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Part 50: Substitute Children Conversations and Killing Julius Without Narga

Substitute Children Conversations and Killing Julius Without Narga

So it's been mentioned in this LP that if you fail to pair a woman in generation 1, you get a substitute child in place of the normal children. Orange Fluffy Sheep went over their stats and skills throughout the thread (links are in the OP), but I don't think they've actually been shown at all. So in this bonus update, let me introduce you to those characters, and show off some of their conversations (special thanks to Azran for providing transcripts of the conversations). Some of them are pretty similar to their non-substitute counterparts, but others are quite different, and in fact, there are hidden events (like Lex's Hero Axe) that are only available to the subs. So without further delay, meet the gang:

- Mana, Lana's substitute.
- Radney, Lakche's substitute.
- Rodlevan, Skasaha's substitute.
- Tristan, Delmud's substitute.
- Dimna, Lester's substitute.
- Femina, Fee's substitute.
- Amid, Arthur's substitute.
- Daisy, Patty's substitute.
- Janne, Nanna's substitute.
- Laylea, Leen's substitute.
- Linda, Tinny's substitute.
- Asaello, Faval's substitute.
- Hawk, Sety's substitute.
- Sharlow, Corple's substitute.

Now then, onto the conversations.


Rodlevan – Radney (+1 Luck for Radney)

Radney, are you alright?

Yeah, I’m managing.

Well, take it easy, alright? We don’t need you pulling any of your stunts out there.

I’m not a child! You don’t have to speak to me like that.

Sorry. Hey, you know that Johan and Johalva, right? Man, I can’t figure them out.

They are driving me nuts. Geez. I can’t stand men, they make me want to puke.

You just hate men because of the Imperial troops. Not all men are like that.

Yeah, I know. But I still get freaked out when I’m around a guy.

Any guy?

Well, I can handle being around you and Sir Celice.

Hmph… So how about Shanan?


Dimna – Mana (+1 Luck for Mana)

Mana? You are fighting too!?

Yeah. I was so worried about Sir Celice.

Hm. I thought so.

Thought what?

Ah, nothin’. Just don’t get your hopes up. He’s of royal blood, you know. He’s actually a member of the Grandbell Royal Family. In all reality, we shouldn’t even be near him. Just don’t get yourself hurt. OK, Mana?

Dimna, you have it all wrong! I’m merely trying to keep him out of danger!

Really? Er… Sorry. I’m just trying to watch out for you.

I know, Dimna, and I appreciate it.

With these substitute conversations, it's nice that you actually get some characterization immediately, as compared to the normal children just going on about where their parents are now. Next, we have the first hidden event which occurs if you have Dimna enter Isaac.

Dimna enters Isaac (+5 STR)

Huh? Dimna? Wow, Dimna, it is you!

Huh? Karen! Hey, how’re you doing?

Talk about long time no see! How many years ago was it that you and Mana lefth here… Hey, I’m just glad to see you again. You look great!

Thanks. Sir Celice set out to liberate the world from the Empire’s tyranny and I’ve joined up with him. Can’t say I’ve been of much help yet.

Hmhmm! That’s neat, Dimna. That’s a big change from the cry baby I once knew.

Ha ha ha… Don’t you tell anyone that… I do still have a ways to go, though.
I want you and the rest of the world to be able to live again in peace.

Wow, that’d be great, Dimna.

What’s wrong? Did I say something?

No, it’s nothing. Here, I want you to have this necklace. I think you’ll find it useful.

Where did you get it?

It’s a keepsake of my mother. Wear it and you’ll get a little boost of power.

I can’t take this from you!

No, my mother wants you to have it. She said the time has come to utilize its power. Please take it.

Thank you. I’ll be sure to bring it back when this war is over.

I’m sure you will, Dimna.

Well, I better get going. Everyone’s waiting for me.

You take care now, Dimna!

Dimna leaves.


So the substitutes have these events in order to balance out their generally bad growths, lack of skills, and lack of weapons. It helps them compete with any regular children that are in the party, though they'll still generally lag behind. As a result, the subs generally more fleshed out characters.


Rodlevan – Tristan (+2 STR, +1 SKL, +1 DEF - + 2 STR, +1 SPD, +1 DEF)

Hey, Tristan, I got something to ask ya.

Oh… it’s you. What do you want?

Hey, show a guy a little respect, would ya! Anyway, I was just thinking. Do you think we’re holding Sir Celice back any?

We? Don’t you mean YOU? I’m holding up my own out here.

Is that so? Alright, let me hear what you’ve done so far.

Ah, well… You know. I’ve um… been a…

See there? That’s just what I’m saying. You can’t think of anything, can ya?

Alright, alright! So what’s your point?

Let’s get a little dueling practice in. I want to move up to the frontline. I doubt I’d learn a whole lot from you, but I’ll do anything to avoid getting castle duty.

You know you’ve got a real crappy way of asking someone a favor? Just forget it.

Oh, c’mon! Look… Would you pretty please be my sparring partner with sugar on top? How about that!?

Where the hell do you get off!? OK, I’ll fight you… only to shut you up! You ready?

(They begin dueling; Tristan attacks and Rodlevan dodges)


(Rodlevan attacks and Tristan dodges)


That's a pretty nice stat boost from this conversation, but it only happens if both Tristan and Rodlevan are under level 10, and Tristan waits next to Rodlevan after seizing Melgen.

Daisy – Shanan (+3 SKL + 3 SPD)

Guess who!


Ha! HAHAHA! I scared you, didn’t I?

D-Daisy! I nearly took a swing at you! Quit playing around, alright?

But I’m bored. And I’m too weak to fight anybody.

I’ll teach you how to use that sword then. I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it real simple.

Wow! My own private lesson with Shanan! Wee!

You’d better take me seriously or you can just forget it!

Up… sorry.

OK, first let’s begin with posture. You’ll want to… Hey! Are you listening to me!?

(Sigh…) Hmm?

So I guess Shanan starts out already knowing Daisy, as opposed to just meeting Patty when she steals the Balmung.

Tristan – Janne (+1 Luck for Janne)

Is your name by any chance Janne?

Yeah, it is. Who are you?

Yes! I found you! I'm Tristan, your brother!

Huh? You're kidding, right?

No, I'm not! Our father was a knight of the Nodion Kingdom. He died in battle during the upheaval in Agustria. You and I were still pretty young then. Sir Sigurd's army ended up taking us in, but we lost track of you while fleeing to Isaac.

Wow, that actually makes sense. I was picked up by a traveling merchant in Isaac.

I'd say he saved your life.

But he was murdered by an imperial soldier. I was 7 at the time. And then Fin took me in.

Geez, I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, Janne.

That's okay. I'm just happy to have a brother! Tristan, we must make certain we never get separated again!

Err, I don't quite remember taking in some Agustrian orphans in generation one… Go figure. Next we have another hidden event. Since Sylvia can pass down the Defense Sword to Leen, Laylea will need something to compete with that. Like the not-quite-as-good Barrier Sword!

Laylea visits a certain village near Lenster (Anna’s present)

My boyfriend left to join the war. I'd guess you're fighting for someone you care for, too. I wish I was strong like you. All I can do is sit back and wait. Oh, here. I have something for you. This holy sword will increase your resistance. Get in a few swings for me, will you?

Thank you, I'll do my best. By the way, what's your name?

Me? I'm Anna and my boyfriend's name is Jake. If you run across him you tell him I'm thinking about him...

Jake... Got it.

I believe Jake and Anna are a recurring couple throughout the series. In at least one of the GBA games, I think you can visit a certain house to get a similar conversation from a woman named Anna about her boyfriend Jake. In FE1 and FE11, you can even recruit Jake as a Ballistician.


This next conversation occurs if you have Linda wait at a specific spot, marked by a tree, along the Thracian river. It's pretty out of the way.

Jake – Linda (+3 RES)

Wow! A human! I’m saved!!!

What are you doing way back in here?

Well, initially I set out t’join the Liberation Army, but I got lost. What’s your story?

I’m fighting to restore the peace to the land with Sir Celice.

YOU are a member of the Liberation Army? Hahahaha! T’think I’d find you guys here! Actually, I was just on my way home. This hurts to admit, but I kinda scared myself out here. I’m sure my girl Anna is plenty worried about me, too.

Oh, that’s a shame you can’t fight with us.

Yeah. Problem is I go pretty stiff ‘round them ballistas. I wouldn’t have been much help to y’all had I joined anyhow. So… you have a name?

Yes, it’s Linda.

Linda? Hmmm… Where have I’ve heard that name before? Well, I should get moving. Here’s an amulet for ya. I won’t be needing it anymore.

Thank you…

Good luck to you and may the grace of Narga be with ya!

Jake saying Linda's name sounds familiar is a reference to Linde, a character in FE1. This next conversation takes place if Amid waits at another spot marked by a tree along the same river.

Jake – Amid (+3 RES)

Wow! Another human! I’m saved!!!

What happened to you?

Ah, it’s a long story. Anyway, I was lost, you see… Lucky for me this girl named Linda showed up and got me on the right path. And then… well, this hurts to admit, but I got lost all over again!

Is that right? Linda is my sister. I’m Amid. I’ll get you in the right direction.

You’re Linda’s brother!? Hahahaa! Of all places to meet… I’m worthless, I tell ya.

Look, just stick with me and you’ll be fine. If an enemy shows up get behind me, OK?

Ah. You are a good person. You and your sister alike.

Well, you’d do the same for me if I were in trouble.

I’m not kidding, friend… You’re like (sniff…) as good as they come. Here, I’ve got an amulet for you too. I brought an extra one just in case. Heh heh…

Thank you. That’s very thoughtful of you.

Once I get home to Anna, we are gonna have ourselves some kids just like y’all!

Well, before that we need to get over these mountains. Follow me.

Hey, wait up!

Next up is yet another secret event. This one's a bit easier to trigger though; You just need to have Asaello visit a certain village near Conote.

Asaello and Kids (+3 STR)

Uaaah!! The hitman from Conote has returned! Everybody, run for your life!

…Aren’t you going to run too?

…You look sad.

Hmm? Yeah. Maybe I am a little.

Here, take this! They’re berries we gathered in the woods. Cheer up! They’ll make you big and strong!


Femina - Hawk (+1 Luck for Femina)

Hawk? Is that you!? It’s me, your sister!

Femina!? What’s going on? What’re you doing here?

I’m here looking for YOU! What could I do… You never once return home after you left!

I’m sorry, Femina. I wandered into Manster while looking for our father, and the people were so bad off I just couldn’t leave them.

That’s just like something you’d do, Hawk. No wonder I love you so much.

So you joined the Liberation Army, did you?

Yep, I wanted to help out Sir Celice.

Hmph… I’m not surprised. You’ve admired his father ever since you were little.

Yeah. My dream has always been to become a Pegasus Knight just like Fury was. You just watch, I’m gonna do it!

Femina – Amid (+3 HP for Femina)

Femina, you be careful. Don’t you go flying off anywhere by yourself, ok?

Amid! You sound like you’re actually worried about me!

Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Really… Hmph, and here I thought you could only think of yourself. It’s nice to be proven wrong.

Yeah… Well, let’s just say you’re the exception.

How’s that?

Look, just be careful, OK? I’ll see you around.


What's sort of interesting is that while the subs make the same love pairs, you can't actually mix and match subs and regular children. So you couldn't have Fee and Amid, or Femina and Arthur have this conversation.


Let's start off Chapter 9 with another hidden event.

Hawk goes into Luthecia (+3 MAG + 3 RES)

Heh heh heh…


Over at the public square. I had a girl confess her love to me while sitting under a tree. Man, I wish I could share this feeling with ya!

Of course! You’re with the Liberation Army! Here, I have some medicine and also the village’s secret text for ya.

Er, thanks.

Love sure is a beautiful thing. Now get out there and find yourself a woman!

This next event occurs after taking Grutia if you have Sharlow wait next to Hanibal.

Sharlow – Hanibal (Berserk Staff)


Father? What’s the matter?

Son, I feel terrible for what I put you through. You may had been better off being raised in a normal home than by a soldier like me.

Father! What’re you saying!? You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted to be with. And now I can work to help bring peace. That makes me so happy.

Is that so?

And that’s not all


I’m proud of you, father. The citizens of Kapathogia admire you greatly, and you raised me after all.

That’s very kind of you to say, Sharlow. You’ve turned into a fine young man indeed. Oh, yes. I almost forgot. This staff was found lying in the castle. I believe you can use it.

Wow. That’s a nice staff. Thanks, father.

Here, son, have this staff that makes people go insane. This seems like an appropriate gift for an 8-year-old. Anyway, this next event triggers when either Femina or Janne visits a certain village in the northwest section of the map.

