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Part 79: Ending: Hero Of Shadow

Ending: Hero Of Shadow

Here’s the save game screen, if you were curious. The H with a star means the file is on Hard mode.

Marth just casually slides into Medeus’ throne. What an opportunist.

Let’s hear from everyone about our victory. Everyone. All the characters. This is, uh, going to be a two parter.

: The war is over. I can return to my motherland at last.

Is Rody not from Altea? Or is he just being generic?

: Prince Marth... Steve... Everyone...

: Prince Marth really did it! Now, peace will reign forever...

: W-we really did it...

: I'm sure the people throughout the lands will be joyous.

: Granny... We did it. We did it!

: Prince Marth...I’m glad…

: And now… back to my old life.

And then Warren fucked off to the woods forever.

Oh Cord. I didn’t even get to show off the joke for the thread title. There’s an axe you can get in How’s Everyone called the “Bord n’ Cord Axe”. If I could have traded in 10 Laundry Poles…

: Darkness may return time and time again... But the light will forever shine on.

: It was a long war. But now, finally…

: It’s over, at last…

Even the game is shocked you kept Matthis alive.

: The war is over. I must inform King Talys of the good news...

: Father, mother...It’s finally over…

: Lorenz...I’ll keep on working hard.

: …

: Mother, I’m comin’ back soon.

: I'm glad... Marth is safe...

Our axe guys are going to be so wasted for this epilogue.

: Heh heh, I wonder how much treasure I can get my hands on?

If you can warp, there are two chests left on the last floor.

: Splendid battle, sire.

: Was I of use, I wonder?

Well, she did like...6 damage to a guy in Chapter 6 I think?

: Oh yeah, now I'll become famous, too.

: Lord Gotoh... People have once again overcome their fate...

: Please hang in there. I'll be back soon, I promise...

: We can save her now…

Caesar’s sister is dying of a disease or something, I’m not sure, it’s not super well explained.

: Prince Marth… well done.

: Shall I show everyone my victory dance?

: A splendid battle, and a splendid victory!

: With the war past us, I shall watch over the world quietly...

: New world, new encounters... Sounds good to me.

Please ignore Roger’s Craigslist ads.

: Now, Archanea will return to its former glory…

: Splendid work, Prince Marth. You've managed the feat that nobody else could have done...

: The era of war is over… The peaceful world she wanted will now come to fruition.

: As long as Prince Marth and the others are around... No age of darkness threatens us.

Elrean, you aren’t supposed to actually call that cliche out, you shithead.

: Once I get my reward from the prince, I'mma gamble like no tomorrow.

I love that Viking Dad.

: Its over, it's really over. Y'know, I'm lookin' forward to my reward.

: My people will surely be overjoyed…

: Anna, we did it. I’ll tell you all about it, later!

: Well, whadya know? A hopeless guy like me was o' use to Prince Marth...

Nobody tell him, I love this pirate.

: The people will be oppressed no longer.

: General Camus, the Shadow Dragon has been vanquished. It's all over now.

: If only General Camus were here to see us... That's my only regret.

: Well, I reckon it’s time I start a new journey…

: Ve von. Ve must thank every vun.

Please, not right now, this is long enough to fill out as is.

: Yay! I’m so happy!

: It’s finally over. Abel, I…

: This war may be over. But the battle for our motherland's true peace begins now.

Dolph get his own spinoff city sim all about infrastructure management.

: The war is over at last. The days of peace and tranquility will soon return...

: Now, the people of Archanea need suffer no longer.

: So I was mistaken... I must work to make amends.

Astram would later be seen chasing the Amends over 3 fucking maps.

: Prince Marth... Steve... I'm so happy...

: Archanea and Gra... will surely improve now... That's what I want to believe.

Gra will never improve. Sorry.

: My country's fate will finally change... You have my thanks, Prince Marth.

: …’Twas a good battle.

: Now my family will finally be able to live in peace.

And without fear of plates.

: Coyote...Did you see us…?

Doubts? We narrowly avoided a dragon genocide of all mankind and you have DOUBTS? Fuck off, Vyland.

: Coyote…

: …

: My nation has collapsed... But even so, I shall continue to live as a knight of Archanea.

