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Part 77: Finale: Prep: Shadow Dragon

Final Update: Shadow Dragon (Prep)

So here we go. Eight prologues, four BS Maps, five Gaiden Maps, and 23 Chapters later, we’ve hit Chapter 24, Light and Shadow.

No fakeouts this time, this really is the final map. Let’s check up on our heroes.

: It won't be an easy battle... I dare not imagine how many of us will be left standing at the end... Either way, the fate of this world rests on our hands...

Steve starts us off just right for the ending.

: Fortune-teller?

: When I was a child, I asked our village's fortune-teller for a reading...

: And? What did she say?

This is the last variable dialogue in the game. This one goes all the way back to Update 0, Character Creation. Since I picked “Honorable Future” for Steve…

Other possible answers:

: She said that I would "live out my life quietly..."

: She said that I would "follow my calling like an arrow..."

: She said that I would "devote my life to the service of others..."

: She said that I would "be stupidly rich and famous..."

: Oh...? I can imagine that happening...

: And she said that I'd live until I was a hundred years old...!

: 'Til a hundred...? That is an awfully long time... Oh, I see...! If the fortune-teller was right, then...

: Then we are definitely walking out of this hall victorious. I'm not quite that old yet... So, rest easy, sire.

Steve’s pep talks are the best.

: Haha, you're quite right. I... feel much calmer now. Thank you, Steve...

Time to pass out some stat boosters.

Sadly, as you can see on Merric here, the potions/bonds don’t stack.

Navarre could stand a bit more bulk.

So could Marth.

Marth can be really good on this map, if he’s built up enough.

Some more Magic for Merric.

And I’m not planning on Sirius getting in combat, but if he does, this could help.

Luke just felt left out.

Of course, I took the Falchion and used it the same way anyone would, blood sports.

Marth is now capped out.

Second to last “How’s Everyone?”. Bittersweet.

Always good to see you here, Radd.

Might as well use Radd’s findings…

Oh boy. Last batch of conversations.

Throne For One

: Hiyaah! Yaaah!

And Medeus is dead, thanks for playing everyone, Minerva kung-fu’d the shit out of the Shadow Dragon.

Hey, she’s no Catria, but she’s not terrible.

: Brother... Were you watching?

: I see hesitation in your swings. Were you always this weak?

: If I'm hesitating... it's because of you, Brother.

: Oh? So I’m an eyesore am I?

: That's not it. I... I'm worried about you, Brother.

: Hahaha! If I'm causing you worry, then I've reached a new low. I won't die before I've saved Maria. I don't need your worry.

: True, you are strong, Brother. There shouldn't be any reason for me to worry. However... I sense danger. Brother, what are you seeking...?

: Pointless worry. Maria saved my life and I do not intend to waste her efforts by throwing it away. You ask what I'm seeking? That should be obvious. I haven't abandoned my ambitions.

Some people never learn.

: Are you serious, Brother? Can't we just hold our hands and walk the same path together, as siblings?

: Nonsense. We carry the blood of warriors in our veins--only on the battlefield can we find our true selves. It is inevitable that we should clash with each other. If you want to protect the Macedon you hold dear, come at me with your lance and do not hesitate for a second.

You should probably re-kill him, Minerva.

: Oh, Brother... ...The blood of warriors, you say? Perhaps you speak the truth. But Maria is diffferent. Both you and I seek the light she radiates. The peaceful Macedon I wish for, and the mighty Macedon you seek... I know we can accomplish both. Maria might just be the link between the two of us…

Pegasus Joyride

How did you do that inside the Altar? Did you just buzz Medeus while he was distracted?

: I had a most enjoyable time. Thank you, Catria.

: Your joy honors me, Commander.

: The wind felt so soft from your pegasus... From my wyvern, the wind is almost like a cutting edge. It felt like it softened my battle-hardened heart a little.

That’s just heartburn.

: Please ask me again anytime, if I'm worthy. However…

: What is it?

: You'd probably feel far more at ease if you were to straddle the pegasus you left in the forest.

: ...You're too kind, Catria. But indeed, I look forward to the day when I can be enveloped by a soft wind alongside you.

: Yes... I'll help to the best of my limited ability so that day will arrive as soon as possible.

Well, glad our fliers are best pals.


: How the clerics are now sacrifices to the Shadow Dragon... and that their souls have been shattered. And just when we came all this way to save the clerics and put a stop to Medeus's revival... But Prince Marth hasn't given up yet.

Yeah, that’s...pretty bad news as far as I’m concerned.


We have the support of Jagen. Steve has finally achieved her goal. Or, my goal, at least.

The Thief

: Yes. According to our scouts, Lena is currently with my sister and the others.

: I have to save Lena. Let me talk to her. I just know I can make her return to normal.

: Julian, I understand your feelings. I, too, would like for you to speak to Lena. I still haven't decided who's going to take part in the final battle, but... Steve, your opinion?

: I don't know exactly how deep the relationship between them runs. However... I feel that Julian's strength will be required if we intend to save Sister Lena.

: Indeed. I will think hard and well about who to bring to this next battle. To find the best solution, not only to win this battle, but also to rescue everyone.

