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Part 23: Light Inheritor Part 1: Tilnanogue-Ganeishire

Chapter 6: Light Inheritor: Tilnanogue-Ganeishire Part 1

So things have gone to shit, and now it's up to us to un-shit it. This is one of the most exciting parts of the game, and also one of the most frustrating. After all that buildup from Chapter 5, you get really excited to see what the hell is gonna happen! You get excited to see your new units and how they relate to their parents, and where the story is going to go! Or at least I do. But unfortunately, Chapter 6 is very poorly paced, and not terribly interesting because, as you might guess, it's filled with Axe users for you to easily kill with your Sword users, and there are only a couple of conversations that I think really give you a sense of what's going on. Maybe I'm underselling this though, it could just be that the chapter gives you more questions than answers at a time where you really want answers. As you may have gathered from the title of this part, Chapter 6 is title Light Inheritor. In other patches I've seen it translated as "The Light Lives On," which I think fits better. It plays off of the last line in generation one before it fades to black, "And the light…" But enough about that, let's talk about some of the music in that cutscene.

When the Rush Comes is the new world map theme for generation two. And it's fucking badass. It's tense, serious, and has a twinge of sadness. It's leagues ahead of Glorious Grandbell in my book.

This is the Isaac Army theme that plays during Enemy Phase, as well as in several cutscenes this chapter. It's alright, nothing special.

This is this chapter's map theme, and it's fucking excellent. It's filled with hope and certainly builds up energy as it plays. It kinda makes you feel like despite what just happened last chapter, everything will work out. I think the drums in the orchestrated version help give the feel that you're once again building up a large army, and starting a rebellion, which is exactly what you're doing. Once again, they really nailed the mood for this chapter with the map music.

And here we have a map of Isaac. We're in the northwest, and we're gonna be working our way south. You don't actually have to take the castle in the center there, but I will be anyway because why not? Unlike the last few chapters, the villages are mostly at the end of the map instead of the beginning.

So, we have some new units, let's take a look at them, starting with Celice.

Well, he's not his father, that's for sure. He starts out unpromoted, unmounted, and with pretty meh stats. He does still have Sigurd's Silver Sword, 42 kills and all (if you forgot, once a weapon gets 50 kills, its user gains the Critical skill). Sadly it seems the Tyrfing was lost between generations. But I guess having that from the get go would make things too easy. Celice has Sigurd's Baldo blood, and Deirdre's Narga blood. Overall, he's a pretty good unit. He has a slow start, but he'll end up as good as or better than Sigurd. His problem is, his mother sucks, so he doesn't get much good from her. He basically has Sigurd's stats and growths, with a tiny boost to most stats from Deirdre. The good thing that he does get from her is Resistance, Sigurd's one fault. Having two types of holy blood doesn't hurt either.

Also to note, there's a glitch that either doesn't properly give Celice his third authority star, or that you can use to get him an extra authority star (I don't know if he's actually supposed to have two or three). At the start of Chapter 6, he has two stars, but if you reset the game, he gains a third. I forgot to do this until the end of this update, so my units had a bit lower avoid than they could have.

So Skasaha is obviously Aira's son. All those Isaacian Sword Fighters look the same. Being the child of Aira and Holyn, he'll have great stats for a Swordmaster, and decent concrete durability. He also has Major Odo blood, but for plot reasons he can't actually use the holy Odo sword (without using a glitch).

Lakche is essentially Aira 2.0. She's pretty much the same as Skasaha, but with a bit less Defense, Skill, and HP. In exchange, she gets the Hero Sword early on, making her decidedly better for now. You'll note that these two both have Meteor and Lunar. These skills cannot activate at the same time, but you never really need them too, and the game rolls to activate Meteor, the better skill, before Lunar, so it works out well. With the insane skill these two will have, they'll be activating these skills a lot.

Lana is quite obviously Aideen's kid, though I'm not sure why they made her hair so orange. I guess maybe for in case you paired her with Azel? So she's basically the same as her mother, but once she promotes she'll be more combat viable thanks to Pursuit, and overall better stats. I think her broken weapon is Reserve, but I'm not positive on that. I didn't try fixing it.

Now before we start actually playing, let's talk lovers. First of all, nobody in generation two, including Celice, has a scripted lover. This means anyone can be paired with anyone other than their sibling, with a few exceptions. Obviously pairings don't matter as much this time around, however units will still get lover bonuses from being near each other, and certain pairs have conversations with each other in the final chapter. Unlike last generation, these conversations give stat bonuses, and the specific bonus changes based on the pair. If there's a certain pairing you want me to do, feel free to say so in the thread, and I'll probably make the pairing with the most votes happen! I'll also be letting you know my standard pairings for this generation along the way. For starters, I like pairing Lana with Celice. Their parents were childhood friends, they're around all game for the pairing to build up, and Celice gets +3 Resistance, pretty much the only stat Celice doesn't often cap, if they're lovers. Now, on with the game.

Whenever you get siblings for the first time, they can talk to one another for a brief conversation, generally involving their mother.

Well, take it easy, alright? We don't need you pulling any of your stunts out here.

I'm not a child! You don't have to speak to me like that.

Prince Shanan tells me you've got an iron will just like our mother did.

Aira... Yeah, I have no memories of her whatsoever. How about you, Skasaha?

Of course I don't remember anything! You forget we're twins or something? We weren't even two years old yet at the time. We fled to Isaac with Oifey. But she never showed up. Maybe she didn't survive the Battle of Barhara after all...

Skasaha! You promised you'd never say that! She is alive!! Don't you ever let me catch you saying that again!

...I'm sorry, Lakche. Yeah, I shouldn't have said that.

So we don't know what happened to Aira, and I'm pretty sure we never find out. I always just assumed she died at Barhara. Also these two are the only twins that we'll have, and also the only siblings with the same class, which is kinda neat.

The female in these conversations always gets +1 Luck from them. Better than nothing I guess.

Man, we move really slowly without mounted units.

Celice nimbly dodges the enemy attack, dealing decent damage in return. For this first chapter, Celice will probably be the only unit who will never kill an enemy in one round. Skasaha will need a skill proc to kill, but he can do it.

Unfortunately he does not get that skill proc, and he eats an unlikely hit.

Of course, this opens up an opportunity for Celice to grab a kill. Gotta get that Silver Sword up to 50!

Lakche has no problem getting her kill with the Hero Sword, and Lana heals Skasaha. Having Libro from the get go is nice.

Unfortunately I'm dumb and fuck up counting squares. Lana takes an unfortunate hit, and has no way to heal it for a while.

Celice deals just little enough damage to not be able to kill these armors in two rounds. For the most part we'll leave them to stronger units.

And these guys start moving towards us. Then, suddenly…

It's like the prologue all over again!

Who the hell are these guys? The one on the right looks like it could be Lex's kid, but parents are decided purely by the mother. And on the left… is that Oifey!? Christ he's grown up. Actually, when I first played this game, I assumed you would only get the children of your generation one characters as units, so it really surprised me that you would get Oifey to fight with you.

Gosh... I hope everyone is alright.

And this guy… Can't really tell whose kid he is either, for now.

Lana might be out here fighting for all you know.

Alright, so let's take a look at them.

Ah, this must be Lachesis' son. That's the only way he could have Minor Hezul blood. He also has that Silver Blade I had Fin get way back in Chapter 3. With that, he'll be a great unit for the rest of the game. His durability is a little lackluster, but he'll get over that quickly, and become one of our strongest units. If you've been reading Cake Attack's FE5 LP, Delmud just recently showed up there, as one of the few playable units from FE4.

So this must be Aideen's son, which makes sense because Delmud mentioned Lana being his sister. He's like Midir if Midir was good. Having the Hero Bow for the whole game means he'll kill in one round forever. The Power Ring doesn't hurt either.

