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Part 54: Battle: Homebound On The As-Tram

Update 31: Homebound On The As-Tram (Battle)

Time to take back the castle, because we probably should have gotten around to that earlier, but eh, we had villages to save (with a 50% success rate).

Well, let’s get this map started with Marth decrying the cruelty of thievery.


: What if they’ve stolen the Geosphere?

Well that would suck and potentially fuck over an entire run of this game, Marth!

: Sire, we've sighted a suspicious-looking thief making his way north. We should capture him before it's too late.

: Sire, if necessary, I shall recover it. Your orders, my lord!

No, you don’t have nearly the movement for that.

Oh hey, it’s Macellan. Not that other guy.

: Macellan! Did you come here with Dolph?

: Correct. Dolph and I are going to be your reinforcements. Archanea has nothing left for me. For the justice that I believe in, allow me to fight by your side again, Prince Marth.

Okay. Cool.

Macellan isn’t too bad. He’s got a fair amount of room to grow, 19 levels, and his only real iffy stats (aside from Res and Mag) are Speed and Skill, and those aren’t super necessary on a General. Starting with a B in both Lances and Bows is cool too.


What is going on with Willow’s mustache?

Now that we know their strategy, I will be able to defeat these enemies by playing directly into it. Truly I am a master of Fire Emblem.

First off, fuck this man.

Trying to split the team about evenly along these two paths, but making sure Jeorge and Julian are with the Left group.

The thieves will make a mad dash for the treasure room, so there’s a bit of a rush required.

Especially with this guy.

And that’s a sigh of relief. Only one more potential missable for the best ending. In battle, the Geosphere is...okay? I’ve never really used it, but I suppose it could be could if you stick it on someone who spends a ton of time on the front lines.

So here’s the first challenge in this mission, Astram is making his last stand here, and, while he’s downright pathetic compared to last time we saw him (and we were much weaker), Mercurius is still a threat even in the least capable hands. If only we had someone who could match the almighty power of a legendary sword.

Yeah, Catria holding a Laundry Pole ought to do okay.

The other team advances as well, and the attacks begin.

Oh, over the wall? Dick move.

Merric agrees.

Hey, no, pay attention to that woman with the laundry pole, not the prince!


Good effort.

Okay, I’ll get serious for a second here.

Which, handily, creates enough room for Jeorge to sneak through to Astram.

: Well, if it isn't the turncoat, Jeorge. What form of death would you prefer?

Astram you have one weapon, there are few options.

: H-hold your sword, Astram. Even if you fight here, you've no chance of winning.

: You would have me surrender...? Never! Though I may be the last man standing, I shall fight on. I am a soldier of Archanea!

: Why do you fight? For whom? Emperor Hardin?

: I think not! Not for him. For Princess Nyna... For Archanea!!

I like that apparently literally everyone seems to have realized that Hardin was cartoonishly evil before Marth.

: Then tell me, was it Princess Nyna who ordered you to arms? Do you honestly believe that Princess Nyna would wish for a war like this?

: She...! I have not seen the princess in some time. She has been ill of late. Hardin is the ruler of Archanea and my liege. I've no choice but to obey. If I do not, then I betray Archanea. And I betray Princess Nyna.

: Astram, Princess Nyna entrusted Marth with the Fire Emblem. Do you understand what that entails?

: C-come again?! What are you trying to tell me, Jeorge? Are you suggesting that Princess Nyna asked Prince Marth for help?

: Is there any other reason? Come with us, Astram. See the truth with your own eyes. If you die here, how would Midia feel? Live, Astram, for her. Live, and face the truth of what has come to pass.

: Hmm... I suppose it is unavoidable. But, Jeorge-- Should I learn that this war is a product of Marth's ambition, as Emperor Hardin claims...

And with a restatement of...uh, the closest thing this guy has to a catchphrase, Astram finally joins our side. Was he worth the wait?

No. Not really. Those are pretty mediocre stats for a Level 5 Hero, and his growths are nothing special. He will literally never gain a point of Res in his default class (Not that that’s uncommon), but his mediocre bases and mediocre growths make for a mediocre unit, despite the comparative hype the game drummed up for this guy.

Mercurius is a good prize though.

Now to clean up the heroes here...I kinda wonder if these are supposed to be the remnants of the Hero and Sniper squads that were with Astram and Jeorge in the older chapters?

If so this is a pretty traumatic experience for them, I guess.

Sorry about this.

Malicia keeps out Mage-ing our natural mage.

Lots of weapon drops on this map. Handy for Barst.

These thieves can hit surprisingly hard with Silver weapons.

So, sadly, I don’t kill this guy this turn, but the return of THE HUMAN BOX makes him incapable of hitting anyone but Catria.

