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Original Thread: Bord n' Cord's Axellent Adventure: Let's Play Fire Emblem 12



Let's Play Fire Emblem 12: Heroes Of Light and Shadow!

What the fuck?
Fire Emblem 12, Heroes Of Light and Shadow, is the Sequel to FE11: Shadow Dragon, and a remake of Book 2 of FE3: Mystery Of The Emblem, released for the Nintendo DS.

No, really, what the fuck.
Okay, this game has kind of a weird history. All Fire Emblem games past 7, Blazing Sword, were released in America, except for this one. Nobody's positive as to why, but the general guess is that fans reacted badly to the prequel, Shadow Dragon, and Nintendo didn't want to risk translating a niche game in a niche series (This was before Awakening brought the series mainstream status in the US.) Shadow Dragon was a remake of the original game in the series, so this is a remake of FE3, the direct sequel. The original FE3 contained a remake of FE1 as well, titled Book 1, so this is a remake of Book 2, if you want to get technical.

Do I need to be aware of the plot of the previous games to enjoy this one?
Not at all. FE1/Shadow Dragon had a really bare bones plot, and it gets recapped very early in this one. So we'll see that when it happens. The other FE games have no relation to this one, except 2, in a very minor, sort of spoilery way. So I won't get into that.

What is the gameplay like?
Fire Emblem games are pretty much the same. You move your units around on a grid, fight enemies, and recruit more playable characters. Setting this apart from similar games are things like every character having a unique name, stats, and story, as well as the very scary permadeath feature, which means that if a unit falls in battle, they are gone forever.

What does this add to the original game?
The remake adds more characters, including those that appeared in Book 1 but not Book 2, as well as the playable characters from the BS Fire Emblems (More on that later), and a few original characters. It includes 4 new bonus maps, along with the BS Fire Emblem maps, which were released over the Satellaview in Japan. More classes, more conversations and dialogue, more weapons, the reclass feature from Shadow Dragon, a "casual mode" where the permadeath is disabled, and a new prologue and set of sidequests based around "My Unit", a customizable character, make this a really good remake, and a game that completely blows its predecessor out of the water.

Wait, what's a BS Fire Emblem?
Awakening was pretty BS.

Nah, kidding. (I liked Awakening). They were 4 special maps released over the Satellaview in Japan, like I said above, meant to take place before the prequel to this game. I'll try and show them off. They're a little special, in that they're scored, and originally had full voice acting! (They don't in this version.)

What viewer interaction will we have?
Well, I'm going to try and ask the thread questions about which characters I should use in some cases. Saves/Arena Abuse make pretty much everyone viable on most difficulties. (Some people I really want to use, for recruitment purposes, etc., so I might have to pull rank occasionally), as well as give you guys control over the way My Unit looks, his/her appearance and stats, class, etc. We are wearing Wendell's hat though.

What kind of run is this?
I'll be playing on Hard Classic mode. I'll recruit everyone, but it's mostly just a casual playthrough of a game I really like. As "fun" as Lunatic might be, I'd rather 75% of the characters not be totally useless and you all have to watch Arran and Palla solo the first 7 or so chapters. Also I'm bad.

Note: I don't have Male Class Set Mixing unlocked, so no Archers -> Hunters or anything like that.

Update schedule?
I'm pretty busy lately, so updates might be sparse. I'll try and reply to your questions in the thread whenever possible.

Hey, this thread looks familiar!
Technical issues (read: My own incompetence) caused the screenshots in the old thread to kinda suck. Thanks to the bevy of people in the thread and Sandcastle, they're better now.

You keep referencing FE7/You are bad at this, show me someone who doesn't fumble everything in an FE game.

Melth's ongoing and really impressive run of FE7's Hector Hard Mode is here:

ChaosArgate has a run of FE7 on the archives as well, and that one is finished all the may.

Fan Art

vilkacis shows us Luke's alternative strategy for his epic showdown with Steve.

And Luke's discovery of Steve's secret literary material:

As well as Navarrles Barlkley's vow to never turn his ball on a woman.

