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Part 38: Chapter 10 Part 4: Miletos-Chalphy

Chapter 10 Part 4: Miletos-Chalphy

Welcome back once again to Let's Play Fire Emblem 4. Last time, we liberated the Miletos District from the clutches of the Empire.

This time, we break through into Grandbell.

We have quite the army in our way, and this is actually one of the better fights of the game. They throw a large amount of pretty strong enemies at us, so we can't just blindly charge like normally.

Instead, we'll have Lakche and Johan lead the defense, and hope that they mostly suicide onto us.

Meanwhile, our two fliers well go east, towards where Palmark took the children. It's worth noting that Altenna actually has more movement than Fee.

Let's take a look at our foes.

Not too bad, aside from a whopping 75 HP (just five shy of the universal cap).

His subordinates have Hero weapons, which is pretty dangerous, but hopefully won't be too much of a problem.

The magic squad has some pretty strong Fire Mages, a few healers, and a lone Sleep Bishop.

The cavalier captain himself is fairly weak, split between Physical and Magic damage, but his squad is pretty strong and equipped with Silver weapons.

Let the battle begin.

Johan takes a bit of a beating, but ends up dodging the boss and dealing a devastating attack in return.

Oh… From 3 HP to full, just like that…

God dammit, I'm really getting sick of these Sleep Bishops.

And these Dark Mages head east, chasing after the children.

They're nothing special really, but they're more than capable of killing civilians.

Speaking of which, let's take a look at Palmark.

He has enough HP and Resistance to take a few hits, but the kids won't be so lucky. And it's extremely important that he stays alive. Alvis gave him something important after all!

So Fee will bait some of them to attack her, and Altenna will gain as much distance as she can without entering their range.

Hanibal could really use the levels from those Children, so Leaf will help him catch up.

This'll be a bit tough, but we're gonna try to break through while maintaining a strong defensive formation.

Arthur can just barely kill these guys, but he has to use Elfire instead of Wind.

Aless immediately crits the Captain. Luck is on our side here.

And we get a lucky lover crit with Johan. I feel like it's been a long time since I've used Johan this much. With that Pursuit Ring and Hero Axe, he's really not so bad.

Even Fin's doing alright with the dodges. The Charisma and Leadership boosts from Delmud and Celice certainly help out here.

Here we push forward to give ourselves some room to maneuver, without the area being cluttered by enemy forces.

Oifey is still not the best of units, offensively…

The Resistance boost from Mistoltin is really great against all the mages the last couple of chapters throw at you.

And we're… sort of defensively set up to fend off the oncoming army. Celice and Lakche have to defend Leen because I'm dumb and left her way too exposed.

I also unfortunately left Lester exposed on one side, but fortunately a non-mounted unit attacks him first, taking up the only space to attack him at 1 range from.

And he misses anyway!

It's really great that Alvis uses the relatively inaccurate Fire magic. Makes things a hell of a lot easier on us.

Delmud just can't catch a break when it comes to Sleep though.

It's really nice to get to user Lakche a lot in this chapter since I don't think I used her too much in the previous one. There's just no stopping her here!

…Ok maybe there's some stopping her. I guess that's what relying too much on one unit can do. Though I think I might have forgotten to repair her Hero Sword at the start of the chapter as well, so that probably didn't help.

Continue activates for Fee, letting her just barely kill the attacking Dark Mage.

She's not so lucky with the second one, and she's taking quite the beating from them. At least she's heavily wounding them thanks to that Magic Ring from earlier in the chapter.

And the other Dark Mages are getting dangerously close to the children. We'll have to rush through if we want to save everyone.

Seems like Sety's been reduced to Restore duty this chapter. But that's ok I guess, it's good experience.

A lucky sibling crit lets Delmud take out the Bow Knight in one blow. I mean he could've done it anyway, but this saved him a use of the Silver Blade.

Tinny's also been getting a lot of action this chapter. It certainly helps that Thunder beats Fire.

And for as much as I've been leaning on Lakche, I feel like I haven't used Skasaha a whole lot. Let's remedy that while we still can.

Leaf moves to cross the bridge to Grandbell, and brings Hanibal with him.

And Hanibal manages to get a kill on a defenseless priest, with the help of Fin.

Finally, we get rid of that damn Sleep Bishop.

Back in the east, Fee finishes off the Mage that attacked her last turn.

And Altenna just barely one shots one of the remaining Dark Mages. Hopefully her presence will draw the remaining two away from the children.

And just our luck, it does!

At a bit of a cost, but it shouldn't matter at this point. They won't get another attack in.

Something I didn't realize, all of those Mages by Chalphy have Meteo tomes.

And Johan takes quite the beating from them.

Now then, Celice needs to rush to talk to Palmark before he can take back his father's castle.

And with that, the Dark Mage threat is eliminated.

So let's start clearing out these Fire Mages.

They're not too tough. Decent attack bad accuracy for the most part (this one happens to be within Alvis' leadership star range).

One of the funniest thing about these fights is that the unarmed staff users are the hardest to kill, since they have much higher attack speed due to not being weighed down by a weapon. This makes them both more dodgy, and harder to double.