: Marth is amazing. I worked hard, too.

until the very end.

: This is… good…

: Julian... It was only because you were there that I could...

: Michalis... Minerva... Can we be a happy family again...?


: Merric… Thank you…

Phew. We’re about halfway there.

I have to get this song in here somewhere, this part seems fitting!

I mean...maybe. Perhaps.

: Medeus's servants--the earth dragons-- have once again returned to darkness. As long as the Binding Shield exists, they will never see the light again. Marth, the chosen Prince of Light, descendant of the hero Anri. You have not only saved mankind, but us dragonkin as well...

: Mar-Mar!! Does this mean I don't need to go back to the Ice Dragon Shrine anymore? I'm so happy! I love being with everyone, after all. I don't want to be all alone ever again.

Oh, I guess stopping Medeus also stopped the whole “dragons eventually go mad” thing? That’s good.

Caeda’s deep jealousy of dragon child is a crucial part of Malicia’s fanfiction.

: Please Malicia, you’re so silly. But you’re right, Marth looks happy…

Caeda raises Gradivus…

: Who wouldn't? Especially after having a heavy burden lifted from their shoulders? Prince Marth has always been forced to carry such a heavy responsibility. It must have been hard on him. But Princess, you didn't have an easy time either, am I right? With everyone surrounding Marth day and night, you could seldom talk to him. You must have felt lonely.

: Yes I did... but it's alright. As long as Marth is safe, I have no other wish.

Caeda secretly a huge fan of Blues Brothers.

: I asked for God to take my life, should Marth ever have to sacrifice his... That's all I could do for Marth.

If Caeda did die, the ending is a little different. This part doesn’t happen, and Gotoh has some consoling words for Marth.

: But, you'll have to wait no longer. Because your prince has finally come back to you. Look, Princess, he's looking over here. Be brave!

Aww, Malicia.

: Marth…

One last art piece for us, still zero eyeballs.

: No, I'm the one who ought to apologize... I wasn't any help to you.

I mean, you were better in the last one, but...not awful.

: Don't be silly. I've only come this far because you were by my side, Caeda. And besides, the hard part begins now. The seven kingdoms of Archanea are to be unified.

Wait I don’t remember anyone saying anything about that. Nyna’s still alive. Marth plotting a coup d’etat?

: However, there's no way I could handle such a position by myself. Caeda, I want your assistance. I need you.

: Marth, let me tell you something... When I left Talys, I made a vow. I swore that I would go wherever you went, and that I'd trust you no matter what happened. So, no matter how painful the war was, I was able to endure. Because, Marth... I...

Romantic moments endlessly interrupted by Jagen. This is his last line. Treasure it.

: Yes. Even though I'm no knight now... fighting together with Prince Marth was my honor.

: Marth... Please be happy from now on...

So, this last set of conversations only occurs if certain groups of characters are alive to have them. Since we have all of them, we’ll be seeing all of them.

: Seems we'll be busy from now on! All the kingdoms need to be rebuilt, so we have a mountain of work to do.

I saved like, 90% of those villages. Just that one in Altea!

: True. And yet, we can see hope in the eyes of all people.

: If we work hard now, we can turn the world onto the right path... That's what I truly believe.

: I'm sure the people of this world have received that hope. Because of Prince Marth...

Luke is literally a 5 year old.

: Getting carried away, I see... But, I'm glad everyone from the 7th Platoon is safe.

: Yup. The fact we can laugh together as friends like this is what pleases me the most. And Katarina, that you includes you of course.

: Yes...I feel everyone’s happiness as well.

: Yes, we’ll be together forever.

Wrys isn’t a part of that conversation. This is all its own, as he just sorta comments on people having friends from afar. Thanks, Wrys.

: It's okay, Yubello. We must become stronger from here on. I'm sure Sirius wanted that, too...

: I gotta return to Grust and work hard to rebuild my motherland.

Oh no.

Oh yes. Never change, Malicia.

: Robert, Leiden. Let's move out.

: Understood. We shall now become knights who protect the weak.

: That's what General Camus would have wanted us to do.

...Who were those characters again?

: Palla, Catria, Est. The war is finally over. You've done well.