(Musical Accompaniment suggested by EclecticTastes:

And let us not forget the bald baller, Wryyyyyyyyyyys

SystemLogoff presents the first of many images dedicated to the smug power of Blinking Marth.


Wonderslug displays Wendell's true form.

W.T. Fits is already a demon.

Otherbuttons/Rainbowjammed drew everyone's favorite blinded knight/mage/swordlady/whatever.

Table of Contents

Note: Any main game chapters past Prologue 5 are separated into Prep and Battle. Prep goes over the intros and conversations before each map, as well as my initial preparations for picking units, weapons, etc. If you just want to see the main gameplay, feel free to skip to Battle. Updates with no Prep are all battle.

Chapter 0: My Unit
Chapter 1: Jagen Rides Again
Chapter 2: Team Fortress 4
Chapter 3: Bachelorette Party
Chapter 4: Bald is Beautiful
Chapter 5: The First Bandit Chapter
Chapter 6: Prep: Schrodinger's Frey
Battle: Schrodinger's Frey
Chapter 7: Prep: Graduation Day
Battle: Graduation Day
Chapter 8: Prep: The Art Of Foreshadowing
Battle: The Art Of Foreshadowing
Chapter 9: Prologue Wrap-up
Chapter 10: Bonus Chapter: Fall Of The Palace
Chapter 11: Prep: Begin Again

Between these two parts, I lost my saves. New stat totals can be found in Update ???

Battle: Begin Again
Chapter 12: Prep: The Man Who Would Be Dord
Battle: The Man Who Would Be Dord
Chapter 13: Prep: Old And Senile
Battle: Old And Senile
Chapter 14: Prep: The Bald And The Beautiful: Wrysvengeance
Battle: The Bald And The Beautiful: Wrysvengeance
Chapter 15: Prep:
World's Best Disguised Paladin
World's Best Disguised Paladin
Chapter 16: Prep: Samurai Steve
Battle: Samurai Steve
Chapter 17: Prep: Any Number Of Puns Involving The Word Lang
Battle: Any Number Of Puns Involving The Word Lang
Chapter 18: Prep: The Hat
The Hat
Chapter 19: Prep: Will The Real Slim Swordsman Please Stand Up?
Battle: Will The Real Slim Swordsman Please Stand Up?
Chapter 20: Prep: Tur-bad
Battle: Tur-bad
Chapter 21: Prep:
Fuck Sand
Battle: Fuck Sand
Chapter 22: Prep: Failure to Communicate
Battle: Failure to Communicate
Chapter 23: Bonus Chapter: Thieves
Chapter 24: Prep: Rampaging Randomized Roros Rumpus
Battle: Rampaging Randomized Roros Rumpus
Chapter 25: Prep: Desert Of Death
Battle: Desert Of Death
Chapter 26: Prep: Lava Pirates
Battle: Lava Pirates
Chapter 27: Prep: Stop, Collaborate and Listen
Battle: Stop, Collaborate and Listen
Chapter 28: Prep: Snowstorm Sniper
Battle: Snowstorm Sniper
Chapter 29: Prep: Seize The Starsphere
Battle: Seize The Starsphere
Chapter 30: Prep: Homecoming King
Battle: Homecoming King
Chapter 31: Prep: Homebound On The As-Tram
Battle:Homebound On The As-Tram
Chapter 32: Prep: Katarina
Battle: Katarina
Chapter 33: Prep: En Gra-de!
Battle: En Gra-de!
Chapter 34: Bonus Chapter: Dragoon
Chapter 35: Prep: Garbage Like The Wolf
Battle: Garbage Like The Wolf
Chapter 36: Prep: Definitely The Final Map Of The Game
Battle: Definitely The Final Map Of The Game (Part 1)
Part 2
Chapter 37: Prep: Going Hardin The Paint
Battle: Going Hardin The Paint (Part 1)
(Part 2)
Chapter 38: Prep: Lady Eremiah
Battle: Lady Eremiah
Chapter 39: Prep:
Return Of The Wyverns
Battle: Return Of The Wyverns
Chapter 40: Prep:
The Game Is Starting To Drag-On
Battle: The Game Is Starting To Drag-On
Chapter 41: Prep: No Puns For "Gharnef"
Battle: No Puns For "Gharnef"
Chapter 42: Bonus Chapter: Beginning
Finale: Prep: Shadow Dragon
Battle: Shadow Dragon
Ending: Hero Of Shadow
Epilogues And Loose Ends

