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Part 34: Chapter 17 - Maniac - Parts 1+2

Maniac Mode, aka. BEXP is overrated

Hi, I'm Derpes and with Fedule's permission I'm going to show off a bit of the Japanese only Maniac difficulty mode. Sadly I didn't take any screenshots of maps before chapter 17. Just imagine Fedule's runthrough of them but with more (and stronger) units.

I've only got chapter 17 part 1&2 as of right now, but I'll make sure to catch up to Fedule ASAP. But enough of that, let's start shall we?

Chapter 17, Part 1

Part 1 isn't really that different, the only big thing I noticed was with these guys. Notice anything different from the shot Fedule had of these reinforcements? One of them is a Swordmaster. With a Killing Edge.

Maniac Mode, stepping it up quite a bit compared to Hard, isn't it?

Part 2

God damn IntSys, that's almost twice the amount of enemies than on Hard! Running out of weapon uses is quite easy on Maniac, and this chapter is even worse because you can't shop. The Dracoknights up there have Ridersbanes and Laguz Lances and one of the Halberdiers and one of the Paladins are running Silver Lances, making them quite dangerous.

There are also some reinforcements (Cavaliers on round 6, Soldiers on round 9), but they're easily dispatched.

Gatrie is still Gatrie, no matter what difficulty

I got my Zihark up to promotion level, and he got some sweet new clothes and stats for it.

Here is the man responsible for making this a lot easier on me. Look at those stats. 93 avoid, and that's before Tanith support. (He does have Ike A support right now though)

God damn it Fedule, your thead is contagious

I'll be back with the rest of chapter 17 in a few days. Feel free to comment on if you want me to take more/less screens or if you want me to show anything special.