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Part 24: Chapter 6 Part 2: Ganeishire-Isaac

Chapter 6 Part 2: Ganeishire-Isaac

Let's continue our liberation of Isaac. At the end of the last update, we got three new units: Fee, Arthur, and Julia. Now for a few of our female units so far, I've said my usual pairings and some of the benefits of them. I realize however that I forgot to talk about Julia in this regard. It's very difficult to pair Julia with anyone, and not worth the effort in any way. While most units have varying love bases and growth rates with other units, Julia comes with a base and growth of 0 with every unit, meaning that the only way for her to fall in love with anyone is for her to spend 100 turns adjacent to them, something which is relatively difficult with her low movement and frailty. The exception to this is Celice, with whom she has a love base of 490, and a growth of -5, meaning she can never actually gain points with him, only lose them or neither gain nor lose them. I'm guessing the reason for this is so that if you have either Celice or Julia visit the fortune teller, he'll let you know that they're in love, but not married/bound to one another. However this game has a jealousy system that I haven't talked much about. It's really dumb and will never be used in this LP, but long story short, you can use that to get Celice and Julia to fall in love, provided you haven't reset the game ever. There's another way to get them to fall in love, but it can't happen until the final chapter, and requires you do pretty much glue the two at the hip for the entire generation.

Anyway, right at the end of the last update, we had two new unit join over by Sophara castle (the one in the center of the map).

Luckily, there aren't a lot of enemies over here. In fact, there's just the boss, and two guys attacking villages, so it won't be hard for them to take out the nearby enemies.

And in a terrible alternative to making an animate .gif, you can see what a Pegasus Knight critical looks like. While the Hero Lance doesn't have 50 kills yet, Fee inherits Critical from Levin, so she can just kick ass regardless of the number of kills she has.

Meanwhile Arthur sets his sights on the boss.

And we advance our units a bit, but not so much that they'll get overwhelmed by the two armies to the west and south. Recall that siblings get a crit bonus while adjacent to each other. In the first generation, this only mattered for Sigurd/Ethlin and Aideen/Brigid, however it'll be a lot more useful this generation when just about every unit has a sibling.

So Aira's twins get attacked a bit, kill their attackers, and get healed. Now, you all voted to recruit Johan, so we'll need Lakche to talk to him. However, recruiting Johan will turn all of his men into Other Units, so we'll want to kill them first to maximize our EXP gain. War can be cruel.

We only kill a few, but it's better than nothing. Let's have a little chat now.

Your words soothe like a bird's song... You eyes sparkle like stars in the sky... The thought of being without you I cannot bear.

Stop! You're grossing me out! You're on the battlefield, you know. Don't lose it here!

My unremitting love for you is strong enough to cross the bounds of insanity! Let our troops know we're taking sides with the liberation army!

I love Johan .

I'm gonna take him out! Men, stay alert!

I'm actually not sure if you can recruit Johalva if Johan dies. Also I didn't do it in game, but you can get a conversation if you talk to one of Johan's soldiers with anyone.

What's up with Johan? He's such a pushover for women, yet he treats us like dogs.

You say something?

Er! Ah... Nothing. Nothing at all, sir!

And Isaac is actually under allied control now. So I guess that's one less castle to worry about? Anyway, a few people have voted on it already, but I particularly like the Lakche/Johan pairing, and usually choose it. It's pretty fast, not hard to pull off, and results in a Strength boost for Johan in Endgame.

Arthur easily destroys the boss without need to fear for a counterattack. Now he just has to catch up with the main army.

Meanwhile, Fee saves a village.

Brothers clash, fighting for the woman they love. You know, Johalva, we'd be glad to take you along too! You don't need to try and kill us!

Meanwhile in Rivough…

Schmidt and his troops now move out to retake Isaac. We won't be able to get there in time to save it, but that doesn't really matter at all because it's only a generic mook guarding it.

So Arthur will be working to regroup with Celice and company, while Fee goes to save the villages.

So here we throw our sword units at the axe enemies, because that's all you have to do to win in this chapter. I play it a bit risky by having Johan and Lester attack, but they're both durable enough to take a hit, and Lester has decent avoid thanks to his high Luck.

