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Part 47: End of Generation One Roundup

End of Generation One Roundup

Alright, before we move on to generation two, we have a few last thing to show off. Depending on who's in love with whom, you get some different conversations near the end of Chapter 5. There's also a specific bonus conversation you can get with Arden if he has a lover. Lastly, I'll be showing what happens when you lose your home castle. So let's jump right into it.

Alternate/Removed Conversations

Alec and Noish

This conversation isn't actually in the game, but has apparently been found in the game data.

Noish, this is it, huh?


Hey, uh... I just wanna thank you for everything.

Sure thing. Same goes here, Alec.

It's been a blast, huh?


Well, take care then.

Yep. You too.

It's amazing that they took that gem out of the game. I guess they wanted to have a special conversation between the red and green cavalier, but could only come up with something incredibly boring because, well, the two cavaliers don't have much character.

Claude and Aideen

This conversation actually occurs at the beginning of the chapter if Claude and Aideen are lovers, instead of after taking Phinora.

Aideen, this is to be our last battle.

Yes, that's what everyone's saying.

Here, you should have this. Help our young soldiers with it.

Oh, this is a Rescue Staff. Why me?

I have yet to speak a word of this, but you being my wife, well... I should probably tell you. This war will end in our defeat. All that is important to us will be lost.


I, too, had a difficult time believing the Lord's words when I was at Blagi Tower. But this is how fate will have it. I also will not likely survive. That's why I'm entrusting this staff to you.

That can't be true! I don't believe any of what you're saying!! Please... tell me it's not true!

Aideen, there's really nothing to be scared of. My death is really just a new beginning. As life embraces death, that with form is lost, yet something still remains. There's nothing to fear in death. It is merely a transition to a more perfect form.

But Claude...!

Just as I am to die, I shall also be reborn. Look, inside of you is a brand new life and I am a part of it. And that is why you must keep living.

How could you! You tell me to keep living while you...

Aideen, I have been blessed to have met you. Forgive me if I have sounded insensitive.


I believe this is the only way to get the Rescue Staff. Actually that's not true, I think Azel can give it to Aideen in Chapter 4 if they're lovers. This also really spoils the twist at the end of the generation.

Tiltyu and Claude

Claude, what should I do?

Well, you certainly can't fight your father's army. Go to Silesia. You'll be safe there.

But what are you going to do?

Well, it's my duty to see this war out.

How could you! Just how am I to raise our children without you!?

I know it is difficult, but please understand.


Odd that Claude doesn't tell Tiltyu that they're destined to end in failure.

Tiltyu and Lex

Lex, you just have t'fight, don't ya.

Hey! You get to Silesia where you'll be safe.

You're so cruel! You want me t'go all alone.

Hey, everyone in the Freege family is breakin' their back lookin' for you, girl. And I don't want my kids goin' with them or the Dozels. You understand me!?

Yeah, but...

Look, we've both been dealt a crappy hand. I wish we could've been together longer. I will cherish every single moment we had.

Oh, Lex...

I kind of like that this touches on the two of them fighting against their families. I wish it went more into it.

Fury and Arden

Arden, you okay?

I've had 'nough of dis stupid desert!

Heheh! Too bad you can't ride my pegasus with me out of here.

Yeh. If only I's 'bout a hunnerd pounds lighter.

Arden, don't you get yourself killed, okay?

You can bet on dat! I ain't dyin'. Not after gettin' someone as perdy as you for my wife! When dis war's done wit we's headin' back t'Silesia. We can open a little veggie stand!

Yes, that would be just fine with me.

That's pretty cute, and this actually helps to give Arden some more character, since he barely gets any lines throughout the game. I think he's actually a lot more fleshed out than Alec and Noish. Speaking of which…

Fury and Noish

Oh, Noish, I've been looking for you!

Fury, you alright?

I'm fine.

Good. Fury, you be careful. You're no longer caring for just yourself, you know.

I hope our kids back in Silesia are doing okay, as well. I'm dying to see them again.

Yep, me too. Let's get this war over with quickly.

Yes, let's do that. Noish, you be careful, too.

I think this is Fury's only conversation that mentions her kids, or the fact that they're already in Silesia.

Sylvia and Levin

Hey, Levin!

Hey, Sylvia. What's up?

You still like me?

C'mon. Give me a break, will you?

Well, do ya?

Yeah, I like you. That's why we hooked up.

Good! That's all I wanted to hear! 'cause I looooooove you! You are the only one... for me... Da-la-laa... la-la-laa!

Sylvia! You mind bringin' it down a notch?

Not much to say about this one, just Sylvia being Sylvia.

Sylvia and Alec

Alec, I've been lookin' all over for ya.

Sylvia? You can't be out here! Now get on back to the castle, will ya?

But I was gettin' all worried 'bout you.

C'mon, Sylvia. You gotta start actin' a bit more grown up. You are a full-blown mother now.

Don't talk to me like you're my father or somethin'! It was all your fault anyway.

Hey now! I think the, ah... willingness on both sides led to our little surprise, don't you?

Yeah, right. Well, hurry back. Leen and I can't live without ya forever. Okay? You gotta promise!

Yeah, I promise. I'll come for you.

I think this is the only conversation to give you the name of one of the children characters.

Lachesis and Beowulf


Lachesis, if anything were to happen to me, I want you to go to Lenster. Fin is there with Cuan's children. Give him a hand, okay?

How could you say that? When we go, we'll go together!

Lachesis, I've got a confession to make.


I've known your true feelings all along.


Take good care of yourself. It was mighty nice while it lasted.

Wait! Beowulf!