Lastly, Oifey. Oifey is the founder of a sub-archetype of the Jeigan archetype. He's basically like a Jeigan (comes early, pre-promoted, stronger than the rest of your units at the start, but ends of weaker), but he's good. Being a member of House Chalphy, he has Minor Baldo blood, giving him access to all non-holy swords. I guess he starts with an Armor Cutter in case you did bad (or no) pairings, since the armors in this chapter can be a bit tough without good units.

So the reinforcements start catching up, and Lakche eats an unlucky hit. Well, it gives Lara something to do at least.

I actually have Skasaha equip the Iron Blade so that Celice can grab the kill. We want him to get promoted as quickly as possible, since he wants a mount to seize places more quickly (he promotes into Sigurd's starting class). That's another interesting thing I should mention, unlike most Fire Emblem games, Celice has no scripted promotion. You can just promote him once he hits 20, same as anyone else.

Enemies walk right into our range, ready to die.

Delmud's a lot like late-game Beowulf. He just kinda destroys things, and has a horse.

I took this opportunity to show how ridiculously good the kids' growths are. Lakche just gained Strength, Skill, Speed, and two HP. Pretty much every child character has an HP growth that's over 100%, meaning they'll always gain HP, and sometimes gain 2 HP.

And Celice gets a less good Skill, Defense, and two HP. He really wants Strength, but extra durability never hurts.

So we do some fancy positioning to let Lana heal Skasaha, have Lester kill the armor, and let Lester talk to Lana.

I bet you were. But you be careful out here. Mother would be a wreck if anything happened you.

Yes, but do you know what she told me? She said that we are greatly indebted to the people of Isaac and we should do whatever we can to help them.

Yeah, we wouldn't be here now if it weren't for them. ...So where is mother now?

She's working at the convent in Tilnanogue.

I see. Lana, we need to do our best out here for mother and our missing father. Someday we'll be able to return with mother to her hometown of Jungby.

I hope so, Lester.

So Aideen is still alive, and doing well! Good to know that not everybody died at Barhara.

And of course, + Luck.

And Oifey has a chat with Celice.

Things are getting worse. People all over the continent are being oppressed. As a result, there are uprisings popping up all over the place.

So it's not just Isaac, is it... Oifey, there's no way we can help them, is there?

Well, we just don't have the manpower to take on the empire.

But Isaac's war of liberation is already under way. There's no turning back now.

And we can't keep you in hiding now that your whereabouts have been leaked. I just wish we were more prepared... But we have no choice now.

Sorry that I sort of got things rolling before it was time. I'm just tired of seeing the people of Isaac still suffering under Dannan's rule. Please understand my reasoning, Oifey.

I do. Anyway, we need to move now and lay in an attack on Rivough. We must move before the empire has a chance to send reinforcements!

So this kinda gives you a better idea of the status of Judgral. Things are bad. Real bad. You know what's not bad? Celice's theme. It's kinda similar to this chapter's theme in tone, but more focused on the peaceful and hopeful nature than the uprising and fighting a war of liberation nature.

We get some good doges until Skasaha goes and gets hit by an arrow. He's getting hit a lot so far. He really needs a better sword.

And here Lakche activates Meteor and decimates an armor. Just like her mother.

And then Skasaha goes and activates both his skills. I think that about makes up for eating all those hits.

We do some cleanup and start moving east towards Ganeishire.

I try to take it a bit slow here. Celice still needs to catch up, so we're not wasting any time, and it's probably best not to overexpose people, even if they do have good dodge chances. Just a few hits will still get us killed.

Another beautiful counter kill by Skasaha.

And Oifey gets his first kill. I got tired of these damn armored archers. Well Oifey's Iron Cutter will teach them not to wear armor!

Of course, I fuck up and leave one alive, in range of Lana.

Luckily she dodges. Ulir blood means high Luck, which means lots of dodging.

On this turn, the bandit there starts moving towards the village. We'll have to do something about that.

Lester doubles back to kill that archer.

So we're quickly approaching the castle, but let's real quick look to the south.

