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Part 33: Chapter 17 - Part 4

With the last round of combat this mission comes our last "wave" of reinforcements.

I don't imagine much of this being very necessary, but Stefan loads up on swords and Lethe on staves and we send them on their way.

Let's finish this fucking chapter, shall we?

Ike is still carrying Leanne, so he's still being slowed. Not that this is going to be much of a problem.

This is going to be a bit of a problem. This guy here has himself a siege tome.

Siege tomes have rather long range.

Like, unreasonably long range. And he's right in the middle of the map, too. What a tremendous asshole. And of course he's completely surrounded by impassable terrain on all but one side. There's a solution to this, but that'll have to wait.

Our first priority is to get Boyd the fuck out of Meteor range.

Pictured: the right time to use a Master Seal. If you've got a Lv 20 unit and you can't be assed to wait for them to amass their last 100 EXP naturally, you've got literally nothing to lose by having them use a Master Seal. Jill does so now.

Aw yeah. Jill is now a Wyvern Lord. Wyvern Lords are badass.

Related: Wyvern Lords are badass. Just for being one, Jill gets +2 to her four most immediately useful stats, and a big bag of HP to boot. She also unlocks the ability to use axes, so that's badass too.

Titania opens combat for us.

Astrid follows up. Believe it or not, there's actually a fairly good reason for having Astrid continue to use bows even when she could melee; besides getting her Bow rank up, it also means she can draw enemy melee units to her without killing them. Why would you want to do that? Because Astrid still has Paragon, and you really don't want her getting ahead of herself. If she does, before you know it she'll be Lv 20 and wasting twice as much EXP as any other unit would at that level.

Speaking of levels, she gains one now. A nice balance to that last one she got!

We've got a secret weapon for dealing with Meteor-guy; Rolf, with Pure Water and a Longbow. Now we just have to get to the motherfucker.

Anyway, that's all for turn one. Note Mist casually chilling in the drop zone. She'll be fine.

In a way, it's kinda annoying that Astrid is so dodgy. I mean, what's the point in all that defence if she never gets hit? #godunitproblems

Titania's having a bit of a poor time here, what with sword users.

And mages.

While the enemy rushes our vanguard, Meteor-guy takes aim (figuratively speaking) at Rolf.


In the absence of valuables, Volke steals a kill instead.

This sure is a Volke level.

If there was ever doubt concerning how much business Jill means, let it be put to rest now.

Even weighed down as he is, Ike can pull his weight. Oscar's helping, though; hence that impressive avoid rate.

Soren's not doing so bad either.


-Mist, what the hell are you d-




Our healer, ladies and gents.

The one downside to using Mist as a fighter at this point is that no one else on this team can use staves (yet), so we occasionally need to use Vulneraries to heal.

Anyway, end of turn two.

Have I mentioned Jill's continuing and odds-exceeding propensity for dodging?

This guy can't even double half-speed Ike.

Ike rams into the level cap with style.

Meteor guy takes a shot at Muarim, which is somewhat worrying, since it's Fire magic and thus effective against Beasts, but Muarim dodges.

Oh buggering hell, that's right in Rolf's way... I'm more annoyed by that than the damage Rolf took.

Reinforcements! For us! Lethe immediately transforms, and we get down to business.

Stefan is perfectly placed to dismantle this annoying Pegasus Knight.

He crits her in the face and then disappears off the top of the screen somewhere...

...leaving Rolf free to do what he came to do. The big disadvantage of siege tomes, you see, is that while very nifty, they weigh you the fuck down, killing your AS dead, so everyone ever can double you with 100% accuracy. That's just great!

Back on the main front, everyone basically just picks a target and murders them.

For Nephenee, this level might as well be perfect. It's just a shame about how strength-screwed she's been...

This wave of enemies contains a few Knights and Generals, so Jill breaks out the Heavy Spear, which she's now strong enough to wield effectively.

