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Part 58: Chapter 25 - Preamble

Ike and company break the siege of Delbray Castle and join ranks with the Crimean retainers therein. The army grows to its largest size yet, and with the addition of the retainers, truly becomes the armed force of its name.

In addition, their recent heroic acts finally move the conservative Gallians to dispatch much-needed reinforcements.

The long-waited warriors of Gallia march through the treacherous Marhaut mountain range, a series of jagged peaks that spread across southern Crimea. They then slip through the gaps in the Daein forces and move toward Crimea's army.

"Gallia rises." This information emboldens Ike, and he marches the army at top speed to join their new allies.


(King Tibarn!)

(Today I am feeling most splendid.)

Ah, it is good to hear that you are well. Not surprising--it is a beautiful day!

(I am growing used to the smell of the sea.)

Yes, we hawks enjoy the smell of the sea as well. Then you are starting to feel more at home here? Good, good. And how is Lord Lorazieh?

(... Unchanged......)

Hm... I had thought his condition might have improved. Well, let's hope for a brighter tomorrow.

(... Yes!)

Hm? Yes. Well, some of it, at least. Oh, you weren't around when Reyson first got here, were you, Lotz? When he arrived, he was just like this. You'd never know it by how fluently he speaks our modern tongue, would you?

Now that you mention it, he does use some funny words when he gets angry. But, the letter that just arrived is written in standard script, isn't it?

Over these twenty years, he's gained total mastery of... You... you read the letter, didn't you?!

N-no, I just caught a glimpse of it in your hand. That's all. I'm sorry! Er... Your Majesty...

You little scamp...

(A letter?)

Hm? Yes, that's right. It's a letter from Reyson. It appears the Crimean army has passed safely through Daein and is on its way to the homeland.

(What good news! So he's doing well, isn't he?)

If Prince Reyson is asking for help, things must be fairly serious.

I'd like nothing better than to take wing immediately, but I can't leave Lord Lorazieh and Leanne here alone...

(I'll go with you!)

No, that won't work.


Don't try that look on me. There's no way I'm taking you with me.

Yeah, that's crazy talk!

(... Big meanie!!)

I suppose it's time to put my plan into action.

What is it?



Lotz, I want you to watch over Leanne and help her pack.

Yes, sir!

(Please put that cloth in here.)

Um, I... I don't have any idea what you're trying to say. Maybe I should talk louder...

(Tee hee! You're not very smart! I want you to take this, and put it in here.)

(Yes, yes.)

Got it! In it goes! I'm getting the hang of this. I'M PUTTING IT IN THE BAG!

(Ah! Aaaaahhhh!!!)

What? Is something wrong?

(Who's there!?)

What are you...? Over there? Behind me? WHAT? SOMEONE IS BEHIND ME?? Gwaaaa!!!

(Lotz! No! Let him go!)

(... Brother...)


So much for the new guy.


I have gained that which you requested.

Show me.

This way.

These heron royals all look alike, don't they? Perhaps it proves their bloodline, but it's unsettling how similar they are.

I believe you had one in your possession previously.

Yes, I tried to get her to free the dark god from the medallion, but all she did was get sick and die. Pah! They're ridiculously frail creatures. I should have just killed her in the first place and saved some time.

Might I suggest this one be treated with more care? Capturing her was not an easy task.

For you, it did take quite a long time... Didn't it?

Diverting the sharp eyes of the hawk king proved to be quite difficult. It required much planning and care.

The powder drains my strength. For that reason, I would rather not use it unless absolutely necessary.

You are an enigma, dark one. Everything you possess is fey and of unknown origin.

The armor I presented to you... Do you find it dissatisfactory?

No, it has my approval.

They both shine because they are mine! And now the medallion, and that galdr as well, both belong in my hands!

Will the revival of the dark god take place soon?

Let me see... The conditions aren't bad. But, how long will they continue... Har! It is no matter. As long as all my chess pieces are on the board, things will work out. Soon every knee will bow to Ashnard!


Lotz! Hold on!

I'm... so... sorry...... the... princess......

Who did this? Who was the craven dastard that did this to you?

... Knight... in... black armor... Gwaa... urrk!