Bonus Supports

Samto 1, Norne 1+2, Luke/Rody 1

Caesar 1, Arran 2, Luke/Rody 2

Cecille 1, Rickard/Julian 1, Luke/Rody 3

Gordin 1, Cecille 2, Arran 3

Samto 2, Bantu 1, Rickard/Julian 2

Roger 1, Maris 1, Samto 3

Belf 1, Leiden 1, Robert 1

Bantu 2, Tiki 1, Xane 1

Dolph 1, Macellan 1, Katarina 1

Matthis 2, Abel 1, Etzel 1

Chapter ???: Begin Again

Mini Update: Weapons:


The Cast


Joined: Prologue 1/Part 1
Starting Class: Mage ( )
Indescribable and unstoppable, Steve is the protagonist of the adventure. Her lack of senses is made up for by her ability to be one of the only characters who talks in cutscenes. Has a problem with putting things on her face. Talks about her grandpa endlessly.


Joined: Prologue 2/Part 2
Starting Class: Archer
Timid child with a bowl cut. One of the early pillars of the team. Younger brother of Gordin.


Joined: Prologue 3/Part 3
Starting Class: Cavalier
A huge dumbass idiot who rides a horse. Despite these faults, his redeeming qualities are his Strength, HP, and Support Conversations full of dumb sex puns.


Joined: Prologue 3/Part 3
Starting Class: Cavalier
Luke’s more level-headed partner. Has very little to say, but he’s got a high Skill growth and a lot of room to grow...if you use him.


Joined: Prologue 4/Part 4
Starting Class: Pegasus Knight
Marth’s fiancee and princess of Talys. Built like a tissue paper, but hits like a truck against mounted units and knights with her exclusive weapon, the Wing Spear. Cannot teach Steve to cook.


Joined: Prologue 4/Part 4
Starting Class: Curate
The best character.


Joined: Prologue 5/Part 5
Starting Class: Myrmidon
Uses a sword and has a speech impediment where she cannot recognize the letter “W”. Also refers to herself in the plural. May have once just thrown a boat in the ocean, hopped in, and ended up with our guys.


Joined: Prologue 5/Part 5
Starting Class: Mage
The wind mage, Merric is Marth’s childhood friend. Has his own signature tome, Excalibur, which killed like a billion fucking wyverns.


Joined: Prologue 6/Part 6
Starting Class: Cavalier
Cecile is the last of our initial cavalier trio, and she’s not quite as good at it at the others. She makes up for it by offering Steve her first hat and having some pretty good dialogue about being really angry about various things.


Joined: Prologue 7/Part 7
Starting Class: Knight
Draug’s name is Guard backwards. He has good defense. His name is Guard backwards.


Joined: Prologue 8/Part 8
Starting Class: Cavalier
One of the original members of the Cavalier Duo, Cain is one of Altea’s senior knights. Has a knack for surviving situations nobody else does.


Joined: Prologue 8/Part 8
Starting Class: Lord
Marth is the real protagonist, if you want to be technical. He trusts everyone far too much and is terribly shell-shocked by the thought of losing his allies, but is courageous and a skilled leader. Might secretly be terribly smug.


Joined: nobody knows for sure
Starting Class: what
Jagen is our helpful spout of elderly wisdom and knowledge. He is unplayable (literally and not just figuratively this time around), but he is always with us before every map, dispensing mostly worthless advice and recapping whatever we just did.


Joined: Chapter 1/Part 11
Starting Class: Archer
Gordin does little that his younger brother, Ryan, does not. His best asset is a one-off joke from the previous game. At least he’s good at killing fliers.


Joined: Chapter 1/Part 11
Starting Class: Paladin
Arran is an overleveled, understatted, horrible-growth-having Paladin, a character archetype that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever touched a Fire Emblem game. Unlike most of them, though, Arran has a reason, he’s dying of Fantasy Disease #134. He has a few dark secrets and is thoroughly


Joined: Chapter 1/Part 11
Starting Class: Cleric
Malicia is an excitable young woman with a massive, creepy, fanfictiony crush on Marth. She’s a great healer and a fantastic mage once she gets going.


