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Part 35: Chapter 17 - Maniac - Parts 3+4

Maniac Mode, part 2

Chapter 17, part 3

That's..a lot of units you got there for us game. This map isn't much trouble though, the enemies are fairly weak (or are my units too strong?) so even if they rush you there won't be much trouble. Do keep people with low RES away from the bottom half though, there are TONS of mages around.

This is how you keep the reinforcements in check. Mordecai is a great tank and his supports make him even better. With Mist and Illyana supporting him he can have an extra 5 Defence (both DEF and RES) to add to his already significant base and growth. He also gets some ATK from Mist, icing on the cake if you ask me.

Chapter 17, part 4

Oh boy, this map. There are tons of promoted units here, and most of them are carrying some pretty good weaponry.

They got some pretty significant defensive stats as well. This guy rolls with a Silver Lance and 25 DEF, making him incredibly tough to take down.

Oliver has gotten a lot stronger too. Mainly his MAG has been raised from 9 to 19, making him a real threat with his Resire tome. His LUK makes him pretty much impervious to crits as well, Zihark with a Killing Edge only had a 3% chance of critting him. He's also capped RES, so mages can't even scratch him.

These guys show up after Tibarn and Reyson come in. 5 Paladins, 1 with an Armorslayer, 1 with a Laguzslayer and 3 with Steel Bows. They will gladly sweep in and kill all the birds in one round if given the chance.

This is how I took care of the Meteor guy, poor guy didn't even get a shot off.

Part 4 gave me more trouble than I would like to admit, but it was fun nonetheless. Jill got the MVP instead of Oscar though, not sure how that happened

Also, there is a small glitch in the Japanese version of the game. If you forge a weapon with innate crit (like a Thunder tome or a Slim Sword) and reduce the crit to 0...

Yeah, I'm not going to use this because it's pretty abusive, but it's kind of funny to run around with a Thunder tome with 255 crit rate