So this sort of touches on the Fin/Lachesis/Beowulf love triangle. It's a little bit vague due to the mechanics of this game, the story and mechanics of the next game, and some word of god from outside the games, but I think Lachesis' daughter is supposed to be Fin's child, and her son is supposed to be Beowulf's child. I believe this has been touched upon in the FE5 LP, since her son just recently showed up there.

Lachesis and Noish

Noish, wait!

Lachesis? You're still here!? I told you to leave for Lenster.

I sent the kids already, but I'm staying to fight.

Why are you breaking your word with me? The kids need their mother. What if something were to happen to you? And you have King Eltshan's child to consider, too.

I don't know where Aless is anymore.

Well, Sir Sigurd is very concerned about Prince Aless. That boy has lost both of his parents. Aless must mean something to you, as well.

No, it's just... Ah, nevermind. Look, I am your wife.

I know you are, and I love you dearly. Don't you ever forget it.

I won't. Sorry.

I think this is the second or third time Eltshan's son is mentioned. As I said earlier, he's probably not at all important, and is best off promptly forgotten.

Lachesis and Dew

Dew, what are you doing here!?

What gives? I can handle bein' here now. I'm not the same Dew anymore.

I know. But this next battle isn't going to be like the others! It'll be way out of your league, Dew.

Everyone's been sayin' that crap. I'm not a kid anymore!

I can definitely vouch for that, Dew. Heheh... Especially after what we...

H, hey! You're gettin' red there, girl!

Oh, Dew!

Lachesis, it's been great bein' with you. You're always nice to me.

Same goes to you, Dew.

I'm running out of things to say on these. I believe this is Dew's only Phinora conversation. I think every male has at least one conversation, and a few have two. Claude is the only one that has three, if you count his one with Aideen.

Aira and Lex

Lex, things are coming to a peak, aren't they.

Yep, looks that way. Aira, you are being damn stubborn. Why don't you go back to Isaac?

Why? Because I'm a girl!? Our responsibility to our children is the same in my book.

Oops... you got me. Sorry. But you had the perfect chance to get out. Our kids are only...

Yeah, and that's why we'll go together, after we finish this war.

Right... right. C'mon, let's go!

Lex, I'm sorry, but this is the only way I know how to be.

Hahaha! I know. I'm just teasin'. That's what I like about you, Aira. I don't know how things are going to turn out, Aira, but I'm in for the long haul.

I actually like this conversation a lot more than the Aira/Holyn one I got. It characterizes both characters instead of just establishing that Holyn knew Aira a long time ago.

Aira and Arden

Ardan, you alright?

Whew... I'm beat. This armor's dang heavy.

Heh! But you look very manly. I like that about you.

Oh! That's nice of ya t'say. I like you for bein' all womanly like.

Me? Womanly? That's almost funny.

Yeah well, I think so at least. You're the perdiest girl I can think of.

Arden, are you sick or something?

I might as well just blurt it out... Aira, I love you.

What's that!?

Oh poor Arden. Somehow he had two kids with Aira without her knowing that he loved her.

Brigid and Alec

Alec, we're almost to Barhara.

Yeah. This is our grand return, huh.

I wonder if I'll be okay returning to the country I was born in. What is Jungby like?

Ahh... it's a beautiful place with loads of beautiful women.

Alec! I better not catch you cheating on me!

No way! You'd kill me if I did! Haha...

That's right! Besides, I want to keep you alive now. Your work with me has just begun! And for our children as well... I can't let you die!

Don't worry, I've got luck on my side. How else could I get such a beautiful bride!


Blah blah, characterizes Alec, blah blah. I do like that they actually talk a bit about Jungby as a location here.

Brigid with Jamka

Jamka, you okay? You must be beat.

Ah... I'm alright. How about you?

I'm fine as long as you're with me.

Brigid, you know I don't want you fighting. You won't consider calling it quits?

No! I will not call it quits! And it's too late to turn back now, anyway.

Alright... alright.

Jamka, are you happy with me?


Are you happy with me? Because I know Aideen meant something...

Brigid! Would you quit it!? I fell in love with you! And that'll never change!

Ah... S, sorry, Jamka. But I'm glad I asked...

Kind of a boring conversation. Not much to say about it.

Brigid and Midir

Midir, are you alright?

Yes, I'm fine. How are you doing, Brigid?

I'm fine as long as you're with me.

Brigid, I'm very happy I met you and I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Midir, you sound like you want to break up or something.

Ah, forgive me. Brigid, I wanted you to understand something.

Look, Midir. I know you used to like Aideen. Do you think you'll be happy with me?

Of course! Yes, I used to like Aideen... Like. But you are the only one I've ever loved.

Midir, thanks! Don't ever leave me.

So both of these last two conversations are kind of same-y. The guy used to love Aideen, and then fell in love with Brigid. Though I think the one with Midir is better done. Whatever.

Arden's Decision

Heh... I got married and got a kid! My family's gotta come first, so I best not be dyin'. What's dis ole book sittin' here. Hmph... Dis is all gibber gabber. Eerrrr... mmmmnugh! What da... Wow! I feel all my senses done renovated!

This secret conversation is activated when you move Arden to the end of the grassy peninsula northwest of Phinora, provided that Arden has a lover. It gives him a +5 boost to Skill.

Game Over Scenes

These scenes play when you lose in one way or another.

Losing Your Castle

So this guy just wanders over and grabs Zaxon in Chapter 5.

Everyone flickers for a bit, then disappears.

The enemy gains control, and Oifey informs us that we've lost. Because we needed Zaxon for some reason. It was crucial to our success.

Sigurd's Defeat

If you somehow manage to fuck up badly enough to get Sigurd killed, it's instant game over. Which makes sense I guess, though really Claude should be able to revive him.