Curse you, Daein! This was evilly done! Well, if you think to play such a game, you'll not find me an easy mark!

Uh oh. Tibarn's pissed.

Oh, wait. He's on our side. Well then. Proceed!


Ike probably clinched the MVP award when he murdered all those bandits and wyvern riders. Also note that Geoffrey has decided to join our team properly now.

Let there be Base.


Boy (**):

Those guys... they killed my poppa and burned our village. That's why we went to the mountains in the first place. You're gonna go up there and take care of 'em, aren't you? Gonna make 'em pay? Please, mister, say that you are! My momma and my sister and me don't have anywhere else to go, and I wanna go back to the cabin my poppa built.

I understand. We're going to take care of those guys. You just stay here a bit longer. All right?

Yay! Go give 'em heck, mister! Oh, wait! Wait! I heard those guys talking about something, too!

Really? That's a lot of help. Thanks.

Good luck, mister!! Kill 'em all! Do it for my poppa!

What would the Fire Emblem universe be without murderous children? Anyway, I'm not really sure what this forewarning actually accomplishes that you wouldn't be able to think of on the fly, but, whatever.


Bastian (*):

Um... well... I just wanted to chat. I try to speak with all the members of the army when I have a minute.

I see! A fine idea that is, good sir.
Some generals hope their soldiers all to be
aloof, and ready always for the fight.
If all goes well, sweet happiness abounds.
But if the tides do turn, then anger grows.
One wonders if he can lead men at all...
I, too, am often plagued by such grim thoughts.

Uh... yeah. Listen, I--

Yet you walk out among your men-at-arms;
spin tales, tell jokes, and lead a willing ear.
Huzzah, dear sir! Huzzah until the end!
In truth, I did much fear your name at first.
I swore to find the mettle of the man,
and studied you with cautious, steady eye.
I thought to find yourself a brutish rogue.
A villain crafty in his fiendish plans!
With status and great wealth his only goals.

Yet lo! What do I find before mine eyes?
A man so noble, true, and without peer,
as would beset the moon herself with lust!


Zzz... Wha--? Huh? ... Er... Sorry about that. Must have dozed off. What were you saying? Something about the moon or... something?

Commander, you are tired and unaware
of how your body doth cry out for rest.
If it would please you, I was of a mind
to partake in a sweet and soothing draught.
A beverage warm, and pleasant to the lips.

... Um, if you're offering me a cup of tea in your tent, I'll accept. ... That IS what you're offering... Right? Oh, and I apologize in advance if I fall asleep again. I'm really tired.

Your words do make my ears alive with joy!
I shall regale you with a tale of two
and poems to ease the savage toll of war.

That's... great.

Bastian, ladies and gentlemen.


Man (***):

And you would be...?

The name's Largo, and I'm a world-class berserker!

World-class berserker... That's a rather dubious title.

What's this? You doubting my strength? I can pin a tiger with my bare hands! That's not just hot air either!


You think I'm fooling with you? Have your general hire me and then see for yourself! You can decide how much I'm worth after you see me in action. But let me tell you, if the gold's not good enough, pffft! I'm gone!

Huh? All of this sounds vaguely familiar... But at least you're confident.

Like I said. World-class berserker. Here, watch me bend this lance. Rrrrrrrrrr!!!

Dubious he may be, but stupid this question is.

Yes! So, uh, how about taking me to meet the general?

I'm the general.

Wah? Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa! That's good! You're a funny little guy! Bwaa ha ha ha haaaa!! So, seriously. Where's the general's tent? Must be that big one there.



Did you come looking for little old me? Oh, how sad for you. My contract with this army isn't up for quite some time.

Yeah, I thought you'd say that. That's why I'm joining up, too!

What? Are you really going to hire Largo, General Ike?

That's the plan.

Huh? This little guy really is the general? Bwa ha ha ha! Don't I look like the biggest fool around? And I mean big! Rrrrrrr! Sorry if I offended you, little guy!

Oh... He's such a clown. But you made a good hire. After all, he's a world-class--

Berserker. Yeah, I heard.

He pinned a tiger with his bare hands! Two of them, actually. At the same time.

Bwa ha ha ha haaaaa! Yeah, that was awesome!

Well then.

