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Part 25: Chapter 6 Part 3: Isaac-Rivough

Chapter 6 Part 3: Isaac-Rivough

Get ready for the shortest update yet. We'll actually be grabbing two castles in this part, Sophara (which we ignored before), and Rivough. Sophara is actually entirely optional (Isaac is too, I believe), but for the sake of completion I'll be getting it.

So as usual, after taking a castle, some new conversations open up.

Actually technically one opens up, and there are two others I just haven't shown off yet. That first one is Julia and Celice.

Here, I'm giving you this. I picked it up at Isaac Castle.

What is it?

Good. You should be able to protect yourself a little better out here now.

Thank you very much, sir.

Depending on whether you take Isaac or Sophara first, you'll get a different tome for Julia. Isaac yields Resire, as you can see, and Sophara yields Aura. Aura has 6 more might than Resire, but also 8 more weight. I think if you get Aura, it retains the kills Deirdre got in generation one, so that's a plus. However Resire is just way better, because it drains HP, just like the Earth Sword or the Solar skill. This actually lets Julia tank fairly well once she gets going.

Arthur finally catches up and talks to Celice.

I'm Arthur. I came from Silesia.

You're Arthur? Thanks for lending us a hand!

Not a problem.

It's really great how you can use magic.

Well, my mother was a warlock. I've personally still got quite a way to go though.

Yeah, we all do. But as long as we stay together... We all believe we can change the world. That's why we set out in the first place.

Sounds great. Look, I'll do what I can to help out, sir. Glad we could finally meet.

I think the writers didn't really know what to put here. I mean Celice just has some bad lines. "It's really great how you can use magic." I mean that just sounds so stupid.

Then Fee follows suit and talks to Celice.

I am Fee. I came here from Silesia.

Silesia? Are you a Pegasus Knight?

No... not yet anyway. But my mother was. She fought alongside Sir Sigurd in the last war.

Really? Well, on his behalf, thanks. So what made you come here?

Well, I initially set out to find my brother. But when I heard word of you taking on the empire, I made a little change in plans. Please, let me join your liberation army.

Hey, that's fine with me, but what about your brother?

I have a hunch that we'll run across him eventually.

This actually sounds like a conversation someone might have. I mean it's nothing special, but it's better than Arthur's, or the conversation the twins had at the start of the chapter.

Julia takes this opportunity to heal up Fee's wounds. You can also see that Lana will be following Celice up to Sophara. This is in part to get some love points between them, but Lana has one less movement, so they won't actually get many for being adjacent.

Let's take a look at the one remaining enemy on the map, Dannan. High Defense, decent Resistance, Big Shield for being a Baron, and a Thief Sword, allowing him to steal from whoever he hits.

He's also one of the few enemy units who the developers actually put in holy blood for, and possibly the only one who has it but doesn't need it to use his weapons.

So to avoid that Thief Sword, we'll attack at range.

Not pictured, Lester attacking four times, activating Charge, and attacking another four times. Only two hits are not blocked by Big Shield.

Oh and that happens. It wasn't at full durability at the start of the chapter (nobody thought to repair it in these last 17 years), and since Lester pretty much needs all four hits to kill anyone, its durability drops quite quickly.

Arthur comes in with a follow up hit, leaving Dannan at 6 HP.

Next turn, after Dannan heals from the throne, Johan attacks his daddy.

And once again he's left with 6 HP. Julia goes in for the kill.

And she gets it! Looks like all his Big Shield luck was used up against Lester.

Speaking of Lester, he'll need some gold to repair that bow. Let's have him visit this village over here. No bandits ever attack it, so it's pretty much a free 5000 gold.

Several turns later, Celice reaches Sophara.

That is all that is said.

However, taking Sophara opens up a conversation between Celice and Lana.

Please, stay back for me, will you? You're too easy a target for them.


Lana, I'm just worried about you, that's all.

...okay, I'll try.

Instead of getting her own theme, she just inherits her mother's, which I'm fine with because I really like Aideen's theme.

And she gets 3 HP, which helps her durability a bit.

Celice is warped back to Isaac, and starts making his way to Rivough.

Later still, he finally takes the castle and ends the chapter.

It's interesting to note that only the opening of Victory 1 plays here (up to about the 8 second mark), and it's much more slow and drawn out.

Yeah, I just got back. Celice, the world is at a very volatile stage right now.

Huh? What do you mean?

that bad. Initially, Emperor Alvis applied constitutional law to govern the people. It was a bit constraining, but it was a peaceful time in Judgral's history. But several years back the emperor did a complete about-face.

I have no idea what "a complete about-face" means.

He became very rigid with his rule and adopted oppressive governing tactics. Now the ominous Loputo Sect is back, and their influence has spread across the land. Sacrificial rituals have also reappeared. Children all over are being rounded up for the resurrection of the Loputian lord. And anyone who attempts to rise up is either enslaved or executed... It's obvious now that they're attempting to restore the Loputo Empire.

You're serious? So the rumors I've heard are true after all.

Isaac is better off than most places. It sounds like Dannan's two sons didn't go through with any of the child hunts.


Uprisings have sprung up all over the continent, but not one has gotten anywhere. None of them stand a chance against the empire.

You are the only one who has the power to pull it off.

Whoa! Wait a minute! I have nothing near what it takes!

It's your duty, Celice. You are Empress Deirdre's firstborn son... the older brother to Prince Julius. As a direct descendant of Saint Heim, you have an obligation to lead your crusaders and rid the world of darkness.

Yeah, but...

Celice, you DO have what it takes. You just don't realize it yet. You're of Baldo lineage. Once you get a hold of the Holy Tyrfing, you'll have enough power to reach the heavens.


Celice, it's the will of the gods. Your father was a victim of foul play. And now you must finish what he started. You need to stay focused, Celice. You got me?

...Yes, I do. If this is my destiny, I shall go forth wherever the gods lead me.

You'll come to realize that fate is susceptible to change. It doesn't centre on one person. Sigurd left much behind for you. Most importantly his friends... I being one of them. You can credit your father's kindness for bringing so many good people to your side.

My father was loved and trusted by so many. I just hope I can live up to that.

You'll be just fine, Celice. Okay, we need to make Lenster our next destination. The son of your father's good friend Cuan took a stand against the government in Manster. But he is in dire need of some backup. We can leave Isaac in the hands of the people. We'd better get moving. We'll meet up with Prince Shanan somewhere down the line.


And finally, this chapter is over. They do a good job of having the ending get the player excited to keep playing, but it would've been nice if they doled out more consistently throughout the chapter instead of dumping it all at the end. If you're reading the Thracia 776 LP, you might realize that we're about to intersect with it. Early on next chapter we'll be meeting that game's protagonist, as well as some other characters that are featured in there. Oh, and somebody wanted me to show off the Johan vs. Johalva conversation, so here you go!

Sigh... Johalva... It makes me sad to have a little brother as foolish as you.

You're the foolish one, but that's irrelevant. I knew that this day would come sometime! Now let's finish this!

As you wish!