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Part 43: Prep: Lava Pirates

Update 26: Lava Pirates (Prep)

Welcome back. Last time Marth crossed the Desert Of Death and it was a hassle for everyone involved, including me and probably you. Let's get out of the frying pan and into the Chapter 12.

Flame Barrel sounds like a Sonic the Hedgehog stage.

Marth, why are you standing that close to the lava?

Narrator: Before their eyes are walls of towering mountains, sheer cliffs and deep valleys...

Mountains, cliffs, and valleys cut for time.

Narrator: After passing countless mountains, they are assaulted by scorching heat. Magma flowing like a river and rumbling like thunder blocks their way. Truly a dreadful scene, as if straight out of a nightmare.

Well, that's one way to kick off a chapter.

Since Steve has maxed Speed and Skill, but is still hurting defensively, I dropped her into Cavalier for her last few levels.

We have a shitton of talking to do today.

The Not-Fire Emblem

: ...Who does it belong to? This emblem... Isn't this House Macedon's...?

: Ah! I-I apologize. Did you drop this, Princess Minerva?

: Yes, sorry. Actually, I've been looking for it for quite some time. I see you've found it. You have my thanks. ...I received this from my mother, when I was still young. Michalis, Maria and I... The three of us have this same pendant.

: So Prince Michalis too...

: Yes. We three... used to be very close, a long time ago. But, as you know... In the previous war, Michalis and I fought as enemies. I was on Prince Marth's side, while Michalis was on Medeus's... Those days, when we laughed together... are sadly a relic of the past.

Because you hit him repeatedly with an axe. Or a lance. One of the two.

: ...

: However, I've severed my ties with him. The war council will begin shortly. Let's go, Dame Steve.

Hardin Is Aware Of The Game Mechanics

: Might I say, it is an honor to fight alongside one who is acclaimed to be the finest archer in the continent.

: The finest in the continent...? I'm sorry, but that's a gross exaggeration. Please don't mention it again.

I mean, he's pretty good.

: Huh? Why?

: I hail from a noble family, you see, and somebody within my family just spread that claim for fame and nothing else. I'm not actually that great.

: A-ah, I see... By the way, may I ask you something? At Chiasmir Bridge, why were you...

: Defending the castle, even though I'm an archer?

Jeorge curses the cruel fate only having a 2 range weapon has dealt him.

: Er, yes. Well, it was quite fortunate for us, but...

: Truly, bows aren't suited for defending castles. If the enemy gets too close, there's nothing we can do, but pray to God. However, Hardin fully knew that when he ordered that guard duty.

: ...In other words...

: That's right. Basically, an execution. He might as well have told me to "die defending the castle."

: But why would he...?

: I kept pointing out the errors of his ways, and I didn't support Lang, to boot. From Hardin's viewpoint, I was nothing but a hindrance.

Hardin is already proving to be the most competent villain in this game or the prequel.

: ...

: I thought I should die there, too. But Steve, you and the others reminded me of where my loyalty truly lies. For that, I thank you.

: The pleasure is mine and I am thankful to be able to fight alongside you, Sir Jeorge.


: ...You again?

: Yes, it's me again. We've been meeting often lately, be it marching or in the battlefield. We might be able to get along better than I expected.

I'm going to be using this screenshot a lot.

: W-why are you looking at me like I'm just chasing after you...?

: ...What's your business with me?

: Oh, yes. The truth is, I heard an unpleasant story the other day. That before you rescued Miss Feena, you used to be a bodyguard for bandits... Is there any truth in the story?

Actually, he did that twice.

: ...Yes.

: W-why!? Why would somebody of your caliber lend a hand to villainous cutthroats...?

: Were you forced by circumstances? And therefore you had no choice...?

: ...There was no such thing. ...I'm no different from a bandit. I'm not like you.

Actually you're both myrmidons. That's something.

: ...Sir Navarre. No, that's wrong. We are the same. After all, you're in this army for Prince Marth's sake, are you not?

: ...Why do you think so?

: I know it just by looking at you. I haven't been chasing you for nothing.


: You aren't an evil person. However you've lived amongst bandits till now. And you were thus unwittingly dyed with evil. But you can still change that. I'm confident Prince Marth wishes that too. And if that's the case, I'm sure that's my mission.

: ...?

: Sir Navarre, I'll insist and persuade you until you're an honest man again!

I wouldn't say Navbabdab isn't "honest", more that he's just kind of a dick.

: Heh...

: Did I say something funny?

: ...You're softhearted like Prince Marth.

: What do you mean? Just like Prince Marth... Was that praise, I wonder? But... It was the first time I saw you smile, Sir Navarre.

: ...I'm going ahead.

: Ah, please wait, Sir Navarre!