Behold; it is Boyd writ competent. We've met berserkers before, but this is the first time we've got to use one. They're kinda like an axe-using analogue of swordmasters, being as they are largely aimed at getting crits and equipped with passive boosts facilitating such. But while swordmasters are dodgy motherfuckers, berserkers just eat damage with their monstrous HP. This makes Largo not so great in a prolonged fight (especially if mages get involved), but damn he can charge in and destroy people. I've been wondering what to do with our Killer Axes...


Now, let's support!

Ilyana/Lucia (C):

Light/Earth: Hit +2.5, Def +0.5, Avo +5

Well, well... Look at this cute little thing. So you're a mage, huh? I'm Lucia. I'm a soldier in the Royal Crimean army, and I thank you for joining our cause.

I'm Ilyana... I'm with Greil's Merc... Oh...

What's wrong? Are you all right?

Yes, don't mind me...

Look at you! You're skinnier than a sword edge! All this marching must be hard on you.

I fall down sometimes... I just can't keep up.

That's no good! If that happens on the battlefield, you're as good as meat. You've got to stay fit and battle ready.

Yes... ma'am.

You're sounding faint. Hang on. Don't collapse on me! Here, let me help you. Let's get you back to your tent.

I can't move... Hungry... so hungry...

Wait here. let me go fetch some food.

Really...? You'd do that?

Of course. What do you think you can eat?

I'll take anything...

All right. I'll try to find something big and hearty to give you strength. Stay where you are until I come back.

Thank you so much...

Oh, look, it's Ilyana being hungry. Who knew it would come to this?


Volke/Bastian (C):

Wind/Wind: Hit +5, Avo +5

You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show yourself before I start throwing sharp objects. One... two... four...

Oh, dear! Keep those daggers sheathed, dearest Volke! I can see why you've earned such a reputation.

Oh. Hello, Bastian.

You weren't the fellow I was expecting to see. Indulge my curiosity for a moment... Who are you working for?

Knowing you, I'm surprised you haven't already checked on what I had for breakfast.

So, it's true, then... You are working for Crimea under Commander Ike?

I serve no nation. I work for Ike himself.

And why is that?

Ten thousand.

Ten thousand?

Pay me, and I'll answer that question.

Ta ha ha! You had no intention of answering my question, so you come up with some outrageous sum. Very well.

I'm not a charity. Get lost if you can't afford my fee.

Hmmm... What has Ike got brewing in that brain of his that involves this scurrilous man of the shadows? Methinks I should look into this forthwith!

So, yeah, Volke actually has a support after all! Who knew! Also, this conversation is one of the few that you can see even if the two have never fought a battle together. So that's something. Tragically, this is Volke's only support. And Bastian, of all people...

Well, Bastian did suggest he was going to have Ike "disappeared" at some point, so maybe this isn't so farfetched.


Jill/Haar (C):

Thunder/Wind: Def +0.5, Avo +5, Hit +2.5

Captain Haar! Where are you? Captain Haar!!!

Zzzzzzzzzz... huh?! Wha--?! Who?! Oh. Jill. Yaaaawn... Simmer down, Jill. Can't you see I'm sleeping? And do you need to shout my name like that? You're louder than a meat skewer salesman in a crowded market!

Maybe you should try responding when I call you!

I'll do that as soon as you stop calling me captain.

How should I address you, then?

Whatever works for you.

Sir Haar, maybe?

Do I look like a knight to you?

All right. Mr. Haar.

Hah! That doesn't sound right at all.

Fine. Just Haar, then.

Hey! That's pretty good.

Sorry. I can't address my superior like that. I'll just call you Mr. Haar.

Well, I can live with that. Now, let me get back to my nap...


Makalov/Haar (C):

Thunder/Wind: Def +0.5, Avo +5, Hit +2.5



Zzz-- Snort! Wha...? Huh?


What's with you, man?

Oh no! Stay away!

What's the matter with you?

Aaaaack! Help! Somebody help me!

... Did he think I was a Daein soldier? Well... whatever... Back to sleep...... Zzzzzzz...


Makalov/Bastian (C):

Thunder/Wind: Def +0.5, Avo +5, Hit +2.5

Incredible! I had no idea this army had the luxury of hiring a street performer. They are clashing with the mightiest Daein! Who knew they had a taste for comedy? Or the time, for that matter...

