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Part 40: Endgame Part 2: Edda-Dozel

Endgame Part 2: Edda-Dozel

Welcome back once again to Let's Play FE4! Previously Celice and Aless took Edda by storm.

This time, we move on towards Dozel.

We have two paths to Dozel. The first one is going northwest from Edda, though the path is blocked by Fisher and his army.

They have good Defense thanks to those Shield Rings, but aside from that, nothing special.

The second path is just going north from Chalphy. This path is blocked by Burian and his army.

Burian is yet another son of Danan, and the current wielder of the Swanchika.

Thanks to the defensive boosts from his holy weapon, he's a pretty tough guy to kill. While he'll never double with that Pursuit, due to Swanchika having 20 Weight, he has Charge, which can be very dangerous if he attacks someone who can't survive a couple rounds with him.

He has some healers and some pretty strong Silver Axe Great Knights.

However, no matter how strong they are, they're still using axes, which means the majority of our army will have no problem with them.

What's interesting is, despite how strong Lakche and Skasaha are, they can't kill these guys without a skill activation. And while they have a very high chance of activating something, sometimes we just get unlucky and leave a guy clinging to life.

On the other hand, this gives Oifey a nice opportunity to Javelin kill someone.

So we have Skasaha guarding the chokepoint, and Shanan a bit in front of him, ready to take on anyone who's foolish enough to pick a fight.

And Altenna picks off a healer, then retreats towards the mountains.

Meanwhile, Celice rushes forward to destroy the oncoming assault.

Ok, they're oncoming very slowly.

Luckily, even though Altenna has weapon triangle disadvantage here, the boosts from the Gae Bolg give her 100% hit, and enough Defense that these Great Knights barely scratch her.

Uh oh, this could be dangerous.

Ok that actually wasn't so bad.

That, however, could've been very bad, if not for that lucky dodge.

Now, we're kind of congested here, so let's try to get rid of some of these Knights so we can reach Burian.

Johan can take a hit from his brother, so let's have him try attacking Burian.

I kind of love Johan's character, even if he's not a great unit. If you recruited Johalva instead, he has a slightly different conversation here.

Johalva, you idiot! Are you trying to divide our House!?

Burian... Hmph, don't worry. I'm protecting the duchy. This is what the people want.

W, what!? You... you won't get away with this!

So Johan survives, but he doesn't really do any damage.

So what better way to fight a Holy Axe than with a Holy Sword?

Ok there's a pretty obvious better way, since Shanan barely damages Burian.

And that better way is with Holsety, as usual.

Yea, that worked pretty well.

So Leen will refresh some of our units who still need another level or so, so that they can get a head start on meeting the next group of enemies.

Speaking of Leen, she and Aless are now in love! That just leaves Tinny and Sety to go, but that will have to wait a while.

With Burian's army eliminated, let's take a look at the boss.

Daggon is yet another uninteresting, nonthreatening Dark Mage.

So let's have Altenna get rid of him before he can waste any more of our time with Fenrir.

And Celice surrounds himself with enemies, ready to take whatever they can throw at him on Enemy Phase.

Or… maybe they'll all move past him to attack Edda. This could be bad.

We have no real way to stop so many people from charging our castle, short of having Celice park himself on top of it, and we don't really wanna waste time doing that. So we'll have to come up with a different plan. For now, he'll just pick off another member of their army.

Meanwhile, Nanna and Leaf have a conversation.

Will we be returning to Lenster after all this?

That's the plan. My father's dream was to bring peace to the Thracia Peninsula and create one nation. I intend to bring his dream to life, and I'll need your help to see it through, Nanna.

Leaf, wherever you go, I shall follow... even to the ends of the continent.

Ordinarily Leaf get's +3 Defense from this conversation, but his Defense is capped, so he gets nothing.

Now, that other plan for protecting Edda. We could have Lana Warp people over there to defend, but I think this will be much more effective.

Leaf will run towards Celice, making sure to bring Leen with him.

Meanwhile the rest of the gang starts moving towards Freege.

Even when they have nothing else they can do, these guys refuse to attack Celice. Kind of a shame, but it won't matter soon.

So Leaf will run forward, Rescue Celice, and then Celice will run back towards Dozel.

Leen dances for him, and then we seize, killing all the Dozel-bound units, i.e. the army attacking Edda.

This all started because of Langobart...

Levin, tell me more about the source of the Crusader's power. I mean... who are the gods anyway?

Here's how I understand it... There were beings from another world who knew the Dragon Tribe's power was responsible for Jugdral's unrest. So they came from their world to assist us. They were the ones who appeared at Darna Fortress just as it was about to fall.

That's the 'Descent of Lord Narga and the 11 Gods' from scripture, huh...

That's right. They all assumed human forms. Narga, the god of light, appeared as a young maiden, and the fire god Salamand was that of an elderly man. Each god performed blood rites with one of the 12 chosen warriors.

Blood rites?

Yes. After making a small cut on their fingertip, they offered their blood to the warriors.


Celice, I'll just cut to the chase. The gods you and I know from scripture are of the same Dragon Tribe as Loputousu is. So the warriors ingested the blood of the Dragon Tribe and were reborn as the Crusaders. Each Crusader received a weapon sealed with the power of their respective tribesmen. After imparting a few precepts upon the Crusaders, the tribesmen left.

Wow... so that's where our power comes from!

Yet Loputousu's clan wields the most diabolic power of the entire tribe. King Narga passed his own blood onto the leader of the liberation army, Bishop Heim. That was Narga's only hope to rival the Loputian power.

Couldn't any of the other tribesmen take on Loputousu?

Doesn't seem likely. Even with all their power combined, they'd still need Narga's. Now, Empress Deirdre's children are the only surviving descendants of Heim who would have inherited Narga's power... But neither you nor Juliua inherited the blood of Narga. But I now know who did. Julius' twin sister... Princess Julia did. She's the one!


E, excuse me!?

The connection kinda threw me at first, too. But, yeah, you've got a sister, Celice.

Julia's my sister... Geez, I never would've thought...

This explains her disappearance now, doesn't it... But, we've got to find her. Because we don't stand a chance against Julius without her!

So they kinda throw all this stuff about dragons and the gods into the last chapter, and it seems a bit out of place. It might have something to do with the untranslated opening scene, but I'm not really sure.

And with that, Edda is safe as well.

And while Leaf and Celice and Leen have been doing their own thing, most of the rest of the army has headed west, towards Freege. Speaking of which…

The whole bloody lot of them are worthless! Hmph... Fine, I'll handle this myself. Should be simple matter of drawing the rebel army just a wee bit north. I need to get through to Scorpio... Once the Gelben Ritter draw them in, he and the Beige Ritter can flank 'em from the rear. We'll kill those miscreants... every last one of them!

Crap that's a lot of Barons. This next battle could be quite difficult. But that's for another time. Until then, stats: