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Part 49: Prep: Seize The Starsphere

Update 29: Seize The Starsphere (Prep)

Marth's quest to Gotoh's shrine is complete. We've overcome deserts, volcanoes, blizzards, and, most recently, a psychotic sniper and her snowstorm induced blinding powers.

Unfortunately that asshole Gotoh forgot to mention that his shrine is full of horrible dark mages and dragons. So let's get to that.

Is it a New Mystery? Of the Emblem?

Narrator: Tiki was the daughter of the Divine Dragon King, Naga,
and was sleeping in the temple because the king so willed. The Divine Dragon King's fear of Tiki's power was that of a loving parent. Were Tiki to awaken, her dreadful hidden power would eventually destroy the world... So thought the king.

However, Bantu, the king's servant, changed his mind after centuries of watching Tiki, waking her from her slumber and whisking her away. That's why Tiki's memories are just the ten years she lived as a human...

"Poor Tiki..."
Marth was too bewildered to think.

So Bantu just woke up the potentially world destroying dragon princess? I'm sure that won't have any negative reprecussions! No, really, I don't think it does. Naga is apparently kind of stupid.

Lots to do now, so let's hop to it.

Our fliers can return to the field now that Klein and her arrow themed tyranny have been defeated. Luke, Nabababaababababa, and Caeda are close to promotion, but I have no seals. I'll get the remainder of the ones I need soon, but for now I'm going to try to get them to 20 and then let other units do the bulk of the work.

I gave Catria Iote's Shield for now, might swap it around in later maps.

I hopped into the Armory and sold a lot of the old crappy Iron Weapons and ones we didn't need to get a decent purse for the Drill Grounds and an upcoming Secret Shop...that I don't usually buy anything from, but I'd like to show it, at least.

It's worth noting that the special items you get in How's Everyone sell for 0 gold, so no cheesing the money system by doing that.

Also check out Minerva's sweet eyebrow game.

This keeps happening.

I realized I haven't been using Sirius and his stats kinda blow. As many of you who have played this know, later in the game, this can be really bad! And I already have one character who will be needed dead weight in that particular part! So I want to start swapping him out for Minerva or some other unit with a good level lead for a while. First of all though, he needs to get non-awful stats. So, Drill Grounds.

Oh boy, it is chat time.

Indecent Steve and the Vorcounsel

: It's almost time for the war council. We'd like you to attend as well.

Today the war council will be held on Gotoh's lawn.

: Vat is a vorcounsel? Is it round and sveet?

: N-no, that's not it. A war council isn't something you eat... You see, a war council is a discussion with everyone, held before the next battle.

: In that case, ve understand. Ve are in your debt. Ve are from foreign country, ve came riding the sea. The vords here, ve find difficult.

I like to imagine that when Athena says she came riding the sea, she means like, a rowboat she just shoved into the ocean. I'm just going to assume that's canon.

: I see. Well, it can't be helped if you don't understand... I know, I could teach you all sorts of things, if you wish?

: All sorts of things? You mean indecent things?

Steve, stop this.

: N-no, that's not it. Where on earth did you get that idea...? Anyway, if there's any word you don't understand, feel free to ask me anytime.

: Ve are grateful. And glad because you are not indecent.

: Sure. Oh and "sure" means...

: I-I'm sorry.

Athena owns. I'm definitely doing the rest of these in the support updates. And because that was so good, the cosmic balance of the universe demands...

fuckin no goddammit matthis why

Oh, screw off.

: Hm? Do you need help, Sir Matthis?

: I'm worried. I'm so worried, I can't stand still...

: Worried about what?

: Oh, thanks for listening. You see, I'm can't stop thinking about what's happening to Lena.

: Sister Lena... She disappeared with the others, didn't she...?

: Lena is my little sister. My cute lil' sister has been kidnapped. Our enemies are planning something wicked for them. There's no doubt about that. When I think about what they're doing to Lena, I just can't help worrying... Ahh, I can't stand it!

You are pretty creepy, Matthis.