Joined: Chapter 2/Part 12
Starting Class: Pegasus Knight
There are no Gods in Archanea. This is only because the sky belongs to Catria, and she has brushed them aside in her pursuit of being totally goddamn broken.


Joined: Chapter 2/Part 12
Starting Class: Hunter
Warren is a solemn and solitary soul. He lives in the woods and kills animals with his bow. It translates okay to killing people as well, but he’s pretty forgettable.


Joined: Chapter 2/Part 12
Starting Class: Fighter
Cord is a mercenary/woodcutter from Talys. He’s our first axe wielder and...doesn’t make a strong case for them.


Joined: Chapter 3/Part 13
Starting Class: Mage
Daughter of Miloah, one of the world’s greatest mages, Linde isn’t too shabby herself, having command of a signature weapon, Aura. Sadly she was passed up in favor of a certain other...mage.


Joined: Chapter 3/Part 13
Starting Class: Fighter
Bord is a mercenary/woodcutter from Talys. He’s our second axe wielder and...doesn’t make a strong case for them. Yes this is copy/pasted, so is Bord.


Joined: Chapter 3/Part 13
Starting Class: Pegasus Knight
Catria’s older sister Palla is also amazing. She starts off a bit stronger, but doesn’t have quite as much room to grow as Catria. Still a great character.


Joined: Chapter 3/Part 13
Starting Class: Cavalier
Matthis is a big idiot and I hate him.


Joined: Chapter 3/Part 13
Starting Class: Thief
Julian is the game’s best thief. There are only 2 thieves. He is a formerly rather carefree guy who’s been forced to take things rather seriously now that his girlfriend has been abducted by cultists. One day he might hold an armorslayer.


Joined: Chapter 4/Part 15
Starting Class: Cleric
Princess of Grust Yumina is headstrong and brave, especially for someone who looks about...7 years old. Not as good as Malicia, but makes for a solid backup healer.


Joined: Chapter 4/Part 15
Starting Class: Mage
Prince of Grust Yubello is a mage who will literally die on the first turn of the map he is in if you do not move him IMMEDIATELY. Timid and emotional, he’s...not really cut out for this.


Joined: Chapter 4/Part 15
Starting Class: Mercenary
A former gladiator and legendary mercenary, Ogma lives up to his reputation by being a very well rounded character who’s useful at all stages of the game.


Joined: Chapter 4/Part 15
Starting Class: Paladin
A pretty decent Paladin who can either turn out great or fall far behind depending on how you and the RNG treat him, Sirius is a mysterious mystery man with a mysterious mask. He’s definitely not that other guy, shhh.


Joined: Chapter 4/Part 15
Starting Class: Hunter
Castor is a thoroughly average unit who needs money for his sick mother. Sickness, mother, and accent are of...dubious truth.


Joined: Chapter 5/Part 16
Starting Class: Fighter
The ex-pirate Barst is a powerhouse of devastating axe slams and crits. Just hope he manages to hit. Close runner-up to Catria for MVP of this run.


Joined: Chapter 6/Part 17
Starting Class: Thief
Rickard is a hyperactive dork of a man who has a worrying obsession with his mentor, Julian. Somehow he is welcome in every shop in Archanea, including the ones most people don’t know about. We could have recruited him earlier but i make bad decisions.


Joined: Chapter 6/Part 17
Starting Class: Cavalier
Frey managed to survive his canonical death in the last game to come back and be pretty average in this one. Well done, Frey.


Joined: Chapter 6/Part 17
Starting Class: Archer
Norne has a southern accent and lives in the country part of Altea. That’s all there is to say about Norne.


Joined: Chapter 6/Part 17
Starting Class: Myrmidon
Samto is a former gladiator running a long con to impersonate the Scarlet Swordsman, Na-something. His ruse was good enough to fool everyone, including the player. Has not been seen since his last conversation with Steve in the bonus updates.