: Commander, your ideal world where all can live in peace... It may finally become a reality.

: I agree. As long as Prince Marth is here, I'm sure it will...

He’s right across the room.


i hate this man

: Hey, and why would I do somethin' like that? C'mon, at a time like this...!

: Teehee, I see you two have been getting along while I was away.

: Chief, don't you leave me behind! We vowed to stay together, didn't we?

: ...I don't like the noise. But, I've discovered the worth of friendship. Thanks.

: Ogma, fellow Talysians. I must express my gratitude to you all for protecting Marth in my stead...

: Well, that and Ogma asked us to. Right, boss?

: Yeah, Bord, Cord, you did well. Barst, you helped a lot too.

Don’t make Barst a side note!

: It was nothin'. I just wanted to live my days in peace again.

The ultimate heist.

: I should try and earn money too, but by doing honest work instead.

: Princess Nyna! Oh, Princess, I’m so glad you’re safe…

: Linde... I apologize for making you worry.

: Midia, I'm sorry. I was overtaken by anger and forgot what was most important.

: You needn’t apologize, Astram. Just don’t ever leave my side again…

Jeorge slowly making the jerkoff motion.

: Sir Horace, where might you be off to?

: I must inform the people about the advent of peace.

It took him 5 years to walk back.

: Macellan, I shall not return to the military.

: Yeah, we oughta try and rebuild Archanea as part of its people.

: I'm coming along too. For the people of Archanea...

: It’s over at last. Now, we can save her. Aren’t you glad, Caesar?

: Of course. And I have you to thank, Radd.

I made sure to get all of those in screenshots, because they are great.

: Well, s'bout time I went back to Anna. Beck, what're you going to do?

: I was reckonin' about a new journey. Let us meet by Anna's shop again, someday.

: I'm goin' back to the village. Everyone is waitin' for me.

: Ve... Ve finally repaid favor. This voman vill return to her country...

: I'm heading back home to my family. You two are really close, aren't you? You kinda remind me of my family.

: That we are. Oh yeah, this 'ole family talk reminds me: I can't stay gamblin' forever. Gotta find a man for mah hardworkin' gal. Right, Maris?

: Quit yer nonsense, Pops! I don’t want no man!

: ...So it’s over.

: Yeah. Everything is…

YES. Wolfguard, come on.

: No, Roshea. Never question yourself.

: That's right. We must continue to fight. To clear Coyote's name.

: At last, a world without war is born. Merric, Elrean, you both did well.

: Teacher! The words you spoke to me... I think I understand them now. I must apologize to Merric...

: Elrean... No apology is needed; I'm your friend. Ever since the day we met.

He raised a small army and forced curates into service to try and kill you.

: Seeing the bonds of people dissolving the conflicts between them... 'Tis a promising new world indeed.

: Didn’t I already give you my answer, Sheema? I’ll go anywhere you wish.

: Ban-Ban! Let's go to the village together again. It's been so long, I wanna see everyone!

: Ooh, indeed. Once they see your smile, I'm sure they'll all be happy, too.

: Those guys are so carefree. But I suppose I can start slacking off as well.

And now, the big finish.

We get a beautiful body pillow Marth on the bottom screen for our efforts.

: But, among the people, your deeds are being told as things I've done alone... That just will not do. Once we return to the castle, I'll...

: I don't want stories to be told of me.

: Steve…?

: There are still hostilities between people who have fought for so long. Those won't disappear easily. In order to have everyone's agreement, a king everyone recognizes-- a godlike hero is needed. And that hero must be you, sire, and you alone.

: But then, what you've done so far will be...

: Even if the world doesn't know, you do, sire, and that's enough for me.

A Hero of Light and/or Shadow, maybe? Also this is a pretty good way to explain MU never getting referenced in the other games, when they do make callbacks to FE1/3.

: Steve... You're... ...Why, I wonder? Ever since we met, I felt a special connection with you. Fate sent you to me... I can't help but think that. Thank you, Steve. Please stay with me.

(sorry, this scrolls weird)

And a few old ones.

Splitting the update here, next time we’ll see the rest of the ending, and some of our unlocks for beating the game.

Epilogues and Loose Ends