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Part 32: Prep: Tur-bad

Update 20: Tur-bad (Prep)

Last time, we finally met that Navarre guy everyone had been talking about, and never will again because he is now completely plot irrelevant (aside from one prologue bonus chapter). Steve was also canonized as the new Pope.

Marth and pals are now on the run from Hardin's army on their way to save Altea.

Narrator: Marth's army fears pursuit from the Archanean army and escapes towards Chiasmir Bridge. However, a new enemy attacks the Altean army upon reaching the central islet.

"The Archanean army is coming from the north; we'll be surrounded like this."

The situation is desperate! Can Marth and his friends overcome the many perils?

Perils! Desperation! All of that and more in this chapter. Also a few new units. But before any of that happens, TALKING!

: From Lord Wendell, I see... Chiasmir Bridge has a strong sea wind, so it's good to have a hat to keep warm. It suits you, Steve.

Even Marth can give props to the hat.

: Really? Thank you, sire.

Steve ferrets the hat away to her secret creepy Marth shrine.

Speaking of Steve, her Defense stat is seriously hurting me. Like, on the inside. So I'm moving her to a class with some better growth rates in that than Myrmidon. Cav ought to work nicely.

I also decided to distribute some stat boosters. Barst can use this Secret Book to up his Skill and offset that shitty Axe hit rate.

Steve is getting the Angelic Robe because I'm tired of watching her almost melt when something looks at her.

Catria has finally graduated to Silver Lances. Let's all be proud.

Time for How's Everyone.

This will help.

I had to look this up, it's a 20 HP Vulnerary. Cool.

Time for everyone's favorite part of these updates. More chat.

Sign the pre-nup (Marth/Caeda 1)

: Hello, Marth. Yes, of course.

: I see. I'm glad to hear it. If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to look King Talys in the eye.

"Also my fiancee would be dead but ehhhh"

: You're too kind... And you, Marth? Are you well?

: Please, worry not, Caeda. I've all the help I could possibly want and more.

Ol' reliable Steve.

: Yes. That's why... Caeda, I must implore you to leave the fighting to us.

: Huh...? Marth, what do you mean...?

Marth if you take away one of my fliers I swear.

: I do not wish to see you on the battlefield. If you must, I'd prefer it if you would support us away from the frontlines.

: Marth... How could you say such a thing? Am I that much of a burden to you?

: No, Caeda. That's... not what I meant. I... I don't want to see you get hurt. Your safety is of immense importance to me.

: So, are you telling me to wallow alone in prayer? Somewhere arrows won't reach me? While everyone else is fighting? That... That's just...! I won't have it! I can't just sit quietly, while others risk their lives.

Well, I was going to keep you away from arrows anyway, because they kill you faster than Ryan disappoints me with his Speed levels.

: Caeda...

: I'll fight. I'll fight by your side. I'll show you that I'm capable!

: Oh! Caeda...! ...Did I say something wrong...?

Oh Marth. Did you even play the first game? She owns.

Fuckin' Orbs

: And now, even though our homeland Altea stands before our eyes, the Archanean army pursues us from both directions. It is a difficult situation, but we must escape this crisis somehow.

Helpful as always, Jagen.

The Gooniest Knight

: He was a very nice man and listened to me even though we fought on opposing sides when we first met.

More of Caeda's sly recruitment techniques, this one a step above "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO JOIN US JUST STAB ME OKAY"

: D-did you really say that to him...?

: Steve, should we meet Roger again, I'll try and/to talk to him.

Archanean Sniper

You might remember him from Chapter 5 or the Axely route of the Prologue. For better or worse, this is the last time we'll face him.

: General Jeorge is Gordin's tutor and friend and has visited Altea on many occasions. I'd like to speak with him. Steve, I'm counting on your assistance.

So, without further ado, let's see what we're up against.

As promised, we start on the central islet, with bridges to the north and south.

Due East is this village.

Another Starshard thief. Remember that these guys ABSOLUTELY MUST DIE. You need those shards.

Astram is back from last map, still hot on our trail, and still a serious threat in combat.

These 4 forts are also suspect.

Three Paladins head up the guard on the north end, our objective, and this dork.

The boss here is Jeorge, he's got the Sagittarius starshard (which you can't miss) and the legendary bow, Parthia. He'd be a threat if he could move. But with a melee character, he's incapable of doing damage. Those flanking snipers are a different story, though, since they can move.

And, last but not least, some Generals. There's quite a force ahead of us next time, but it's not impossible. Careful planning will win the day. There's one more unit to the east, but it's not a big-

we're all gonna die next time on let's play fire emblem 12