Fortunately the brotherly feud seems to take priority over killing us.

Unfortunately, when Johan runs out of units and Johalva can't reach Johan, he opts to attack Lana.

Fortunately, she has good avoid and axes have bad hit.

And Schmidt advances.

Here I have Celice go back to grab the kill on Johan, seeing as he gives good EXP, and it's important to promote Celice ASAP.

Incidentally, this is the Silver Sword's 50th kill, meaning Celice can now crit!

We clear out what enemies we can, and shield Lana as best as we can. She should be able to survive a hit, even if she gets unlucky with her dodges.

Not that it matters since they go after Skasaha anyway.

And he actually takes a bit of a beating. Those heavy blades are really killing his evasion.

Sometime later, Fee saves another village while Arthur tries to catch up.

I'm getting the feeling the game's trying to hint at something here… Nope, I got nothing. Moving on!

The rest of the army also does some uninteresting things. I'm sorry to say it, but this chapter is just plain boring after the beginning.

The enemy starts to attack Isaac.

That NPC got lucky with some dodges, and actually managed to survive. Not that it matters much, but it gives us an extra turn before they'll start heading towards our army.

This village to the north of the castle is our last one to save, so that'll be Fee's next target.

Of course she's still a few turns away.

Lester will grab the kill to save that village, but not actually visit it. It gives something that we want someone else to get.

That someone is Delmud, but he'll have to wait another turn.

So Isaac falls, and the enemy takes it. There's not any interesting dialogue here, they just grab the castle and move on. This is probably because if you recruit Johalva instead, Sophara becomes allied instead of Isaac, so Schmidt will just ignore it.

So Delmud grabs that village.

Delmud wants that because one, he starts out with so-so skill, and two, the Silver Blade doesn’t have a large hit bonus like most of our other weapons do. Fast forward to when interesting things happen:

Let's see what's up with Schmidt.

Looks like he'll be dropping a Hero Axe for us, since Lex couldn't pass his down (Johan/Johalva are the only axe users in generation two, and obviously they can't inherit things, so it's impossible for Lex to pass down axes to anyone).

Since Schmidt has no ranged options for attack, the best strategy here is to have Lester weaken him, and have Johan grab the kill and the axe.

While an 88% hit chance doesn't sound bad, let's not take any risks here, considering how relatively frail Johan starts out.

The power of three leadership stars really helps out in situations like this.

And look at that, it's actually the same Hero Axe that Lex had throughout the first generation, retaining all of his kills. Most important items will be given to an enemy for them to drop if you didn't pass them down. I think there are only a few unique weapons that this isn't true for, like the Defense Sword.

We'll have Lakche and Celice dodge-tank the choke point. Unfortunately they won't kill much since all the enemies have hand axes.

And Fee saves the last village.

Whoops, a few of them attack Johan because hand axes. God I'm stupid sometimes.

So we resume our offensive.

And everyone grabs some kills (except Oifey). Even Johan's pulling his weight!

Let's have Celice snag this kill here that Oifey was so kind to set up for him…

And he gets a near perfect level up! Stat gains in everything but Resistance, and he even got +2 HP! This really makes up for the pretty mediocre levels he got at the start of the chapter.

So with everyone dead, I'll just fast forward to seizing.

Yes, they're all ecstatic. They all believe that you're going to liberate the country.

Well, I couldn't have done any of this without the support of the people. They were the ones who helped me from the start...

This sure is a strange twist of fate. The former king of Isaac often turned to your grandfather for advice. Then your father rescued Prince Shanan only for the prince to turn around and save you. It's funny how fate works, isn't it?

Well, Isaac is like a second home to me. I hope the prince and I can remain friends forever.

Sir Celice, there isn't a soul alive who doubts that you are the rightful successor to Grandbell's royal house. In the name of justice you must push on through to Barhara!

And there's no enemy phase cutscene for this castle. Tune in next time for a lot of walking and very little doing anything. It'll actually probably be a really short update, but it'll be slow and boring to play through. I'll try to get it up soon so we can get back to interesting things.