Joined: Chapter 6x/Part 18
Starting Class: Bishop
Wendell is the Pontifex of Khadein, which basically means “wizard pope”. We desire his sweet hat. He is the teacher of Merric and Elrean.


Joined: Chapter 7/Part 19
Starting Class: Mercenary
Caesar is overshadowed by Ogma in nearly all aspects, including backstory. He’s a slightly less legendary mercenary who joined our team after we wiped out his previous employers.


Joined: Chapter 7/Part 19
Starting Class: Myrmidon
Radd is defined mostly by existing alongside Caesar, who is also pretty forgettable, which...says a lot about this guy. Reports say that he’s “Feeling pretty spiffy” at almost all times.


Joined: Chapter 7/Part 19
Starting Class: Myrmidon
Nabarl is the Scarlet Swordsman, a ruthless ex-bandit with little in the way of scruples or emotion. Navarre has fantastic speed and critical rates, but can’t take much of a hit. Navabrel communicates nearly entirely in ellipsis.


Joined: Chapter 7/Part 19
Starting Class: Dancer
Feena is the only member of the dancer class in the game. She is a unique support unit in battle who allows for some pretty funny exploits. She is flirtatious and promiscuous, which translates to “Has some pretty shameless support dialogue”.


Joined: Chapter 8/Part 20
Starting Class: Manakete
Bantu is one of the few remaining Manaketes, a race of dragons who have assumed human form. He’s a pretty friendly grandpa kind of guy, and it’s a shame his stats are so utterly abysmal.


Joined: Chapter 8/Part 20
Starting Class: Knight
Roger is the dorkiest possible knight, clamoring around the continent in search of a girlfriend while wearing some clunky armor. Chances look grim, but at least he has above-average Speed for running away from awkward rejections.


Joined: Chapter 8/Part 20
Starting Class: Sniper
Jeorge is Archanea’s finest sniper (this is a lie, there are generic units with better stats), but he does possess Parthia, the best bow in the game. He initially sided with Hardin, but defected to our side very quickly after realizing that the Emperor was a batshit madman.


Joined: Chapter 9/Part 21
Starting Class: Sorcerer
Etzel is the only recruitable natural Dark Mage/Sorcerer in the game, and he defies that class archetype by being a pretty nice guy. He’s a pacifist due to his wife’s death in battle, but he’ll fight with us anyway. His magic resistance is great, but his speed tends to leave him lagging behind in fights.


Joined: Chapter 9/Part 21
Starting Class: Dracoknight
A flying unit with an affinity for axes, Princess Minerva is a pretty plot important character (by FE12 standards). She won’t outdo Catria or Palla, but she has pretty solid stats, especially for a prepromoted unit, and her ability to use Hauteclere, the A-Rank axe, serves her well.


Joined: Chapter 10/Part 22
Starting Class: Mage
Elrean is Merric’s rival, and his entire existence is dedicated to being a smug asshole and outdoing the Wind mage. Given his worse general stats, availability, and lack of a signature weapon like Excalibur, he only manages the former.


Joined: Chapter 10x/Part 24
Starting Class: General
The Archanean general Horace was never even fooled by Hardin’s shenanigans, probably because he didn’t even exist until the remake. He makes up for this solid judge of character ability by being mediocre and fairly forgettable.


Joined: Chapter 10x/Part 24
Starting Class: Fighter
Dice is a gambling Viking Dad. That’s cool enough that I’m going to overlook him being pretty lame as far as fighters go.


Joined: Chapter 10x/Part 24
Starting Class: Myrmidon
Maris is a rough and tumble mercenary with the world’s worst business sense, in which she consistently lowballs herself. I might accidentally call her “Malice” sometimes, because that’s her original name and I get confused.


Joined: Chapter 11/Part 25
Starting Class: Warrior
Jake is a unit with the potential to be really good with his growths, but his base stats are so low, he’s damn hard to get to use them. His girlfriend runs a chain of stupidly arbitrarily hidden shops, and may be an interdimensional goddess.


Joined: Chapter 12/Part 26
Starting Class: Berserker
Darros is incredibly bad at hitting things. I can extrapolate this through two methods, one being that his skill is hot garbage, two being that somehow he managed to miss the ocean on his boat and sail directly into a volcano. Talks like a pirate.


