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Part 36: Chapter 10 Part 2: Chronos-Rado

Chapter 10 Part 2: Chronos-Rado

Welcome back to Let's Play FE4!

Once again, we have a pretty short segment to get through here. That army in front of us is pretty much the only resistance between Chronos and Rado.

But before we start fighting, let's save some children and gain some levels!

Instead of having Altenna grab one of the last few children, I'll have her visit the town.

Damn, if only we could've killed her before she escaped! She really is rotten to the core.

Leen then dances and grabs a kid for herself.

Hey! She may just be a dancer, but she has major holy blood!

That last kid's twin brother is much more excited to see us.

The big problem with Altenna is that she's slow, so she has a lot of trouble doubling. She has a pretty nice Speed growth (60%) though, so in a few levels she'll hopefully be alright.

Now then, let's start plowing through the enemy army.

Since Leaf and Celice are both max level, I'll be trying to avoid using them too much.

Even though they're fantastic, in order to get an A EXP rank, we'll need to get most people to level 30.

So you can see why it'd be wise to avoid using people who can't get more experience.

Altenna's previous failure lets Fin grab an uncommon kill for himself.

With any luck here…

Awesome! Putting this guy to sleep will let a low movement unit catch up and grab an easy kill

And with that, the enemy army is defeated. Well except for the sleeping guy.

And Corple will give everyone a nice heal.

Are far forward mounted units will be able to save that village next turn, and get very close to Rado.

Speaking of which, Rado is guarded by just three dark bishops and the boss.

Morigan is pretty nondescript.

He's about what you'd expect from a generic boss at this point. He does have Pursuit, but he lacks the Speed to ever double. And he's not strong enough on his own to kill even our frailest units with Fenrir.

Back on Player Phase, Johan saves the last child.

I decide to let Skasaha get the kill here since he's one of our lowest level units now.

I really like that people start referring to you as crusaders now. I mean our units have always been crusaders, but the fact that people are now calling you that fits in with the renewed hope theme of this chapter.

Still just pushin' forward.

As is this pirate to the north. We'll wanna take Rado quickly so we can stop him from doing too much damage.

Leen and company finally make it through the woods and get a move on. I realized, despite what I said last update, that she hasn't fallen in love with Aless yet. While they don't actually get anything for being in love gameplay-wise, I'd like to get everyone paired before the end of the game.

Here Arthur weakens the Hel Bishop. These guys really do have a lot of resistance, so he doesn't make too much headway unfortunately.

At this point it's clear that the infantry units aren't gonna reach Rado before it gets taken, so I'll just have them gather at the gate.

Meanwhile our cavalry gather at Rado.

Arthur manages to counter-kill one of the bishops.

Morigan targets Lester…

And with decent accuracy, he manages to hit.

Back on our turn, Fee rushes to save the village.

And gets a lucky crit, letting her actually kill the bandit this turn!

And from him alone, she gets a village's worth of gold.

Before launching our assault, Corple tends to Lester's wounds.

He then proceeds to immediately critical hit Morigan, rendering his previous wounds kind of irrelevant.

Hel is a dangerous tome. One unlucky hit can leave our guys on the brink of death.

Here I have Arthur equip Elfire, trying to get him hit by Hel. My logic is that if he gets hit, he'll Wrath crit the bishop and kill him immediately.

That doesn't happen.

But Oifey can come in and sweep up the kill, which is maybe for the best since I tend to not use him as often.

So once again, let's seize.

That's horrible! I can't believe it...

Celice, now you know why we must fight. There's just no room for good people to exist in the Loputo Empire. It seems that the gate to Miletos will be open soon. What do you want to do, Celice?

We should head for Miletos, of course. I'm worried about the children... and Julia as well.

And then, on to Grandbell!

As you might expect, the last bit of dialogue (from when Levin mentions the gate opening onward) isn't present if you haven't captured Chronos at this point.

Also after the last turn, Patty and Shanan fell in love! Now we just need Tinny/Sety and Leen/Aless.

So most of the infantry (and Altenna) group up by the gate. Delmud's there too.

Our small mounted squad here starts its journey back. When we end our turn, we're greeted with a familiar theme…

And a familiar face…

Ishtar... I know you can do better than this. Now release the children.

But I have orders from Prince Julius...

I'll inform Julius myself. Don't you worry about him.


That's an order, Ishtar! Do you have a problem taking orders from me!?

No... of course not.

Julius! I've had about enou-

You still don't get it, do you... You're too old, father. Don't you think it's time you retired? Or do you still have thoughts of banishing me from the empire?

No... I know how far that got me. You do as you please.

Alright, then quit hanging around here and get on back to your own castle! If I'm not mistaken you have Chalphy Castle to defend!


Yes, everything with Julia went smoothly. She's being held at Chalphy Castle. She clearly remembers how, when you were children, you left her for dead... As well as her mother warping her outside the castle walls.

Hmph... Yeah, Deirdre just sort of accepted the idea of being killed by her own son. But she did manage to muster enough power to save Julia before I could finish her off. Julia inherited the power of Lord Narga from Deirdre, not I. That's why we must kill her... while we have the chance.

But the Book of Narga is sealed up at Barhara... I cannot envision Lord Narga somehow residing within the girl, as well.

You just don't get it, do you... The incarnate of Narga flows within the Heim's royal blood. We must wipe every last one of them from the planet!

Alright, then. I'll have her executed at once, Your Highness.

Don't you slip up, Manfloy. Alright, I need to head back to Barhara.

I'll place the entire sect behind holding the region. And I'll see to it that we bring before you the corpse of Celice.

Celice... People refer to him as the Prince of Light.... and me the Prince of Darkness. They believe we both share the same mother somehow and that he is first in the line of succession to Grandbell's throne! Only a fool would believe such nonsense.

The consequences would be disastrous if he were allowed to live. We must kill him!

Yeah, well, he only inherits the power of Crusader Baldo... I'm not all too concerned about him, but you do as you please.


Hey, let's have a little fun first. I'd say one of the rebels would make a nice blood offering. Shall we have a little test of skill to see who can make the quickest kill?

I'm all for that!

So Julia's right in Chalphy, eh? Looks like we'll have to go through Emperor Alvis to save her!

But before we can do that, the newly placed enemy army will start attacking.

As you might expect, things don't go very well for them. Next time: We deal with the perils of having Julius and Ishtar on the battlefield. And that's all for now, so here's some stats: