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Part 82: Bonus Supports - Caesar 1, Arran 2, Luke/Rody 2

Support Update 2: Caesar 1, Arran 2, Luke/Rody 2

Welcome back for another quick Support update. I figure I should make a note here, technically these aren't called "Support"s in this game, they're "Base Conversations", but I'll probably use the two interchangeably. Just know that they mean the same thing in this context.

Today we're going to focus on a character we've never used (as we just got him), and probably will never use (since Ogma exists), Caesar, as well as check up on our old buddy Arran and view the next chapter in the exciting Luke/Rody conversations.

Reading Rainbow (Caesar 1)

: Caesar...Sorry, are you reading?

: I am. Steve... right? You're not disturbing me. It's a book I've read many times already.

: You seemed to be engrossed in it... What kind of book is it?

: It's a book about tactics. As the leader of a group... I figured I should enhance myself. The platoon I lead is far smaller than an army, but tactics is still important.

: Nonetheless... I was in disbelief during that battle. Your mercenary company was meant to be no match for a proper army, but it was like fighting a unit of elite one-man armies.

They were super easy and Steve killed the boss in one swing of her sword. She's just buttering him up now.

: Though you still beat us in the end.

: That's because... Prince Marth carefully selected our numbers and equipment and made the best preparations he could.

"Look, just send like 6 guys, who's the dude with the big suit of armor? Him. My fiancee? Sure."

: Exactly.

: Hm?

: The victor is often decided before the battle starts. Prince Marth prepared himself to win. We could not. That difference decided the outcome. The tactics used later were mere details.

: Is that written in that book?

: Yes.

: That sounds interesting...May I have a look?

: Sure. You can return it once you're done.

Terminal (Arran 2)

: Cough...! Guh...! Gah...ha...!

: Sir Arran!? What's happening to you...!? Pull yourself together! Somebody, please help! Sir Arran is...!

: Wait! Please... Don't tell the others.

: But, you look absolutely terrible...!

: This won't kill me. Not while this war rages. I swear it on my honor as a knight. This will likely be my last war. I don't want to leave with any regrets.

: Sir Arran... Why are you pushing yourself so hard...?

: You asked me before what it means to be a knight... Long ago, I went astray... This war shall be my redemption.

: Sir Arran...

: For a knight, sacrificing yourself for your cause is the highest honor... Steve, I beg of you. I'm sure you understand, as a fellow knight...

: ...Yes. If you are set on this...I will not stop you.

: You have my thanks, Steve...

So, uh, yeah. That's why Arran has such godawful growth rates. He is slowly dying throughout this entire game. The next support is even more if you can believe it.

Gettin' Laid (Luke/Rody 2)

: Hey Rody, why did you volunteer to become a knight?

: ...My family is poor. It's simple really. If I want my family to eat, I need to earn money for them. So, if you're asking for my reason, it would be family... That's the gist of it, I suppose.

So he's like Castor but not full of shit.

: I see... That's a pretty heavy reason.

: Then, what made you volunteer, Luke?

: Oh, me? ...Because knights get all the ladies, duh!

: What. You volunteered to be a knight to get laid?

This is one of my favorite lines.

: W-well, kinda...

: ...

: What's wrong with that! As long as I do my job right, how do my motives matter?

: Indeed. I can't deny that your performance has been stellar. But the thought that you've only come this far because of the "lay-deez" sends shivers down my spine... You're an idiot.

: Hahaha... Well, to each his own, they say.

Oh Luke

So, that's about it for this time around. Hope you enjoyed.