Joined: Chapter 13
Starting Class: Horseman
One of the three Sable Knights added for the remake, Robert is more notable than the others because he’s promoted, but still not at all relevant.


Joined: Chapter 13/Part 27
Starting Class: Cavalier
Sable Knight Number 2. Not much to say, he’s alright, probably the best of the three, but thoroughly mediocre.


Joined: Chapter 13/Part 27
Starting Class: Cavalier
Third Sable Knight. Got enough Sable Knights? Got enough Cavaliers? Too fucking bad!


Joined: Chapter 13/Part 27
Starting Class: Horseman
Beck got his class changed between games, and now he’s just sort of an average unit. Not much to say about this guy, but at least he’s not a Sable Knight.


Joined: Chapter 14/Part 29
Starting Class: Chameleon
The trickster Xane is a unique unit who has the ability to become an exact copy of an allied unit for 5 turns. He enjoys being a snarky bastard and dropping casual plot bombs. Also he’s a nigh-immortal dragon.


Joined: Chapter 14/Part 29
Starting Class: Manakete
Tiki is a far better Manakete than Bantu. The sole remaining divine dragon (kinda sorta?), Tiki is one of the most potentially powerful people in Archanea, and if she lost her mind, could destroy the whole continent. Or not, because she has like, 18 HP.


Joined: Chapter 15/Part 30
Starting Class: General
Dolph is a green general. He’s okay. He has a body image issue.


Joined: Chapter 15/Part 30
Starting Class: Pegasus Knight
Est is the younger sister of Catria and Palla, and she matches up to them in stats! If she gets there. She starts horrifically weak, and for extreme effort and likely spending a ton of gold, you can have someone almost as good as the characters you got in the literal second and third chapters!


Joined: Chapter 15/Part 30
Starting Class: Paladin
Cain’s old partner, and Est’s new boyfriend, Abel has been forced to take up arms against us to save his girlfriend from a grisly, lance based death. Probably the most gutted unit going between games, Abel is a shadow of his Shadow Dragon self, and is pretty terrible.


Joined: Chapter 16/Part 31
Starting Class: General
Macellan is a red general. He’s okay. He has anger problems.


Joined: Chapter 16/Part 31
Starting Class: Hero
Astram is a legendary hero of Archanea, and he’s stubbornly devoted to his country. He chases us like, three times before he’s finally recruitable, at which point he’s a pretty terrible unit. At least he’s got Mercurius, the A Rank Sword.


Joined: Chapter 16x/Part 32
Starting Class: Sage
Tactician, Traitor, Assassin, Katarina has a lot of titles. She’s been brainwashed from childhood to want to murder Marth, and Steve had to aggressively give her mid-battle therapy to get her to join up again. It’s...not exactly worth the effort, as she’s pretty terrible. Still, you get good feeling points for doing it.


Joined: Chapter 17/Part 33
Starting Class: Archer
Bland bad bowman.


Joined: Chapter 17/Part 33
Starting Class: Hero
In case Astram hadn’t tanked your expectations in Heros and made Ogma/Caesar look far more appealing already, Samson the bodyguard is here to show you what true terrible stats look like.


Joined: Chapter 17/Part 33
Starting Class: General
Princess of the doomed country of Gra, Sheema is determined to prove to her country that they are still relevant, even if it means suicide by main character. If you do bother to recruit her, you’ll get a slow, weak general, but one with growth rates that can make her fairly solid if given special attention.


Joined: Chapter 18/Part 35
Starting Class: Bishop
The Macedonian Bishop Frost is a Macedonian Bishop named Frost, which is the extent of his character. I guess he can be sorta useful if you need someone to man a Rescue staff.


Joined: Chapter 19/Part 36
Starting Class: Paladin
Roshea is the only one of the Wolfguard to join us voluntarily, making him my favorite strictly by being the least annoying to recruit. He’s still garbage.


