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Part 30: Prep: Will The Real Slim Swordsman Please Stand Up?

Update 19: Will The Real Slim Swordsman Please Stand Up? (Prep)

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem 12, where even sudden infections from malicious programs can't break our stride.

Last time we dealt with Roro, or one of the Roros. There are apparently a lot more. Now back to the plot:

Oh, there you are Nabvarble. You've been teased long enough, will you actually appear in this chapter? Of course, this spoiler is just here to trick people who might not have played

Narrator: and stopped by the Fane of Raman in search of the missing orbs. However, the ancient temple built to worship Naga had been wrecked by constant warring, and was now nothing more than a den of thieves.

"They're escaping with the temple's valuable treasures. We must catch them!"

"Stay clear of the free company guarding Chiasmir Bridge. We cannot defeat them."

"It seems a dancer is lost inside the forest. We must find her before the bandits do!"

As the soldiers received their orders, the flames of a new battle around the Fane of Raman were ignited.

The narrator just rapidfire tossed gameplay hints at you there. This is a chapter mostly based around fighting thieves, with an unpleasant surprise by the bridge and a few new allies.

Although those guys in the picture look more like barbarians than thieves, but that's pretty

As we start the chapter, uh...

: Yes, Sir Jagen?

This time, we get to advise Jagen!

: I keep wondering about how I should have acted towards Lang... Our homeland Altea's position is important, but perhaps I brood far too much and offend people.

Jagen, master of brooding.

: You worry about these things too, Sir Jagen? You needn't worry. Your concern for Prince Marth is more than evident. You're very strict, Sir Jagen, but also very kind.

Only Marcus can do that, sorry.

: Sir Jagen, when you look at me, what kind of person do you see?

: Hmm, well... You're very capable as a Royal Guard...

This is another place where the dialogue varies depending on your MU. Since we picked "Wisdom" as Steve's main attribute back in the character creator:

: And you're wise, almost foresighted. That's the kind of person I think you are.

There's a "Blind Seer" joke there somewhere. I really like these variable dialogue sections, they add some fun character. Sadly, if you pick Beauty, Jagen does not hit on you. Sorry.

Not too many enemies this time around, but reinforcements are in the cards.

We start in the mid-south segment of the map.

Many of these thieves have items on them. We'll want to get them, especially this one. I can't stress this enough, if you don't get Scorpio, RESTART THE CHAPTER.

Also of special interest is this Master Seal...

And this Angelic Robe, which is a Stat Booster item for HP. Great for squishy characters.

The boss, Dahl, isn't nearly as imposing as Lang was, but he does have something we've been wanting for a while...

Oh, and hunters. Which is going to be a pain, given how good flying units are in chapters filled with terrain hazards like forests.

In the top left corner is Astram, Hero Of Archanea from the last game. If him wielding a legendary weapon and being strong enough to cleave almost any of our character in two with one hit right now didn't tip you off, I'll put it bluntly.

Stay away from Astram. Just don't bother him, and he won't bother you. On this difficulty. That goes for his minions too.

Now back to our regularly scheduled "How's Everyone?"

Still probably none. Sorry. (I should have had him do an arena match and fulfilled his...wait, shit, Drill Grounds doesn't pay. Sorry Castor.)

Oh, poor Radd. I'll get to that in a bit. But first, Base Convos! And a lot of them today.

Are you really a woman?

: Hey, you!

: Y-yes?

: Unless I'm mistaken... You're Steve, right? Yeah, you gotta be!

How have you not met before? We only deploy like, 12 people at once!

: Whoops, sorry! I'm Barst.

this keeps happening

: What!! What are you trying to say!?

: Nothing! Sorry! Worded it badly!

: ...Then, what did you mean to say?

: ...I was talking about your body build. Not surprisingly, it's befitting of a knight.

: Is that so?

: Yeah. I can see it clearly. You must have had a good teacher!

All together now!

: My grandfather was my teacher. Thanks for the compliment. However... But, you could tell that?

: Yeah. I did all sorts of things after the War of Shadows, y'see.

Steve, come on, this was recent! Ogma told you about this!

: Yeah, I did. And?

: Ah! Pardon my rudeness, um, Sir Barst...

: Just call me Barst. See you later, Steve!