Femina/Janne – Shanam (+3 DEF)

You are beautiful…


Er… Forgive me for not introducing myself. I’m Shanan, the prince of Isaac. You are so beautiful I just had to meet you. If you are not too busy, would you have time for dinner? I know a good restaurant.

What’s wrong? Could it be the presence of royalty has overwhelmed you a tad? Well, relax. I make it a point to mingle with commoners just like yourself.

So, you’re… Alright, show me the Balmung then. I’ve always wanted to see it.

The Balmung!? Er… the Balmung! Yes, I ah… (ahem…) H-here it is! Yep, the Balmung Shield… world renowned for this here dragon carving. See? Now how about dinner?

You think I’m stupid!? The Balmung is not some stupid shield! And Prince Shanan is more handsome than you could ever hope to be!

W-wait a mi-… Don’t tell me you’re a soldier of the Liberation Army!? Geez, sorry. Hmph… you’re the first girl who hasn’t fallen for the Prince Shanan line. Listen, just forget it. Here, take my sheild. Goodbye!

(Shanam dissapears)

What nerve! Well… at least this shield will give my defense a little boost.

If you've played FE5, you'll probably realize that this guy is most likely Shanam, a pretty terrible Swordmaster who impersonates Shanan. I don't know what the actual sprite this game gives the imposter, so I just went ahead and put in Shanam's FE5 sprite.

Daisy – Asaello (+1 LCK)

Daisy! Are you stealing again?

Yeah, just a little.

Well, knock it off. I don’t care if it IS coming from the enemy.

You think I like doin’ this!? Do you have any idea just how low our army’s food supply is? That takes money!

I know, but…

And the orphans back in Conote need money too, don’t they? I tell ya, I’m beat!

Yeah, it sounds like it. I wonder how they’re all doing…

You gotta pitch in, too! You better not be wasting all your arena prize money, Asaello!

(Geez, I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut)

Laylea – Sharlow (+1 LCK)

Hey, you’re Sharlow, aren’t you…

Huh… Have we met?

I’m Laylea. You’ve never seen a dancer before, have you…

No… you’re my first.

Haha! Well, if you ever have some free time, come on over and I’ll dance for you.

Oh… ok.

And that's it for conversations! Well, there are a few that were left out, either because the conversation was near identical to the regular children's conversation, or because there was no transcript available without me replaying half the game.

Speaking of replaying things, let's see how it would've been to fight Julius if we didn't have Narga. Levin sure made a big deal out of how impossible it would be to win without that tome, but let's see if we can prove him wrong.

So here we are, right outside Barhara once again. Ordinarily, Celice has shaky hit and very little avoid against Julius. However, Nanna and Lana can provide Charisma/Lover support to help him out there. Delmud can help as well, but I didn't have him nearby in this save file. Laylea also has Charisma if you got her instead of Leen, so with those two units, Celice's hit and avoid could be 20 higher than they are now.

So here Celice is decked out with some rings to help him deal more damage, take less damage, and hit more often against Julius. If I had had more money available, I could've also given Celice a Speed Ring to increase his Avoid by another 10. To note, having multiple of the same ring doesn't increase the bonus given from that ring. So even if we gave Celice two Power Rings, he'd still only get the +5 Strength. Now, on this save Celice got pretty unlucky with Speed, so he only has 17 out of a potential 22. That extra 5 Speed would give him another 10 Avoid. He could also get another Avoid if he had capped Luck at 30.

With all this, Celice actually has perfect Hit against Julius, and pretty good Avoid. He'll double attack, dealing 10 damage per round (20 if Julius activates Charge), and only take 12 in return, assuming Julius hits. And like I said before, you can potentially get Julius' hit down another 41 points, giving him only 4 Hit on Celice.

So after a round of combat, Julius doesn't take a ton of damage, but he takes enough to whittle him down slowly.

Nanna can heal any wounds Celice takes, then Leen can refresh them both and have them do it again.

Julius heals 15 from being on the castle every turn, but that doesn't matter. We're doing a minimum 20 damage every Player Phase, plus extra if Julius activates Charge.

In addition to all that, Celice gets a counterattack on Enemy Phase, meaning at the end of one full turn, we're dealing at least 15 damage, and healing any damage done to Celice.

So then it's only a matter before Julius inevitably dies. You also get a special death quote when Celice kills him.

Let's seize. Wait, no, we're done with that, aren't we? Well, that's all for now, but there should be one or two more bonus updates coming next week, so look forward to that!