: I understand, Sir Matthis. But you should try to calm down...

: There's no way I can calm down! She's as pure as the holiest maiden! And she's really cute, too. And she's been kidnapped... Do you have any idea what she must be going through? Of course you don't! As her big brother, I can't let anything happen to her!

You are extremely creepy.

: Wait, Sir Matthis! ...Just where are you going?

: ...To find Lena. Except I got no clue where she is. ...But, I'm not about to stand here and just do nothing, mark my words...!

: Not again...

And then he walked three feet and fell over, the end.

Future of the World

: However, we cannot afford to lose. For everyone's sake...

: Yes, I understand. Sire, let us end this war, alive, no matter what. For the future of Altea... and for the future of this world.

(well if either of them die it's a game over, so this has to happen.)

: The future, huh...? Five years or ten years afterwards... What kind of future awaits us, I wonder?

: I believe you'll ascend as king of Altea, and govern the world. By then, you'll probably have children too... I am certain your children will be both kind and brave.

: Thank you for your kind future. And what will you be doing, then?

: When that time comes... I believe I'll still be serving you by your side. And, if I happen to have children of my own... I am sure my children will fight for the future of Altea, as well.

Steve has already drafted her kids. Worst Mom.

: My children and your children... It would be lovely if they could get along.

: Truly.

: For that future, too... We must be victorious. Let's do our best, Steve.

: Sire!

Now that Steve is best buddies with the main character, we get one of these. I am going to piss it away almost IMMEDIATELY.

It's A Cold And It's A Broken Jagen

: Lord Gotoh should be waiting for Prince Marth here. But, the revelation about the Binding Shield, which, with its five orbs, seals the earth dragons in its bind, and that the seal would fragment should any of the orbs break... I wonder if that's what Lord Wendell meant when he said the world would fall into ruin if any of the orbs were lost?

Yes that was the plot thank you Jagen.

Love Bites

: Steve, the Ice Dragon Shrine stands before our eyes. For his beloved Artemis, Anri--Altea's forefather--obtained the divine sword Falchion here. He then proceeded to defeat Medeus and, acclaimed by the people of Altea, become their first king. However... though Anri and Artemis loved each other, they could not marry...

: Why?

: The nobles of Archanea didn't want Anri, a commoner, to become their king. More than that, they strongly encouraged the princess to wed Duke Cartas, who led the liberation army. Princess Artemis had no way of refusing. "The bearer of the Fire Emblem must give their life to the royal family." That is a saying passed down unchangingly in House Archanea. And so, without telling a word to Anri, the princess accepted her engagement to Duke Cartas.

: No way... Then, King Anri...

: King Anri never married. So, the kingdom of Altea was then succeeded by his younger brother, King Marcelus--Prince Marth's great-grandfather.

: What a tragedy...

: That was Artemis's Curse. The sorrowful curse associated with the Fire Emblem...

Yeah, pretty fucked up. Too bad absolutely nobody told Marth about that! Seriously, the only time this gets mentioned in Shadow Dragon is after you beat the game, and only if Caeda is dead. Kind of an important bit to leave out, Nyna!

To help Sirius not be terrible this map, which is full of EXP, I gave him a Speed Potion and a Strength Bond.

So, looking at the map, immediately to the left of our starting position is this guy. That Warp Staff is singlehandedly the most potentially gamebreaking thing in FE12. We want it.

The main map is composed into sort of a trident shape, with three prongs coming off of the main entrance hall of the shrine. It is full of Dark Mages, Dragons, and these rare aggressive thieves. They are not to be underestimated, Levin Swords with 4 Mag are pretty laughable, but Silvers combined with good speed can quickly shred us. They have lots of glorious treasure though, so let's take a peek at that.

Always restores a unit to full health.

I'm not sure what happened to the "ne". Triple Damage to mounted units.

cash money

You've already seen a million of these.

Triple damage to mounted units.

Of course, getting all that isn't going to be easy...we've got all this to deal with.

Next time, let's wrap up this plot arc.