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Part 55: Prep: Katarina

Update 32: Katarina (Prep)

A very short update today to lead up to the big confrontation. There's not much prep stuff to do for this map.

: Master Gharnef is rightfully livid...

: ...Lady Eremiah...

: And yet, Eine. All you can do is stand there, doing nothing. Are you not ashamed of being alive? To die for my sake-- is that not the natural recourse?

I've probably already mentioned this, but I really like Eremiah as a villain, because she's actually legitimately really creepy. Most Fire Emblem villains are evil kings or crazy dragons. Eremiah is just a murder cult nun who just says horrible, awful shit.

Like that.

: Tell me, who was it that saved you? Who should you thank for allowing your wretched existence to continue?

: It's all thanks... to you, Lady Eremiah.

: Kill them.

: But... Lady Eremiah...! I... sniff...

: Silence, worthless puppet. You cannot defy my orders. That's what I've "taught" you since you were little. The words I engraved upon your then-young soul will remain there, forever.

: ...Sniff... sniff...

Such a good villain. Anyway...

Only 7 units allowed on this map. Marth and Steve are required. This is, I believe, the only map in the main game (Not prologue) where you are forced to deploy a unit other than Marth.

Still...Swordmaster isn't the best class for this map, and as someone pointed out, Steve has maxed Speed and is probably better off working on her other stats elsewhere.

Abel, I know you've fallen on hard times buddy, maybe you should turn to the ambiguous concept of Fire Emblem God (Naga? Gotoh?) for help.

Horse-Steve is back.

This will actually be helpful.

That would have been helpful last map.

Not much to talk about today, but since Rody got some affection with Steve in How's Everyone last time, we've unlocked his first base conversation.

Our Hero, Steve

: What's going on? What are you doing here?

: Ah! Uh, no-nothing...

: What's that paper you're holding?

Look, sometimes you need a little help with these things.

: ...It's a rough map of the area. I thought it would be a smart idea to take a look around.

: ...And then you got lost. That reminds me, you got lost once during our apprentice days, didn't you?

I would like to imagine that, since this map is so small, Steve getting lost means she wandered directly into the enemy forces, then thought one of those swordmasters was Marth or something. Look, she's got a pretty good disguise already.

(Thanks, Camel Pimp)

: I did. I caused trouble for you guys back then...

: Don't you have any sense of direction? Come on, let's head back. Sir Jagen is looking for you.

: Say, Rody. If you look at my map, where exactly are we right now?

: ...

Our hero, folks.

Chapter 16x: Reunion (with Jagen)

: But, being attacked by assassins in Altea... It reminds me of your knighthood ceremony. You and that assassin, Katarina, spent your days training in the same 7th Platoon... However, this is no time for sentimentality. Steve, you are to protect Prince Marth, just like you did that day.

This map is pretty simple. I barely have to scroll the screen to show you all of it. You can go around the sides of the mountains, but this is a cramped space.

I do find it kind of a nice touch that most of Katarina's soldiers are Berserkers and Snipers. Brings back some memories of a few old friends.

These two Berserkers in the back have Tomahawks. That can be a little troublesome.

Finally, the boss is Katarina herself. Honestly, especially compared to the threat she was in Prologue 8, she is a total pushover. She moves, that's about her greatest advantage.

Naturally she's weak to make the recruitment here even more frustrating.

Next time, the Katarina rematch.