Me Mother's Sickness

I haven't used Castor since we got him, I just got this base conversation because he keeps landing on the "became closer with Steve" thing in How's Everyone.

: Sir Castor? What's the problem?

: Oh, Steve. The truth is, because of me mother's sickness, I'm short on money...

: Oh! That's troublesome indeed. This isn't much, but please accept this gold.

Steve, I need that. I need that for Master Seals.

: Unh, this is pretty much the first time we've met and yet you're so kind to me... Thank you so much!

: Don't mention it, helping those in trouble is a knight's duty.

: Steve... No, Mistress Steve! You have saved me life. I offer me life to you!

This is getting weird.

: ...While I appreciate the thought, you don't need to be that happy...

: No! Unless you accept me life as your own, I don't know how I can calm down!

: ...I understand your feelings, Sir Castor. However, I am a mere knight. If you want to offer your life, then you should swear fealty to my liege, instead.

: B-by liege, you mean...

: Yes, Prince Marth. Then, without delay...

: P-please wait a moment. I'm, er, not quite ready...

: Sir Castor?

: Uwah, no, it's nothin'! I-I'm sorry, I just remembered I have some urgent business to take care of, so please excuse me!

: Ah, Sir Castor? Didn't you need the gold...?

He's not very good at this.

Unrequited Subplots

: W-what do you mean?

: I admire you for so fervently protecting Prince Marth, but you've been pushing yourself beyond your limits...

: ...Catria. It looks like I couldn't hide it from you after all. Our enemies are becoming stronger. Protecting Prince Marth is not easy. However, I promise you this: no matter what happens to me, at least Prince Marth will be...

Steve can be creepily self-sacrificing at times.

: I'm not worried about Prince Marth, I'm worried about you. If you surrendered your life, even if to protect him... ...I'm sure he would be distraught.

: That's... Yes. You're right. I might have been taking things too far.

: No matter what happens, I'm here if you need help. We're comrades, after all.

: Got it. Thanks, Catria. I'm glad you're here for me.

: It's okay. You've already helped me too, after all... Hey, Steve...

: Hm?

: You see, there's something that was bothering me for a long time... Something I couldn't tell anyone. A forbidden feeling... A terrible burden deep within my chest, and I could do nothing to alleviate it... I hated it... It was horrible.

: If you want to talk about it, I'll listen.

: Thanks. But right now... I feel a little better. I believe it's probably thanks to you.

: Me?

: You have always been by my side. We'd talk and laugh together... We'd talk about Prince Marth and about each other... And as we did... Little by little, my pain lessened. As time passes, then maybe, someday... I'll be able to forget it entirely...

I mean, she has one thing right, he is into blue haired pegasus knights whose names start with C.

: Huh? I'm sorry, but I don't really get it...

: That's fine. You don't need to. Anyway, thank you Steve...

Being pals with Catria has earned us a Speed Bond. Nice.

The Recap is long and hard.

: The Lightsphere is an absolute necessity if we wish to negate Hardin's Darksphere... If we obtain it, the day of Altea's liberation comes ever closer as well. Xane, whom you've just met, seems to be oddly knowledgeable about Anri's Way... A welcome companion on this harsh path.

Xane seems fairly untrustworthy on this front.

Jagen's Backstory Dump

: If you fall, so does our army. So, for Prince Marth's sake as well, you must survive.

: Yes sir. I understand. By the way, Sir Jagen, why exactly is it called Anri's Way?

: Oh yes. It's a long story, but I'll tell you the legend of Anri.

Strap in for some backstory.

: The people back then lived days of misery, as the dragons' slaves. House Archanea, the people's only hope, was eradicated, and the world descended into despair.

: ...

: But, at the time, there were rumors of an Archanean princess hiding out in Altea, which back then was no more than a provincial town among many. The furious Dolhrian Empire sent troops to Altea, demanding the princess's extradition.

Steve will be the Greek chorus of this exposition.

: That princess--Artemis--planned to sacrifice her own life in order to save the citizens. However, the people of Altea protected her, and vowed to fight, knowing they would be massacred.

Damn your cliffhangers, Jagen!

Now that that's all done, How's Everyone?

Don't remind me

I think this is the only time you get to hear Etzel's wife's name in this game.

Please don't do that.

So, here's the Flame Barrel. Not too many enemies, but reinforcements are on the table, and they're all significant threats.

Remember these guys from that one time in Chapter 7? Well, they have numbers now.

Wyverns are back too, and as obnoxious as last time.

Another pretty dangerous enemy, Swordsmasters.

Most importantly though...the last Starshard is on this dragon at the northeast end of the map.

The boss also has something I want.

Also this guy. My god, Darros, how did you get THIS lost?

To round things off, I noticed Ogma had about 12 XP left until a level up, so I sent him to the Drill Grounds.

But it was not without sacrifices. I'll replace that before next time.