Oh, yeah, Luke can go up and around now.

Hey! I need that for Caeda!

I love general catria.

I really wish Sirius was better at speed. This was a double.

Pretty good at getting revenge hits in, though.


Oh, yeah, and since a chest has been opened, this happens.

The gates are open!

This is the reinforcement trigger.

These are both things I want.

Catria wades out to face the oncoming hordes, Laundry Pole in hand. Fearless.

And thus we have most of the stolen items back.

Merric got this patching up Sirius.

And now we have all the thieves took back in our capable (?) hands.

Meanwhile...Catria faces the 1000 Heartless (i can’t believe I made that joke fuck me)

But a Hammer? No good!

Get outta here.

Taking them to the cleaners.

And now, the rest of the chests.

Also, I realized that Jeorge was in a shitty spot, and I wanted to Rescue him, but apparently that’s not in the Convoy? So… I had to blow one of these.

That purple sparkle rain is me, being disappointed in my actions.

Luckily someone has already squished the enemy phase for us.

This Laundry Pole is stained in the blood of THOUSANDS




Killer weapons will never not make me nervous.

Still hate these.

Also, yeah, another Fortify guy was hiding in the throne room. Because of course he was.

Catria needs to back up now...but she did survive that, which was impressive enough for me in its own right.

Time to send in some backup with our other heavy hitter, and a Pure Water for those pesky wizards.

Come at me.

Julian continues raiding Marth’s house.

Barst is probably going to start hitting some caps soon.

I really like the poses both these guys are in.

No, this is how you get a crit, silly.

Just this last batch left.

Sorry, not much to say on these parts, just cleanup. Although this is a pretty good level on Sirius.

That’s the last of ‘em.

And the last of the treasures is an Elysian Whip. So two Falcoknights max now!

Merric is healing people for shit levels, as has become all too common lately.

So, now that we’re in position, the Throne Room can be a little tricky.

The Sniper and General are fairly dangerous, but the real threat is two of those damn Swarm bishops, also Willow, who has a new Tome we haven’t seen before, Meteor, a better version of Swarm. Because fuck you is why.

Barst and Luke Pure Water up before I try anything.

I wanted a better shot of Meteor but, I think that gets the point across.


Everyone hates Marth today.

In comparison, this guy deals shit for damage.

And a Hand Axe deals with him before things can go wrong. The real issue with this part is if Willow and the Bishops all focus on one unit. If they split their attentions, you should be fine.

Oh, and a Physic Stave gets used.

Barst dispatches the General anyway.

Steve and Marth clear the Swarm guys, and now there’s only one damaging enemy left.

But not for long.

Both of those things are good things.

Sirius is killing off those Bishops for free XP.

Also this. This is going to be one of those items that should come in handy, but I will probably be too nervous to use it until like, the last map, because I’m an idiot.


: At long last, Altea is ours once more.

: We've all the reason to be happy. But is there news of Elice...?

Oh good, this guy.

Thanks for not telling us that beforehand, you’re a real pal, Gotoh.

: Lord Gotoh...Do you speak truly?!

: I have found out that Gharnef commanded his priests to search for clerics of noble birth. It is most likely that Lena and your sister were spirited away by Gharnef.

I forget if Lena ever says out loud she’s of “Noble Birth”, but she apparently is.

: It can't be! What does he intend to do with them!?

Healer Army.

: That, I do not know. But something foul is on the cards. There can be no doubt of Gharnef's involvement in this series of unfortunate events.

: Lord Gotoh! Where is Gharnef now?

: I believe Princess Nyna is his next target. He is probably... at Archanea's palace.

: I understand. Then I too shall go to Archanea. I still have to free Hardin from the Darksphere's influence. I will defeat the Dark Pontifex Gharnef, and rescue my sister--no, I'll save all of them!

Marth, your naive protagonist is showing.

This next scene (And the Gaiden Chapter) only appear if you finished that last map in under 21 turns (On Hard) or your My Unit is Level 5 or higher, promoted. We got both.

: This place holds a lot of memories for you, doesn't it? Your long days of training... Not to mention you met Katarina here...

Steve does not appreciate these flashbacks.

: ...Ah! Sire…… Please be careful.

: Steve?

: I sense the same enemy presence... as that time. They may already be close...

The legendary power! It really did awaken!

: Sire! We're under attack! It's the assassins!

Little late on that one, Jagen.

: Begin preparations for a counterattack immediately!

We aren’t done liberating Altea yet. One more challenge is in Steve’s way, and it’s probably the one she least wants to see.

Well, if she could see. This would be it.

Next Time:

Update 32: Katarina