Steve's Murderous Hatred

: My name is Steve. Sir Sirius... I presume?

: Indeed. ...Hmph, you're rather rude. That murderous hatred... Is it directed at me?

Well that's kind of ridiculous.

: That's right.

Uh. That seems like an...overreaction, Steve.

: I don't trust you one bit. First of all, you hide your face and identity. "Sirius" isn't even your real name, is it?

: ...

: What makes me most suspicious is your stance... You never leave any openings. I can tell you're a warrior of great renown.

: You speak of my defensive stance...? That's perfectly natural in a battlefield.

: Don't change the subject. You are no mere knight! Tell me. Where are you from?

: What will you do if I don't answer?

: Prince Marth is very kind... However, I know there are scoundrels who would take advantage of his kindness. I shall protect Prince Marth from these villains, even if it costs me my life.

Steve, I don't want to harsh your buzz, but you recruited THIS GUY

: ......It seems we won't be able to solve this with words alone.

Wait, what?

: My thoughts exactly.

: Then, here I come.

Nah, kidding.

: Be at peace. It was a blunt strike.

: Kuh...

I know I should be focusing on the fact that Sirius just bopped Steve upside the head and ran away, but..."Kuh"? Steve makes weird sounds.

A childish sex joke, a farewell to Luke

: Alright, I'm finished, Steve The Timid! What's next? Bring it on, I'll take on any training!

: This was the last bit of today's training.

: What? It's over? I-I did it... What do you think, Steve The Timid? I was able to keep up with your training.

: Yes, you were incredible, Luke. It's the first time you've been able to go on this long. And here I was convinced you were just going to complain again...

: Nah, I did complain. But you'd just drag me along regardless... But well, I have to thank you, Steve The Timid. Thanks.

: The pleasure was mine. It's as though you're somebody else on the battlefield of late. It might be time I learned from you instead.

Learn about getting really good levels, please.

: Heh. Steve The Timid, don't envy me!

: Oh, don't worry about that.

: Tch! Steve The Timid! Keep your eyes on me in the next battle! I'll show you my cool side again and again until you're sick of it! And before you realize, you'll have fallen for me already!

: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.

Luke's friendship will allow us to make somebody punch harder for a map.

Hope You Still Like Jagen

: By our hands, Grust has been liberated, and we are en route to our homeland... But first, we stop by the Fane of Raman. I believe you've already heard, but this was a request by Lord Wendell, who was held captive by the Archanean army. It's said that if even one of the five orbs were to be lost the world would fall into ruin, and now the Starsphere has shattered into twelve pieces... Prince Marth is going to help gather them. I just wish the Fane of Raman has what we desire...

Thanks for the recap, Jagen.

Heads Will Roll

: Yes, sire?

I knew this line would be "Yes, sire?" before I even looked. I think Steve is rubbing off on me.

: I'd like you to leave them alone. Their leader is Astram, hero of Archanea. He wields the sword Mercurius, one of the three regalia, and is one of the strongest men in the continent.

He's also a huge dick.

: A powerful opponent, I see.

: That isn't the only reason why I don't wish to fight him. In the previous war, Astram was our ally. He's a very serious and loyal person--his devotion to Princess Nyna unmatched.

Honestly, he's pretty much what Steve was in that Sirius support, but to everyone at all times. Flashback time.

This is word for word a conversation from Shadow Dragon you can have with Astram after recruiting him. He's pretty hardcore.

: I do not think we can persuade him. At least, not now... I'd rather not fight him unless necessary. Steve, I'd like you to avoid battle with him as well, if possible.

: Yes, understood. However, should your life be in danger, sire... I'll do anything to protect you.

Needless to say, we'll be listening to Marth, because Astram would wipe the floor with Steve right now.

Before closing this out, I want to go over the two last characters we got, Caesar and Radd.

Caesar is a weird case, I think because he wasn't in the original game and returned for the remakes. He's about the same as Ogma, if not slightly worse, and he comes about 4 chapters later at a similar level. There's really no reason to use him if Ogma's gotten any screentime and isn't dead. That said, he's not completely terrible. He's got a good speed growth.

Radd is basically just like Samto. His bases are a little worse, his growths a little better, but they're both about to be totally outshined by a unit we get completely for free in this very chapter.

Next time, Scarlet Swordsman. See you then.