And with that, Alvis is the last remaining enemy. We can't deal with him just yet, but let's take a look at his stats.

Yea he's pretty tough. Let's compare him to his appearance in the Prologue!

His most notable improvement is his Defense, though he's also gained a lot of Strength (not that he'll ever use that Silver Blade). I guess that's to be expected when you change from a Sage to an Emperor (which just so happens to be one of the best, if not the best class in the game).

Fala Flame is still extremely deadly, and it has the bonus of beating Holsety in the weapon triangle.

He's lost Continue, but gained Charisma and Big Shield in the past 18 or so years. He also learned how to use every non-holy physical weapon.

And of course, he has his major Fala and minor Lopt blood.

But like I said, we won't be fighting him just yet.

First, we'll have to talk to Palmark.

I held out as best I could in order to give you this. Here... it belongs to you.

W, what is this!?

It's the Holy Tyrfing... heirloom of the Chalphy family. did you get it?

I wish I could tell you, but I gave a solemn oath not to speak of where it came from.

I see... Well, that's okay. I'm just grateful to have it. So this is the Tyrfing... I can feel the power swelling from it...

Your Highness, you must reclaim Chalphy Castle at once. The townsfolk have waited far too long for this day to come.

I'll do that, reverend. With this holy sword in hand, I've nothing to fear now!

Fuck. Yes. Seems like Alvis wanted to help us out with this little gift. He even fully repaired it for us!

Since Celice will be using the Tyrfing from now on, I'll have to give his 86 kills Silver Sword to someone else. That crit rate is nothing to scoff at.

And to save some time, Leaf will help Celice get to Chalphy a bit quicker.

Meanwhile, Hanibal and Leen will rescue some civilians.

I'm pretty sure they say the same things as the kids at the start of the chapter.

A turn or two later, Celice is in range to fight Alvis, but let's have Sety soften him up for us.

Naturally a foe such as Alvis is given his own battle music. And it's fantastic. It's powerful and foreboding like his regular theme, but manages to be high energy and tense. And what's really great is, in this particular matchup, the spell animations take a while, so you actually get to hear a good amount of the track in game.

A solid blow, but that won't be enough to kill without a skill activation.

Fuck that hurts! Even with relatively good Resistance, Alvis' 30 Magic and Fala Flame's effectively 40 Might is quite dangerous. He could actually one shot a lot of our units.

And our second attack brings his health down low enough that Celice might be able to grab the kill.

If both attacks hit, this will just barely kill Alvis.

I don't think Alvis really believes what he's saying here, but he can't appear sympathetic towards Celice, or he'll risk Julius and Manfloy killing Julia.

Luck is on our side here, and we manage to hit Alvis with both blows. Note that with Tyrfing, Celice has 37 Resistance, enough to mitigate over half of the damage from Alvis' attacks.

Even though Alvis is slain, we won't seize just yet. Celice senses something calling to him from the shore (this is another hidden event that you really have no way to know about).

But before he gets there, Hanibal and Leen will rescue more children. Palmark is even nice enough to heal up any of our units who are near him.

Hanibal's actually at a pretty high level now (28 I think), so we'll let Leen grab the last few civilians.

When Celice ends his turn at the ocean, we get a pretty cool scene (and the music fades into silence).

...Celice, always treasure those in your presence. Honor each and every one of them.

Y, yes, mother! Hey, I slew Emperor Alvis! I've finally avenged father's death!

...I see. ...What then of Julius and Julia?

Julius and Julia? Do you know where they are!?



...Celice, don't let Alvis' death go to your head. His defeat wasn't by your hand alone.

Huh? Father, what's that supposed to mean?

...Get to know the people's sorrow. Your reality and theirs are still worlds apart. ...If you can't accomplish that, Celice, then this whole war has been for nothing.

That's really touching, having Celice reunite with the ghosts of his parents And they give him a Life Ring no less. Kind of a shame that Sigurd didn't have anything more personal to say, but I guess that's pretty fitting with the serious demeanor that the first half of the game gave him.

A turn or two later, let's seize.

The townspeople came in droves to celebrate your return. Look how happy they are!

Yeah... I've finally reached my true homeland. It's a good feeling. But I also feel somewhat empty inside.

You're worried about Julia, aren't you... You really like her, don't you...

No, I'm just worried about her.

Several townspeople said they saw Bishop Manfloy take off with her. She must still be in Grandbell somewhere.

Levin, I know I should be happy now that my father's death has been avenged, but I still don't feel right somehow.

That's because this war is not yet over with. Actually, the real battle, the holy war, is just on the horizon. See this war through, Celice. You'll find the answers you seek. Trust me.

I think it's brilliant how they handle the victory music in this chapter. After every castle up until this one, Victory 2, the sad victory music, plays. It gives you a feeling that while you're making progress, there's still so much ahead of you, and so many terrible things happening. Then you take Chalphy and they play Victory 1, the triumphant victory music, and it's just so refreshing. Alvis' death marks a sort of turning point for your army. You've loosened the empire's control on the continent and amassed a large amount of support. Now it's time to strike at the rulers of the empire itself. And with that, Chapter 10 is complete! Next time, as Levin said, the real holy war in Grandbell awaits us. As always, here's our army's stats.