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Part 57: Chapter 24 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 24

That's...a lot of units. They're all equipped rather nicely and have good stats to match.

These guys just charge up towards Geoffrey right off the bat, something very scary considering how strong they are.

Most of them decide to run towards us instead though, so blocking off that bridge is pretty vital unless you want to be rushed by a dozen or so units. It's a nice curveball that IS throws your way.

I decided to hold the bridge with Astrid and Boyd. I forgot I had a Killer Axe on Astrid, putting her in quite a dangerous situation She crit countered most of the enemies that came her way, but she also dodged almost all the enemies so it worked out in the end.

The aftermath looked something like this. Unsurprisingly, Astrid turned out to be the MVP after this chapter.

Boyd managed to cap Strength somewhere along the way as well

I also noticed that my Mist loves the number 23 for some reason, a sign from the RNG gods perhaps?

Four berserkers just pop out of nowhere when I'm making my way up to the first house, and a few paladins come help them out the turn after. Thanks game, this map wasn't hard enough already!

While not completely helpless, these guys are just fodder and will die quickly to the paladins who did decide to ride up there. You need to haul ass to save Geoffrey, he will get offed quickly when his allies are down.

Oh come on, how is this even fair at this point? These guys all have either Short spears or Silver lances (or both), and just look at their defense!

And if that wasn't enough, the boss and his posse are making their way up to Geoffrey as well.

I did manage to get in there just in time to save him though. I could have finished the map here but I decided to stay for some EXP

I made a wall to protect poor Geoffrey while letting the enemy suicide on the Ike/Oscar combo and Jill (with a Poleax).

I managed to kill off quite a few and could even send off Astrid to pick up the Nihil scroll. I didn't think I would get it with how things looked for a while but I managed to get there before the berserkers that spawns in the river could get to it.

Success! Took me 13 turns though, the amount of enemies that get thrown at you really slows you down.

This was one of the hardest maps so far in this run, which surprised me a lot since I think of this map as a breather map after the slog that is chapter 23, but it seems that IS decided that they should give you a double dose of Maniac treatment since they didn't do much to the chapter before it. There is no real strategy to this map other than to just rush to Geoffrey as fast as you can, because if you don't, he will die and you will lose shortly after.