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Part 32: Chapter 9 Part 2: Luthecia-Kapathogia

Chapter 9 Part 2: Luthecia-Kapathogia

Last time on Let's Play Seisen no Keifu, Altenna found out that Cuan was her true father, not Trabant, leading to her unfortunate death at the hands of Arion. Celice saved Corple and conquered Luthecia, and Arthur and Skasaha were ready to promote. Let's start with that one.

Arthur shares his father's great promotion, gaining a horse and a ton of defense. He gets swords as well, but I'll never have him use them probably.

Like Holyn, Skasaha promotes to Forest instead of Sword Master, meaning he gets the short end of the stick between the sword twins. Still, his promotion games are nothing to scoff at.

So for the most part, people are waiting on Celice and Corple to get back and take Kapathogia. There will also be a small battle with Trabant's army.

These three will keep Hanibal from getting reinforcements from his castle.

Hanibal makes no attempt to actually attack anyone thanks to the pretty poor retreat AI. He'll just wait for people to move out of his way so he can get some friends.

So Trabant's really strong and tough. He has four leadership stars, Pursuit, Ambush, and the real kicker, Awareness, so we can't easily kill him with archers.

Instead of trying to attack with a scattered army, we'll just end out turn right away.

Trabant really is kind of a badass. Good thing he didn't bring Gungnir with him, or things could get really difficult.

The best strategy to take down Trabant would probably be to attack with Holsety or Ichival, but where's the fun in that?

Blume should've taken care of you while he had the chance.

Trabant, we meet at last... I... I've waited so long for this day to arrive... I've dreamed of killing you with my bare hands, and I've lived to carry it out!!

Hmph... you fool... You can't even use the Gae Bolg, and you think you can defeat me!? Die, you little brat! I'll do to you what I did to Cuan!

A lot of people like to have Leaf avenge Cuan's death, but personally I prefer to have Fin do it, since he has a more personal history/relationship with Cuan and Trabant. Plus he could use the Power Ring that Trabant drops more.

So you're still alive... how stubborn of you.

King Trabant, today I will take my revenge for what you did to my lord!

Hahaha, don't make me laugh. What do you think you can do to me!? You're the one who's gonna die!!

Trabant's Ambush lets him get in the first hit on Fin, but it's not enough to kill. Also I realize here that Trabant doesn't drop his Power Ring, which is odd, because I could swear I remember him dropping it. And Serenes Forest lists him as dropping it. Go figure.

From here on out it's pretty straight forward.

Just about everyone can kill a Dragon Knight in one round by now, and we have more units than they do.

Still can't have Celice seize yet since Corple hasn't talked to Hanibal. Anyway, Trabant's death triggers the following scene on enemy phase…

I may have lied when I likened Altenna to Eltshan in the previous update.

Forgive me, Altenna. I had to knock you out with that swing. If I hadn't, father would have suspected something.

I see... Arion. So where is fath... King Trabant?

He won't be coming back... I received word he died in battle.

...Really? What happened?

You're better off not asking, Altenna. You don't understand father the way I do.

...Arion, what do you think I should do?

Prince Leaf is waiting for you. Go to him.

But what's to become of us?

Altenna... this is our fate. And the sooner we resign ourselves to it the better.

Arion, we can call for a truce! With King Trabant gone, there's nothing stopping us! Besides, I'm not about to fight you!

If it weren't for father's parting words, I would... Just go, Altenna... now! Next time we meet shall be on the battlefield. But be ready... I won't go easy on you!


Ok so cards on the table, Altenna doesn't die, and will now fly towards Celice so she can join our army. If you've been paying attention to how many open spots we have in the home castle, you'll realize that her, Corple, and Hanibal fill up our roster. Sadly this means Arion won't be joining us. So I guess he's kidna the Camus/Eltshan of this generation.

The liberation army has taken over Luthecia Castle!

Corple! You're unharmed!

Yeah, I'm just fine. I want to join Sir Celice's liberation army, father. Thracia is not like it used to be... I want to fight for the people!

Corple, you've grown into a fine young man. Alright. I, too, shall join Sir Celice's effort.

Great! First we'll liberate Thracia, and then we'll all take on the empire together!

Let's take a look at our new recruit.

Well, we finally get a unit with Big Shield, so that's kinda neat. All in all, Hanibal's not bad. He doesn't have Pursuit, and even if we give him the Pursuit Ring, he won't have the Speed to double much since he'll be weighed down by his Silver Blade. But he's extremely strong (one less attack than Trabant had) and has great Defense. Joining with a Wing Clipper doesn't hurt either, since we haven't seen the last of this chapter's dragons. Being a General, he can use any physical weapon except the Silver Axe and Silver Bow, so if you wanted to you could give him any spare Hero weapons you have lying around. Ambush and Continue are alright skills for him too, but his Attack Speed isn't high enough for Continue to be very reliable. No holy blood means his growths aren't great (60% HP, 50% Strength, 30% Defense, and 5% or 10% everything else), but his base stats are alright, so he can still be useful. Lastly, since he's really old, relative to the rest of your party (or at least I assume that's the reason), Hanibal can't fall in love with anyone.

Here I realize that since Hanibal controlled the castle, we don't need to seize once we recruit him. Any enemy units left here would die once we recruited him. If you did seize Kapathogia, you'd get this scene.

Celice, it'd appear that they took General Hanibal's son hostage so he'd fight us.

You're kidding... Oh no, what have I done! Forgive me, General Hanibal.

Now we start our charge towards Grutia!

Alright, fortify our defense! We must hold the castle until the reinforcements arrive!

So Grandbell's army finally shows up to deal with us rebels, Grutia had a bunch of ballistae hidden away somewhere, and Altenna keeps heading towards us. I wonder how I'll have Fee fight an entire army on her own… I guess we'll find out next time! No stats this time because there was barely any fighting and maybe two or three people leveled up.