Lethe also jumps right in, her high Move allowing her to reach the fight all the way from the back.

This here Paladin's kinda a miniboss, so of course we have Mist kill him.

There, that's a lot less threatening, isn't it? It's even less so when you consider that the terrain will keep most of those guys from getting past our defensive "line".

They can't resist an opportunity to attack Mist.

Tragically, though, as comparatively impressive as Mist's strength is, she's not really at Knight-threatening levels yet.

But Oscar is!

Since this guy didn't bother moving, Rolf takes care of him too.

Soren kills a Knight dead for a decent level. Man, it seems forever ago that he last got some Strength... and he's had the Fighter Band on for as long as he's been on our team, too.

More Defence for Astrid, sure, why not? Pile that shit on! Add C-Rank axes while you're at it!

The Armorslayer is a bit heavy for Mist but she's got enough speed to eat the penalty, and Knights are slow as fuck anyway.

Turn four done, and... well, this is looking pretty good. In fact, the enemy doesn't even do anything on its turn! I don't know.

Mist hasn't forgotten her healing duties...

...but I think she's realized her true calling.

Anyway, we charge.

The enemy charges right back, for all the good it does them. Both Soldiers and the Pegasus Knight get themselves killed.

I suppose so. Two human armies bashing one anothers' brains out... I wonder what they're after.


There's that sound again. Reyson, are you doing that?


No, I suppose not.

... The forest is whispering something. (What is it? What are you trying to tell me?)

King Tibarn! Prince Reyson! Look! There!



The blue-haired human is carrying something on his back... No, it can't be...

Is that... another heron?

... But... that's not...

I think some of the humans might be fighting to protect the heron. Grr... It's against my nature, but... we shall aid them! Janaff! Ulki! To me!


Yes, sir!

If you forswear the forbidden magic, you may come.


And with that, Tibarn, Janaff, Ulki and Reyson join the battle. Tibarn and Janaff transform immediately.

They... move a bit.

To mark the occasion, there are enemy reinforcements!

Here, too!

Now, let's take a look at the Birds-

Welp, it's a good thing he's on our side. Sort of. But man, the laguz kings are fucking badass.

So, yeah, only the laguz royalty get to wear Laguz Bands, which seems... arbitrary, but whatever, I'm not going to argue with 46 Atk.

The guy's got Skills, too; Cancel, which has a [Skill]% change to negate any damage from an attack, and Savior, which allows him to Rescue a unit without taking the usual Speed and Skill penalty.

(Cancel is the other component in the Skill Name Mixup that would be fixed in Radiant Dawn. There, Cancel would become the skill that allowed you to cancel the enemy counterattack (called Guard in PoR), with Guard being a completely new skill and Pavise being the skill Tibarn has now. Confusion!)

Janaff and Ulki are a bit more reasonable (note Ulki is untransformed). They're pretty evenly matched, the key differences being their different transformation times. Also, Janaff has the unique skill Insight, which grants +30 Hit, and Ulki has the equally unique skill Vigilance, which grants +15 Avoid. Handy!

Finally, there's Reyson.

Reyson is not really cut out for combat. He does... well, you'll see. Later.

Anyway, our immediate concern isn't really the enemies themselves (mostly), but more the fact that the Hawks might steal some kills to which we are partial. To that end, we charge like fuck, and Jill takes some Pure Water just in case that Mage gets any ideas.

Alright. Let's see how this goes.

The eastern enemies charge.

The western enemies immediately...

Kill Reyson. welp

Don't worry though. He'll be fine.

Jill's fine, too.

And the hawks are appropriately tough.

On their turn, Tibarn promptly OHKOs a bitch.

And Janaff nicely softens up an enemy for us.

Now, it's time to end this.

In particular; this guy right here? It is imperative he die by our hand, and not the Hawks'.

Jill sees to i-

Oh for the love of-


Plan B.