I take it you direct your words at me.
Lest my eyes lie, you are Sir Makalov!
A Begnion soldier of some great renown.

Wow! H-how did you know my name? You're just a street performer. Wait... Oh, I see. That's your shtick, isn't it? I have to hand it to you... You guessed my name right!

A street performer? Ha! I dare say no!
You think me one to don the cap and bells,
and gamble in the street for petty coin?
But soft, I see why you might mark me so.
Though now I am a man of some esteem,
that job was once my sole mean of employ.
When I look back on my performing days,
I know that any hardship in my road
shall be like ashes at the fire's end!
Yet till Crimea sees its freedom come,
I shall pass myself as the simple fool!

that's a bit of an iamb fail there Bastian

Ha ha ha!! You're such a comedian!! That's hilarious! Hey, why don't we go get some dinner? Maybe you can tell a few jokes! Or juggle plates! I LOVE plate juggling!

In truth, you make an offer square and just.
And though it would do my heart very well,
I fear I must decline this eve's repast.
Perhaps we could meet for a meal anon?
I shall but count the minutes to the time!

Wha ha ha ha! Man, you're too much! But, sure, that's fine with me. See you later, fool!

Excellent! Most excellent, good and fair... What ho? The watch! Alas, I must depart!

Ha! What a riot! I've never seen him before! I wonder when we'll meet again.

Hey! You there! Show some respect!

Oh, a Crimean soldier. Can I help you?

Don't talk to me like I'm stupid! You also fight for the Crimean army, do you not?

Oh, yeah... That's right. Now that Ike is the commander of the Crimean army, that automatically makes me a Crimean soldier, too. Ha ha! I'm your brother-in-arms!

Weeeell... Because you're a member of General Ike's personal mercenaries, I'll cut you a break this time... However! Know that the man you were just talking to is the count Bastian himself!

Ha ha... Huh?

Lord Bastian, the Count of Fayre, is a distinguished member of the Crimean royal court. He even served as the right hand of the late prince. How dare you address him like some common street fool! If you don't want to get clobbered, I suggest you show some respect! Is that clear?

That street performer is a Crimean noble? If that's true... He must be packed to the gills with gold! Makalov, you devil... It's time to turn on that famous charm!

.........goddamnit, Makalov.


Lucia/Bastian (C):

Earth/Wind: Avo +7.5, Hit +2.5

Good day, Count Bastian!

Ahhh... Lady Lucia. What an exquisite pleasure. Would you allow me to place a kiss upon your creamy white hand?

Sorry, my lord. I've been sharpening my blade, and my hands are covered in grime.

Nonsense! I have no objections, milady. The grime merely accentuates your beauty.

I have objections, Bastian.

Ahhh... She addresses me so curtly, but it only stokes my furnace of attraction! It is only in my nature to hunt and pursue a tantalizing beast that flees me! You have such a devious grip on my heart!

Don't even think I'm going to fall for that trick! It might work with the others, but I'm no doe-eyed fawn! Why don't you just give up already?

Ahhh, splendid! This fawn has sharp hooves! But still she spurns my advance... Next time, I shall woo her with words!



Ike/Ranulf (B):

Earth/Wind: Avo +15, Hit +5

Hey, Ranulf.

Hm? Oh, hey, Ike. How goes it?

Are you... training?

Oh yeah! I love training! I'd hate to have the hardworking general Ike leave me in his dust!

That's a good attitude.

Um... that was a joke, Ike. I hate training. Besides, training on two legs would be pretty useless for a laguz like me.

So what were you doing? It looked like stretching.

Just stretching. You know, to unwind?

Hm. I was hoping that it was a kind of special laguz technique that I didn't know about.

Sorry to disappoint you, but you and I aren't that different unless I change forms. As you can see.

I just need a tail.

Hey, a tail is a good thing to have! It's what gives us such great balance in high places. You poor beorc... I can't imagine living without a tail!

Doesn't it get in your way when you sleep?

On the contrary! There's a little trick we have...

What kind of trick?

Well, we take... Hey! You're smooth, aren't you? I almost fell for that one... Nice try, Commander!

