare, so I'll be joining you.

...Prince Levin? What are you talking about?

Prince Levin is the successor to the throne of Silesia. He has inherited special powers as he is a descendant of Sety, the Wind Crusader.

Levin's the prince of Silesia? Heh... I thought there was something different about him. So why is he parading around as a bard?

Well, that's a bit of a story, and I'm not the one to tell it. Can we let that rest for now?

Sure. I've got plenty of other things to worry about anyway. Fury, having a Pegasus Knight on our side would sure help out. You care to do a little fighting?

No problem!

So this conversation ends up being more about Levin than Fury. It kind of hints at things that will happen a bit later as well. Again, there's not a whole lot to say here. So, uh, join us next time in Chapter 3: Still in Agustria God This Country is Too Big.