Sweet. Wouldn't want that going to waste, would we?

Now, before we end this map, everyone in range of an enemy goes for a potshot.

Even Boyd!

Now, let's finish this.

It pays to go for the big hurts with Oliver, and also to apply Pure Water even if he can't actually kill you.


You are savages! You are a blight on the world, and you must die!

Because Oliver has a unique tome...

...that leeches HP.

Later, asshole.

Ohhh... ahhh... I... cannot... fall here... It cannot... be... Such a... loss... to beauty...

Oliver has dialogue, of course; for Ike:

You lowborn, vulgar, penurious vermin! Return my little bird to me! Objects of beauty must be admired! Only by my side can they fulfill the purpose for which they are created!

I am SO TIRED of listening to your nonsense, you massive gasbag! This ends here and now!


Devdan likes pretty things, too.

Wh-who are you?

But things are only pretty where you find them. Locking them away is sad. It makes Devdan upset...

Grrr... That peculiar face... I've seen it somewhere before. Um... err... It's no use. Your ill-favored face clouds my memory.

You have a bad memory, large man. Let Devdan give you a present that you will not forget...


Shoo! Go away now! Nobody wants a monster feline... Gyaaa! Get out of here!

You're the type of scum that cause laguz to detest beorc! I will enjoy this, fat man!


Oh, such a hideous creature! Noooo! Stay back, you filthy beast!

I am Mordecai. I am not filthy... It is your soul that is unclean.

And Muarim:

St-stay back! A filthy beast like you... How dare you approach a sanctified personage such as myself!

Who is it that decided that a laguz life is worth less than a human? Do you believe the goddess Ashera, whom you claim to worship, would want it to be so?

Aaaaaaah! Monster! Hideous, vile monster! You will not defile the name of the goddess!

Monster? Which of us is the true monster?


Oscar gets a very decent level indeed for all his trouble. And that's the mission! We're finally done with Chapter 17!

Oh, and we get that Nosferatu tome for ourselves, too. Only thing is, though, it's Light Magic, so... yeah.


On your back... Who is it you carry?

Oh, the girl? I think she may be somebody you know, but...


(Reyson, my brother? Brother!)

(Is it really you, Leanne? This is no dream?) How is this possible? How did you survive all this time?

(Tibarn? Of the hawk tribe, yes?)

That's right. You remember my name. Have you been here by yourself for all these years?

(I don't know... that night... My sisters took me and hid me in the small shrine. I'm sure they sang a galdr to me... And then I became so sleepy...)

The forest protected her. It kept her asleep for so long... There's no way to express my gratitude. (Thank you for... With all that I am,) I thank you.


I am Tibarn, king of Phoenicis. Since the loss of their homeland, the Serenes royal family has been under my guardianship. Who are you, and why do you aid the herons?

My name is Ike. I am commander of the Greil Mercenaries. I am under orders of the empress, the apostle Sanaki, to protect the herons.

The empress of this country wants to protect the herons? Ha! That is an interesting tale. The herons were blamed for the assassination of the last empress. They were massacred on hearsay. And now her ancestor wants to help them? Touching.

The empress Sanaki knows that the herons are not murderers. And now, she is trying to atone for the crimes of her people.

... No. I cannot believe that.


Pathetic apologies and half-baked platitudes are easily spoken! Humans burned Serenes Forest. They killed my family. I cannot trust one who allies himself with them.

Please, withhold judgment until you speak with the apostle. She's waiting at the forest's edge.

The apostle is here?



I am ignorant as to what words of contrition will be appropriate to one of the heron tribe. Yet I stand before you as a representative of my people... From the depths of my heart I apologize to you...

Emp-Empress Sanaki! What are you doing? You are the apostle! You cannot bend your knee to another!

Peace! Let her speak her heart.

I... um...

I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

(That is enough...)



(Please rise, Apostle Sanaki.)

You... What is it you want? Are you telling me to stand?