Huh? I just asked you a question.

Listen, Ike. This is a secret that concerns the entire laguz species. I can't just run around telling any old beorc what I know.

Oh, I understand. I'm not that interested, anyway.

Wha--? Hey, now, come on! You should be more persistent! It's really interesting!


Rhys/Ulki (B):

Fire/Water: Hit +5, Atk +2, Def +1


Oh, the sickly beorc. Hello.

I had the honor of seeing you battle the other day! Your 360-degree loops were extraordinary!

...I did a loop?

And right after that, you circled many times and then dived at that soldier... BLAM!! Hee hee! Oh, you're something else!

Well... I suppose...

Oh, how I wish I could soar through the air like that!

Er, yes. You mentioned that.

On sunny days, I'd take to the skies and land on a high mountain peak, then gaze down on the villages below... Oh, just thinking about it makes me so happy! Ahhhhh... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

Er... yes. I suppose... Flying could also help you take care of injured people.

Hey, that's a great thought! I could just zoom right over and treat the victim! I'd love to do it!

Hmm... Well... Do you want to... give it a try?

Huh!? But h-how!? I don't have wings or anything... Oh, wait... Are you serious?!


No, no, don't do this! You'll give Mist more ideas...


Soren/Stefan (B):

Dark/Heaven: Atk +1, Avo +5, Hit +10


You don't fit in with this roving band of beorc, do you? Your stone sticks out from the wall.

Oh. It's you again.

Come down to the colony in Grann Desert. Others live there. Others like you. You know... the Branded.

I don't know what you're babbling about, but you're embarrassing yourself. I belong here, thank you.

I see... Well, if that's the case, I won't twist your arm.


All this stuff about Soren is superbly timed. The first specific, blatant "reveal" he gets is his conversation with Petrine, but even that doesn't reveal the name "Branded" or describe what it is. If you've been using Soren consistently, you'll get his A-support with Ike soon after. Failing that, though, you get this... and the later A-Support that will clearly expand on all this. It's a perk of PoR's battle-count based support system that wasn't really possible with the turn-count system.


Rolf/Tauroneo (B):

Wind/Thunder: Hit +5, Avo +10, Atk +1

For generations, we made a reputation for ourselves in Daein as a famed warrior family. Both my father and I had the honor of serving the royal family as field generals. We were a proud family...

What happened with Josh?

I raised him to serve the Daein army, as my father raised me. He tried to live up to my high expectations. He became a decorated knight at a young age and was assigned to the palace guard. However...

What happened?

He took to the field as Ashnard's personal aide. And he came home on a litter, grievously wounded. He escaped death, but he didn't escape his wounds. He'll never walk again.

Oh, no...

My wife nearly lost her mind. She cried day and night, swearing that she couldn't live if something like that were to ever happen again. She wanted to live in peace... with her mind at ease. She pleaded with me to leave the army. But I couldn't accept her plea. Our family house was built on generations of proud military command. Our ancient name as a warrior family would not allow me to simply abandon my sworn duty. I tried to salvage our honor by training my younger son. He was just a boy, really. I wanted him to become a Daein general.

You did what?!

I know... I was a fool. I was blinded by tradition and family reputation. By the time I realized my error, my wife and children had left me. Since then... I've been living alone in my great mansion, surrounded by countless medals and memories... Alone... for years...


Lethe/Ranulf (B):

Heaven/Wind: Hit +15, Avo +5

Ranulf, are my soldiers back in Gallia training hard in my absence?

Of course they are! They're Gallian fighters! You can trust the defense of the country to them.

I'm not nearly so confident. They train hard, but they also lack discipline. They are often at each other's throats.

Well, they're just... passionate. Don't worry. It'll work out in time.

How can you be so sure?

Oh, relax. You shouldn't be so uptight all the time. Why don't you relax once in a while?

Relaxing on the battlefield will get you killed. So... is Lyre in your unit now?

Yes, she is. She and her friend Kysha are giving me quite a hard time.

Kysha is big and strong. You'll have your hands full if they decide to give you trouble. Regardless, I'd still like you to show them the ropes.

So you haven't seen Lyre in a long time?