There are two neutral armies here, one tied to Sophara to the west, and one tied to Isaac to the south.

The armies are led by Johalva and Johan. We'll come back to them in a bit.

The bandit reaches the village, and we send Delmud after him.

We keep advancing, and Oifey takes pot shots at Harold with his Javelin.

And they both miss each other. Harold is pretty generic, hence the reused sprite. Nothing special at all.

So we can recruit those two with Lakche. But there's a catch that goes back to an FE1 archetype, the "Arran and Samson." I believe in the first game, Arran and Samson were fighters who lived in villages that hated each other. When you visited one village, you'd recruit one of the two units, the other would refuse to join you. You had to choose between recruiting one or the other. Well that's what happens here. You can only get Johan or Johalva. I'll go over them in detail at the end of the update, and you guys can choose who I recruit.

For once, Lakche doesn't kill her foe. And she takes a pretty hard hit in return.

But Celice grabs the kill, putting him up to 48 kills. Almost there!

And Skasaha gets hit again.

So we finish off the enemies, and break Libro keeping Skasaha alive.

For the sake of speeding things along, I just have Oifey kill the boss and let Celice seize.

Hey, looks like Levin's doing just fine! Hopefully he'll join us and we can get some Holsety action going on!

Hey, drop the 'king' bit, okay? Once the Battle of Barhara was over and the empire took control of Silesia, I just kinda... Well, let's just say my shrink has had steady work for a while.

Poor Rahna .

While I'm just wasting away as a bard again... Celice, I don't care what Oifey may have told you. Don't EVER address me as 'King Levin' again. Got it?

Geez... Sorry, Levin.

Haha! I'm just giving you a hard time. So it looks like you guys have finally made your move. There's no better place than Isaac to raise an army to take on the empire.

Yes, the Isaacian people are very strong. And their hatred for the empire is unparalleled. Of course, things would all be that much easier if Prince Shanan was with us.

Did Shanan take off and go to that shrine in Yied?

Yes. He got word that his royal family's heirloom, the Divine Balmung, was there. But people say a dark bishop governs that region, so we're all a little worried.

Sheesh... Right. He'll be just fine. That reminds me, Celice. I've got a favor to ask.

Sure, anything! What's up?

So I took her to a remote area of Silesia and have been taking care of her all this time. But things there got a little too hairy for my taste, so we made our way here.

Damn, so he'll be leaving. Guess things won't be that easy.


I think she's been through quite a bit. She hasn't a single memory of what happened to her before I picked her up.

That poor girl! You go on ahead and leave her with me, Levin. But please, try to hurry back. She probably won't feel right with you being gone.

Yeah, I suppose. Look, I'll be back once you get this country under control. Good luck to you, Celice.

Levin, you too!

I'll keep you safe till he gets back. Actually, I'm not all that strong yet... But you'll see! I'll be strong enough to protect everybody here someday! And then I can save all the people from the empire! I'll be strong someday... just like my father was.


So Julia looks awfully familiar… Let's check her out.

Let's see, Major Narga, Minor Fala. Looks like Deirdre and Alvis' daughter. And no Lopt blood. Pfff, what were we all worried about, Manfloy's plan failed miserably. She actually has some skills (must come from Alvis), but she doesn't have any equipment. Let's remedy that.

Well, His Highness is pretty concerned about you. But if you have any problems, come to me. Okay?

Thank you.

Yes, it is. You know how to use it, don't you?

I do! Thank you so much, Lana. Now I can help out a little, too.

I hope so, Julia. Let's you and I stick together!

So now Julia has a staff to heal Lana with.

And we end our turn.

Where the hell were my sons!? Tell 'em to strike the rebel army at once!

And bandits start burning the country to the ground. How annoying.

How sweet, she named her pegasus after her dead aunt . So these are kind of obviously the children of Fury and Tiltyu.

Uh... sorry, Fee. I've only got a bit further to go. How about I walk from here?

Where are you going anyway?


