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Part 92: Mini Update: Weapons

[Mini-Update] Weapon Stats- A.K.A.: Definitely Not A Bump

So, I realized I never really explained these in any real detail, so I figured I'd do an update about Weapons.

FE12 features 6 types of weapons, not counting Staves. Swords, Lances, Axes, Tomes, Bows, and a rarely used 6th that we haven't encountered yet Dragonstones.

All weapon types but Staves and the 6th can be forged to increase 3 basic stats, Might, which decides the damage dealt by the weapon, Hit, which decides the weapon's chance to hit, and Crit, which is added to the chance that the weapon will score a critical hit.

Unforgeable Stats include Range, which decides from how many tiles away the weapon can be used, and Uses, which is how many times the weapon can be used.

Weight is not a factor in this game, nor in the game after it (Awakening).

One of the most famous features of the FE combat system is the Weapon Triangle. It's a Rock-Paper-Scissors system that determines bonus stats in weapon matchups. Swords beat Axes, Axes beat Lances, Lances beat Swords. Bows, Tomes, and the 6th Weapon are unaffected. The winning weapon in the matchup receives a boost to Might (Swords), Hit Rate (Axes), or a little of both (Lances), scaling with the Rank of the Weapon. Speaking of that...

Weapon Ranks range from E to A. There are no S ranks in FE12. Generally, it goes this way (For most weapons, Tomes are really varied):

E: Iron
D: Steel
C: Various Utility Weapons (Hammers, etc.)
B: Silver, Brave
A: Legendary

Your Weapon Rank rises as you use that weapon type. The difference between weapons is pretty drastic. The Frying Pan, for example, has a Might of 1, where the Hauteclere (Legendary Axe) has a whopping 20 Might added to the wielder's strength.

Lastly, we have Exclusive Weapons. Certain characters have exclusive weapons only they can use, but these are pretty far and few between. Off the top of my head, Marth and Caeda have them, and Linde and Merric have weapons they can use early. You've seen Linde's, Aura, and Merric's is Excalibur. There are also a few weapons that can only be used by certain genders, like the Lady Sword, Aura, or Excalibur.

That's about all there is with weapons for now. Thanks for reading through this, if you aren't asleep.