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Part 81: Bonus Supports - Samto 1, Norne 1+2, Luke/Rody 1

Bonus Supports 1: Samto, Luke/Rody, Norne

So, based on thread feedback, I decided to try this out. Since this game has such an enormous cast, we're probably never going to see much of most of them.

It's a shame, because one reason I like this game a lot better than Shadow Dragon is that every character has base conversations, and thus some sort of personality, which is more than what most of the characters in SD got. (Bord and Cord didn't have a single line.)

Thankfully, the fan translation team transcribed all the base conversations, so I can still post them. If there's anyone in particular you'd like to see the conversations for, feel free to mention it. For this first update, I'm going with the first conversations for Samto and Norne with Steve, and the first shared support between Luke and Rody.

Not-Varre (Samto 1)

: Don't move...

: Ah!

Oh no, I wonder who it could be.

: I don't care who... Tonight, my killing edge hungers for blood...

You see, this is what you're doing wrong, Samto, that's Karel's gimmick, not Na/va/ba/rre/arl's.

: Wha...

: But... I'll let you live... I'll turn no blade of mine against a woman... Especially not one as beautiful as you.

And now you're doing Sain, get your damn characters right.

: B-beautiful? What the? Don't tell me...! Sir Samto!?

: Huh? How curious. You had me figured.

: I knew it!

: What you reckon? I looked exactly like him didn't I? It's pretty nifty for getting out of sticky situations as well, since everybody runs in fear once they catch a glimpse of me! I love it when the girls squeal too.

: That facade again...? I don't think Prince Marth will be happy to find you're just playing around.

: Oh, sorry 'bout that, but y'see... I'm not just playing around. I was serious when I said you're beautiful, Steve.

: Wha...!? P-please stop joking! If you'll excuse me!

: Oh, hey Steve. That look of embarrassment on her face was priceless. So she does have a cute side too!

I hope you're all happy with the choices you have made.

World's Shortest Support (Norne 1)

: Aaaah!

: Miss Norne! Are you alright?

: I'm sorry, Steve. I can be such a klutz sometimes... Oh dear, I dropped my luggage. I should go pick it up...

: Let me help you.

: T-thanks. Oh, Steve. Since we're comrades, could we drop the formalities? We're about the same age and it'd be nice if I could talk normally to new knights like you.

: Hm... all right. Yeah, I'd prefer it your way too. Is this okay, Norne?

: Yeah, that's the spirit. All right then, Steve! I'm countin' on you.

: Likewise.

Well. That was...uh...

I'll do the second one too.

Grandpa Lore (Norne 2)

: ...So, I met Prince Marth when he was escapin' from Altea. Bein' an archer, I decided it was my duty to fight for him.

I thought that wasn't canon

: So that's what happened. At that time, I was still studying day and night back in my village...

I like to think Steve was still totally unaware that for about two years her country was occupied by a country full of dragon-people.

: What village might that be, Steve?

: Sera. It's fairly small.

: Huh, Sera village? You mean the one just over the mountain from my own village?

: What, really?

: Hold on. Say Steve, did you... Did you ever carry firewood to our village when you were little?

Over a mountain?

: Carry firewood to other villages? Yes, I did it for my grandfather when I was a child. He would have me do it sometimes instead of my usual marching training.

Oh. That explains it.


: I see, it all makes sense now. So the strong little girl was you. You were rather famous back in our village. How nostalgic! To think that I'd meet you again here... When you were little, you had a pair of very determined eyes. I see. So it was you...

That one was a little more interesting.

Cold-Eye Rody (Luke/Rody 1)

: The "Quiet One"? No... "Stone-faced One"? Nah... Argh, it's so hard to choose.

Luke is trying to come up with a cool name to put "Gamer" after so he can make Youtube reviews.

: ...Luke. Do you think you could stop giving me bizarre nicknames? Also, stop staring at me like that.

: What, you don't like them? How about... "Cold-eyes"?

: That sounds like an insult to me... Am I really that cold?

: Fine, what good ideas have you got then?

: I need no nicknames. And besides, nicknames are supposed to come naturally, right?

: Come on, I know you actually want one; you can't fool me! So, I'll help you think of a fine nickname: one even a veteran knight of Altea would be proud of.

Jagen's nickname is "The Purple Pummeler"

: ...If that's the case, I'll think of a nickname for you as well.

: Alright! Remember to give me a cool one!

: Hmm... How about "Should Be More Serious!"?

: What...

: You don't like it? Then, how about "Oh Dear, He's Crazy..."?

: Alright, I get it already! You... really like to run your mouth off when you're in a mood.

: I do what I can, if it helps you to understand...

: Oh, those eyes! Your nickname has to be "Cold-eyes" now!

Now I'm sad I don't have a smug Rody picture like the Marth one.

: In that case, yours is "Do It Seriously!"...