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Part 72: The Game Is Starting To Drag-On

Update 40: The Game Is Starting To Drag-On

Last time, we got...almost all the characters. We’re really getting close to the end here.

WOLF VS TIARA vote turned out to be 11-5 (EDIT: 11-7, two votes as I was writing the update, damn), so Steve will be channeling the instincts of a dead canine through her head for the remainder of the game.

Art appreciation, my favorite part of Fire Emblem.

Uh huh.

Narrator: that seemed to stretch up towards the heavens. From the rough bare rocks, ominous roars and deep breathing can be heard, as if the very mountain itself were alive. The Dragon's Altar... An ancient relic of the old dragonkin. The place where Naga, the Divine Dragon King, sealed the earth dragons. And now, six hundred years later, the earth dragons were awakening. Countless evil demons were being born…

Here we are at the last location of the game. (I mean, unless you count that one BS chapter I have yet to do, but that takes place in the past.)

: ...

: I should be, if I were you. If you stepped out on the battlefield wearing that, you'd be a popular target...

Marth doesn’t respect the hat. But fuck the system, Steve doesn’t need the government’s approval.

Anyway, Stat Booster distribution.

Robe and Drop for Minerva, as was suggested, because she’s having some trouble keeping up and keeping alive.

Dracoshield on Ogma, because he has one more point in Defense than Navdef, and that’s a little sad. Sheema also would have been a good choice, but I’m putting her back in General, and that should help.

Speedwing on Marth, because the guy is having trouble doubling things, even with the Binding Shield’s help, and this might help push him over that edge a bit.

This Talisman will double Barst’s amazing Two resistance.

And with the Spirit Dust, Malicia caps Magic.

I forgot to give out the Skill boost, but we don’t really have anyone on the main team who’s really lacking in it.

And with this Arms Scroll, General Sheema will be able to use Parthia.

Back to How’s Everyone.

Radd will never not be pretty spiffy.

Oh yeah, this is a thing. (I show it off later)

Here’s the Flycatcher, it would be better without the 6 might issue. It is rank E though, so that’s nice.

Just wanted to show that I gave Merric Thief for this chapter, because I really want as much utility as I can get on this map, and the Thief staff is really good here. Malicia’s going to be too tied up dropping heals.

I also decided to swap Sirius out and give Michalis a little playtime for this map, because it’s cool to actually use him at least once.

Chat time.

Ymir Is A Pretty Cool Guy

: Yeah, gotcha, Steve. Just ask me if you need anything. I'll do my best for everyone.

: Sir Ymir, you're really kind. I've only spent a short time with you and I can already tell. Therefore, I must apologize again for my rudeness earlier…

: It's fine, it's fine. I already get what you're feeling. You're really nice. Marth's sure got lots of nice people. I'm relying on you, Steve.

: Yes. From now on, and until this war is over... I'm counting on you too, Sir Ymir.

That’s actually the only Ymir support. And you will always get it here, because you’re forced to use him in Chapter 21. It only takes one map, because he comes so late in the game. Michalis also only has one, but we’ll see that later.

Jagen Support Level: C

: The clerics will be in danger if we delay... We have to stop Medeus's revival.

All this respect from Jagen. My heart is full to burst, let me tell you.

There May Be Dragons In This Altar.

: An ominous place for sure. I can hear the roars of dragons coming from somewhere...

:Yes, it's dangerous to stay here for too long. Once we're ready, let's go deeper at once.

So, what’s inside?

This map has a pretty clear path to the exit. It’s a little bit of a rush, as in 8 turns, dragons will start pouring out as reinforcements from several sides, and we don’t want to get overwhelmed.

On either side of the starting point are these big altar things that have chests and this final type of enemy, the Mage Dragon.

Mage Dragons hit Res instead of Defense with their breath attacks, and are COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE to magic damage. Malicia and Merric will be worthless against them.

It’s mostly a straight shot up the middle to the end of the map. Some enemies will come around the sides to try and flank us.

Sorcerers, Berserkers, and Dragons are what’s on the menu today (and for pretty much the entire remainder of the game). Long range tomes and Glower are what you’ll want to look out for.

This guy has a key. I’ll want two of them, though, I think we still have one in the convoy...if not, ah well. It’s a bad idea to use Julian to open these doors with as little Resistance/HP as he has, because this big northern room? Full of enemies. Two Meteor guys. It’s a pretty big “fuck you” moment in what is otherwise a pretty easy chapter.

There’s the doors in question.

Next time, a race to the altar in the last map before we start entering Major Bosses town.