Joined: Chapter 19/Part 36
Starting Class: Paladin
Now recruitable in the remake, Vyland is a tricky fella to recruit, requiring you to try very hard not to get him to kill himself by ramming his useless body into your units or getting killed by his own damn generic reinforcements. But don’t worry, recruiting him gets you access to the rest of the Wolfguard! I have played this game and the prequel several times and I still have no idea what his personality is.


Joined: Chapter 19/Part 36
Starting Class: Horseman
In the prequel, Sedgar was a potential monster with reclassing and abnormally high growth rates. In this game he’s basically just a minor obstacle as an enemy and a disappointment as a playable unit. He’s level headed or something like that.


Joined: Chapter 19/Part 36
Starting Class: Horseman
Wolf is fanatically devoted to Emperor Hardin, and is willing to die for his master. That is, unless Sedgar convinces him that Hardin is no longer Hardin, and instead a crazy tyrant. That’ll convince him to join Marth’s side and be a benchwarmer, because much like Sedgar, the 2 year gap in games absolutely ruined Wolf.


Joined: Chapter 20/Part 37
Starting Class: Paladin
Midia was brave enough to stand up to Hardin, and would have died for it had Marth not arrived in time. She's Astram's girlfriend and yet another subpar Paladin.


Joined: Chapter 21/Part 39
Starting Class: Warrior
He's not actually a barbarian, despite his intimidating looks. Ymir is a gentle giant, except for the whole "giant axe" thing.


Joined: Chapter 21 (Not usable until 22)/Part 39
Starting Class: Dracoknight
Known tyrant and asshole Michalis, prince (former king) of Macedon, refuses to make it out of this remake without being dead or playable. He's pretty good.


Joined: Chapter 22/Part 40
Starting Class: Manakete
Nagi is a mysterious divine dragon who seems to have some odd abilities, even for a manakete. She might be a goddess or something.


Joined: Chapter 24/Finale
Starting Class: Bishop
The Queen of Archanea Nyna is wise and capable, but decided to marry Hardin on Boah's advice. It wasn't a good idea. She was in love with Camus, who is totally very dead.


Joined: Chapter 24/Finale
Starting Class: Bishop
A Macedonian priestess, Lena fell in love with Julian after he abandoned his bandit allies to rescue her in Shadow Dragon. She's kind to a fault and apparently of some kind of noble blood.


Joined: Chapter 24/Finale
Starting Class: Bishop
Maria is the youngest member of the Macedonian Royal Family. She has no gift for battle like her siblings, but she's a good healer, apparently.


Joined: Chapter 24/Finale
Starting Class: Bishop
Elice is Marth's older sister, and one of the few people to know the man behind the hero stories. She's constantly worried that the pressure will break him down. Tends to get kidnapped by evil wizards.



Hardin’s general underling and Marth’s original boss in Grust, Marth rebelled against him after he casually mentioned committing war crimes like 10 times. Is the source of Jagen’s best moment.


Our former Cavalier ally from Shadow Dragon, Hardin married Princess Nyna and became Emperor of Archanea. Something ~mysterious~ happened and he became possessed by an evil artifact. Now he’s an evil tyrant without a sweet turban.


A mysterious berserker, Roro is a member of the Assassin cult. His gimmick is that there are several of him, and they will not stop coming until Roro Prime is dead. Tends to laugh like a monkey.


Sadistic and vindictive, Kleine is another Assassin leader. She’s a sniper who tries to fight under cover of darkness. It doesn’t go super well for her.


On the surface, Eremiah looks like a kindly nun. She’s actually the leader of a horrific assassin cult made up of brainwashed war orphans, all of whom she considers disposable. Probably one of the most unnerving Fire Emblem villains.


The Dark Pontifex, Gharnef, once ruled Khadein, and was the pupil of the world's greatest mage. He is cruel, corrupt, quite possibly immortal, and a little thing like "death" in the last game isn't going to stop him from his usual shenanigans. No more clones, though.


Medeus was the emperor of Dolhr, an empire that conquered the world before he was killed by Marth. Before that, he was killed by Anri, Marth's great great something or other. Before that, he was a prince of the Earth Dragons, who learned to hate mankind after they exploited his people. He's little more than a corpse now, but it's hard to keep a good dragon down...

Spoilers Over, carry on.

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