Alster!? Are you nuts? Alster is way down south. You gotta cross the sea to get there! You're not walking, that's for sure!

I don't mind walking. I'm not really in any hurry anyhow.

Why do you need to go to Alster anyway?

I think my sister is there. We were separated a long time ago. She and my mom were taken from me when I was young. I grew up on my own in Silesia's backwoods. Once I heard my sister was seen in Alster, that's all it took.

Huh, that's just like me. You see, I haven't seen my brother in a long time.

Regardless of who her father is, Fee always says that she's looking for him. Of course, Levin as her father is the only pairing that goes anywhere with that little arc.

Your father?

Yeah, he's missing. My mum waited for him for the longest time...

Gosh... Sorry to ask such a dumb question.

It's alright. I thought you were kinda dumb anyhow. Hahaha...

Haha... Hey, I'm not such a bad guy, you know.

Yeah, maybe not. So what're you going to do?

Hmm... good question. Hey, what did you come here for?

I came because I want to see if I can join Isaac's liberation army. When I was little my mum used to tell me about Sigurd, the Holy Knight, and his brave warriors. Their story really stuck with me, and now Sigurd's son is leading an uprising in Isaac. I thought this was my calling, so I grabbed my stuff and shot out of Silesia.

Wow, that's great. You know I appreciate the ride and all... How about I join you for a bit?

You bet! It's been my pleasure. So I guess it's you and me, partner!

Yep, I'm afraid so... Hahaha!

They're pretty cute together. This is another pairing that I like to go with. They'll have some conversations along the way to help them out, and get some stats in the process. I think Fee gets some Skill in Endgame if they're lovers, which helps with having Critical activate. Speaking of skills, let's look at these too.

Equipped to the teeth, just like her mother. She has 40 kills on the Hero Lance, so she can get that up to 50 pretty quickly. She also comes with a Berserk Sword, which I've never actually used. I'd imagine it puts the Berserk status effect on its foes, causing them to attack other enemies. Fee's going to be extremely fast, being Levin's kid, and will be able to kill quite well with the Hero Lance. She'll be another fantastic unit (really most units in generation two are fantastic).

Arthur's probably my favorite character in the game. I dunno what it is, but I just really like him. He's got a good design, good stats, good growths thanks to double holy blood, and like Azel he'll get a horse on promotion. If you paired Tiltyu with Levin, he comes with Holsety, meaning you can have it for pretty much all of the generation, and, again, he'll get a horse on promotion. The only downside is a lack of Pursuit, but he'll have Continue and Critical, and you can always give him the Pursuit Ring. Another thing some people like to do is pair Tiltyu with Lex, getting you the Wrath/Ambush combo, which will makes it so that when Arthur (and his sister) are below half health, they always attack first and always crit. This sounds good on paper, but the kids will have such low magic that it won't really be worth it. Personally I like having Azel as Arthur's father, since it gives the kids a higher Fire rank, and the ever handy Pursuit. While Levin!Arthur certainly is better than Azel!Arthur, Azel works out much better for Tiltyu's daughter.

Now then, Johalva and Johan.

They're both pretty mediocre, but Johan is mediocre with a horse, making him pretty decent. They have the same growth rates in everything except for Magic, with Johan wins by 5%, Skill, which Johalva wins by 30%, and Speed, which Johan wins by 40%. In fact, Johalva only has a 10% Speed growth, making him painfully slow after a bit. Comparing the two's performance, Johan is like a slightly worse Lex due to lack of Elite, but he's always suitable to do some chip damage since he has a horse and will always be able to reach the front lines. Johalva has very slightly better combat, but will be less able to fight and will level up more slowly due to a lack of a horse. On promotion he gains proficiency in Bows, but he'll rarely if ever want to use them over Axes. Really neither is great, but I find Johan to be a bit better. But I'm letting you guys choose which I go with, so be sure to cast your votes! Also keep in mind that whichever one I take will eventually get the Pursuit Ring.

And before I end this update, here's some character stats.