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Part 47: Prep: Snowstorm Sniper

Update 28: Snowstorm Sniper (Prep)

Fire Emblem 12 is back with a bonus chapter. We'll hand over those precious Starshards to Gotoh soon, but before any of that, we have another assassin ambush to take care of.

: Steve, I think I can see somebody ahead. Is that...

: Ah! Sire, please stay behind me. I feel the presence of enemies. Several are currently targeting us.

Add Spider Sense to Steve's list of powers.

: What!? But, we can't see anything like this. How should we fight back?

: We've no choice but to directly engage the enemy. It will probably be a dangerous battle, unlike any we've faced previously.

: Indeed. We should select those who'll fight with prudence.

He's being very serious. This is another map with very limited deployment slots, so we'll need some suped up allies to make it out alive.

Zerker Time. Berserkers are locked to axes, but they're masters of crits and powerful hits. More of what you're used to from Barst.

Ogma is now a Hero! As you might remember from good old Astram (When are we going to run into him again?), Heroes wield Swords and Axes, and are generally just rather well rounded units. Let's hope Ogma does well here.

Now the thing about this map is that...uh...well, there's one enemy.

Where are...

All the...

Well, fuck. It's a fog of war map.

Here's how Fog of War works in FE12. Units have a sight range of 2 squares around them. No torches, no bigger ranges on thieves, two and two alone. Running into an enemy makes you stop moving and ends your turn.

There are 11 enemies out there. No less than 3 of them are Arrowspate Ballistas, so this is a bad place to send your fliers. One of the very few in this game. Don't worry, they'll make up for it.

So, How's Everyone?

Maris ate so many Ice Dragons.

There's a reason Merric kicks your ass.

Only one conversation today, it's good ol' Jagen.

: As Prince Marth said, if our allies are fighting, we cannot leave them to their fates. The battlefield is a blizzard. You won't be able to see far, so be careful.

Next time, another gimmick chapter, much like Roro's. Much less infuriating though.

Well, a little bit less. Easier to cheat at.