So, this is the gimmick for the final map. Throughout the game, we’ve gathered 4 characters who have an important role in the final battle, if you want to recruit all the characters. Julian is the first. You can probably guess why.

The Mage

: Princess Elice... Prince Marth's elder sister, correct?

Steve, you met her.

: Yes. Elice is very precious to me. I heard Elice's heart has been shattered, and she now stands with Medeus... But, I haven't given up. I want to talk to her. If both of us take part in the next battle... I'd like you to help me create a chance to talk to Elice. Please, I beg of you.

I love that Marth cannot talk his own sister out of this. No, it has to be Merric.

: Very well. I have yet to repay you for helping me before, Sir Merric. I shall assist you.

The Knight

: Sir Sirius, what is it?

: According to Gharnef... Princess Nyna, who had been kidnapped, is now a living offering to Medeus. And now she'll never return to normal... However, I want to talk to her. I wonder if you could arrange things so Prince Marth would allow me to take part in the next battle?

: However, why Princess Nyna? Are you familiar with the princess, Sir Sirius?

: ...No. I just want to save her. As the princess of a mighty kingdom, she had to endure much sorrow all this time... But, this end would be just too miserable. I cannot make her happy. But, at least, I want to save her…

Huh. I wonder what that’s about.

The Dragoon

: She was kidnapped by Gharnef, and now... It seems she's by Medeus's side. I want to save her. I want to talk to her…

: However, according to the Dark Pontifex, they have become living offerings and their hearts have been lost…

: Even so, I must talk to her. Even if I discover nothing I can do can bring her back... Even if I have to put an end to her misery... I will save her.

: Princess Minerva... Very well. If you're willing to go that far, I will not attempt to stop you. I, too, shall support you so that you'll be able to speak to Princess Maria.

So, we’ll want to bring Julian, Sirius, Merric, and Minerva to this final encounter. Speaking of that…

Light and Shadow is pretty simple, layout wise. We’re down here. We need to head north.

Dragons of every kind surround Medeus. Remember the Ice Dragons?

That’s quite a crew. And yes, there will be reinforcements.

Around Medeus are the Bishops.

This is the Shadow Dragon himself.

Medeus is no slouch. 51 is a ridiculously high attack value, and I think 27 Speed means not even Navarre can double him. 31 Defense means only our hardest hitters can crack his hide for any real damage. 24 Res is enough to slow down even Malicia (Who can’t even attack him without dying to a counter). 76 HP will take several hits to whittle down, and he is only weak to one weapon, the Falchion. He is, without a doubt, the hardest boss in the game.

Time to review our characters one last time.

Marth wasn’t super helpful throughout the journey. He has a little trouble in this game with a lack of promotion, but you are forced to use him, and he can do some damage with that Rapier. I wish I had used him a bit more in the early maps, but he’s turned out alright in the end.

Oh Steve. You’ve had quite the experience. It’s a testament to how great My Unit is that she spent so much time struggling in Mage and still came out capping 4 stats. Ever since she went swords, Steve’s been an invaluable member of the team.

Malicia was a super pleasant surprise. Whoever suggested reclassing her to Mage, thanks. Bit of a glass cannon, but her punch is absolutely phenomenal, and utility with staves is always great.

Ogma’s solid. He’s always been solid, since we picked him up. He’s pretty dependable in any situation, and I stand by what I said about him being one of the best characters.

The lenient hit rates in this game have made Swordmasters less impressive than usual. Navabber, though, has been pretty good. Not the best on our team, but always able to lend a hand cleaning up enemies.

Merric had a rough start, but by shoveling Spirit Dusts down his throat, I managed to make him come out decently. Less squishy than Malica, but not as good anywhere else.

Barst. Holy shit, Barst. He’s been ridiculous from day 1, his only real issue at first was accuracy, but his fantastic skill procs made that a non-issue fairly quickly. Barst was, and still is, an absolute powerhouse.

yeah catria was pretty good

Minerva’s always been a little overshadowed by Catria. I honestly didn’t find her too useful this run, but I did neglect her a lot. Early on, near her joining time, she’s invaluable, and still one of the best prepromotes.

Another of our best characters, Luke’s been here since the beginning, and he’s done his job extremely well. Tanking, damage, Luke was versatile all game long.

I’ve had better Sirius’. I think the problem this time was that I neglected him a little too, until it was too late and he was stuck in a state of constant catch up. Sirius is one of those characters who can really go either way on any given playthrough.

Thieves are pretty awful in FE12. They can’t promote, they’re sword-locked, Marth takes about half their jobs...but Julian was alright. I wish I had been able to use him more, but again, I just felt like he was useless on too many early maps, and by the time doors and chests and things become much more common, the enemies are just too rough for him. I’ve heard people can make him work though.

Character Limit prevents me from bringing her to the final chapter, but Sheema deserves a spot here. This is my first time using her, and I had heard she was among the worst characters in the game.

I think that’s a little harsh. While I wouldn’t call Sheema good, she could hold her own pretty well. Those high weapon ranks, at least, are certainly worth something.

Next time, Medeus.