(It is enough. It was not your fault.)


( is enough, is it not? Forgive this child. Her apology is... so sincere.)

Leanne! You cannot ask me to forgive them! You were asleep... You don't know what these humans did to us...

(... I do know. The forests... told me everything.)

You... know?

(Everyone is... gone, aren't they?)

That's right... Everyone is gone. That's why I cannot release my hatred.

(Brother... My loving brother, Reyson. The pain and sadness is in you, Brother. It clouds your very soul. To see you like this, to watch you. It hurts me. Please... do not lose yourself to hate.)

(Leanne, my sister...) I understand. If that is how you feel...

We may not be able to release our hatred of hum-- of beorc, but... You need not let the fate of Serenes Forest trouble you any longer. You are absolved of that guilt......

Th-thank you...




The heron siblings said there would be some sort of ceremony, but I don't know what that entails.

The presence of Princess Crimea and the apostle is also requested.


Just come with me. It's this way.

Empress Sanaki, Commander Sigrun, let us go.

Very well.

Let's hurry, Ike!



Watch the Cutscene! Or, rather, listen to it!
Just try to tune out the voice acting

Don't I know...

Mist, isn't that Mother's song?

Not quite. But it... It is close.

Ike, look! Up there!

It's incredible!

The heart of the forest... Has returned...


The Serenes Forest, beloved of the goddess, is alive once more.

You spoke so well earlier, Empress Sanaki. You fill my heart with pride... Sniff...

Here now! None of that. This is no place for tears!

I'm sorry... I'm just so happy...


I think this may be enough...

It's nothing. Nothing at all.



The time limit is 40 turns for all four segments. Given that we cleared each one in like five or six or seven turns (plus the forced ten turn one) we're well within the limit and we get the max amount of BEXP.

But don't go anywhere! Because we're going to take just a peek into next chapter...

(honestly, this should've been part of the ending of Chapter 17)

Thanks to you, the wound that has scarred Begnion for many long years can finally begin to heal. As promised, Begnion now offers its support to Crimea's restoration. However, Prime Minister Sephiran has yet to return, which limits the reinforcements I can provide. Be that as it may, what troops I can spare await your command. Use them as you see fit.

I understand. Thank you. That's good news, isn't it, Princess Elincia?

Yes. Yes it is.

I also believe that beorc and laguz need each other to survive. The previous apostle, my grandmother, was desirous of such a world, as were my own parents. Princess Elincia, your father, King Ramon of Crimea, was a true pioneer in the area of beorc-laguz relations. In the very near future, I will give the imperial senate a few... suggestions... on achieving a fully integrated society. I doubt the road will be easily traveled, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to these issues.

If you are sucessful, we will join forces and change the world.

Empress Sanaki, your vision surpasses even my own... My father would be so pleased to hear your words.

Looks like you're through with me. I'll wait outside until you're finished talking.

Huh? What did I do now?

You're as impudent and impatient as ever.

If you're talking about making me a noble, I'll decline, thanks. That's not my kind of thing.

You are not in a position to refuse. Giving some nameless mercenary control of Begnion's troops would be... problematic. And more importantly, it would affect the troops. You will resign yourself to this and receive peerage from Princess Elincia.

What? No, wait! This is absurd... Blast! Of all the foolish...

Um, will you... lend me your sword? Thank you. Now, may I ask you... to kneel before me?

Th-thank you. All right... Let me begin. In the name of House Crimea,

And so it was that the Fire Emblem Protagonist Who Was Not An Actual Lord was made an Actual Lord anyway. How meta-subversive!

(listen to this for effect)

Lookin' sharp.

Lookin' veeery sharp indeed. Holy shit! There's not a single core stat up by less than two! Maybe nobility isn't so bad...

What an odd feeling.

Yes, it truly does...

Hmm... I suppose. Not that it matters to me.


Next time: We take command of the Crimean Liberation Army!