I see you'd rather not discuss it. Fine. But you should still try to settle your differences. She's your only sister.

Mind your business.

Fine, fine. Have it your way.

My sister aside, I am a little worried about the unit back home. While you and I are here, the country is poorly defended.

You may have a point. Maybe I'll mention it to my superior officer.

Don't worry, Lethe. I have a feeling your sister isn't going to see a whole lot of combat.


Mordecai/Ranulf (B):

Water/Wind: Atk +1, Def +1, Hit +5, Avo +5

Zzzzzz... Zzzzzzz... Puuuurrrrrzzzzz...

Hey, Mordecai! Oh... Are you sleeping?

Hmm... Aooooooouuughh... Ranulf?

Oh! You're up. Boy, how can you sleep out in the open like that? You and Ike have one thing in common, and that's iron nerves.

I trust Ike and his pack. They keep this place safe.

Ahh, I see... Say, Mordecai... I noticed something the last time I say you fight. You sometimes close your eyes when you attack the enemy. Why is that?

... You have sharp eyes.

So why do you do that?

I have no taste for watching my enemies tear into long shreds. I must fight hard. I must kill beorc and laguz... but I do not like it. So I close my eyes.

Is that the reason you miss sometimes?

... You see much.

Yeah, I'm just full of handy talents. Too bad. It's a bit of a waste. If it wasn't for your big ol' heart, you'd be a more efficient soldier.

I'm... sorry...

Don't be sorry, Mordecai. You are who you are.



Shinon/Gatrie (A):

Thunder/Light: Avo +7.5, Hit +15, Def +1.5


What the...?


Why are you standing out here like a scarecrow?

Hey, Shinon. I'm just waiting for my girlfriend.

Oh, her. Right. You're still dating?

Yep! And when I gave her the gift that you picked out for me... boy, was she happy! In fact, I'll tell you a secret... we're getting married!

Aren't you rushing it a little?

Oh, no! You see, she's terminally ill. She has Brain Stones. It's really bad. She only had a few days left to live. And since she didn't have enough money to pay for the treatment... I thought it was time to spend my gold!

You paid for it?

Yep! Every last gold piece! And guess what? The treatment cost exactly as much as I had! It's fate, isn't it? Oh, with a coincidence like this, I know that we're meant for each other!

... You've got to be kidding me.

Between the war and her illness, times are pretty rough, so we decided to have the wedding right away. I was supposed to meet her here and then introduce her to the company. I wanted to do it in style, you know? But she's not here yet... Oh, wait is that... No, that's a horse. Hmm... I'm a little worried. I went to her house this morning, but I think I got the address wrong. All I found was an abandoned shack. But it'll be alright! She knows I'm with this army, and... And...

Gatrie? She's not coming. You've been conned.

Whaaat!? No, I don't believe it! She's such a fine girl! So pure and kind! She'd never hornswoggle ol' Gatrie!

How can someone with only days left to live manage to walk the streets looking for a knight with lots of money?

Because... Because she needed to meet me! It's fate! Remember?

Then why isn't she here?

B-because... Um... Wolves?

No, Gatrie. It's not wolves.

Oh... Hee hee! Hee hee hee! I guess ol' Gatrie... Wha haha! I guess I got taken again! Whaa ha ha ha... Whooo! Oh man, I'll never learn.

Tell me what she looks like.

Huh? Why?

All your money? That's going too far. I'll find her and... get it back.

Well... Nah, that's all right. I mean, it's my fault anyway.

Are you sure? She must be laughing her head off by now.

Well, at least it was a cute little head.

Sigh... You're hopeless, Gatrie. You know that?

Yeah, I know. But I don't mind so much. I makes me kinda charming, right?

Well I guess you don't have to worry about what to do with your money anymore.

Yeah, that's right. Hey, if you look at it that way. It's a blessing in disguise!

Let's go find a watering hole with some cute waitresses. What do you say?

Hey, that's a great idea! Oh, but... I don't have any money. Sorry, Shinon. Maybe some other time.

Forget it. It's my treat.

Are... are you serious?


Hee hee hee!

What's so funny?

Supper on your gold piece? This is my lucky day!


Poor Gatrie.



Gatrie/Astrid (A):

Light/Wind: Def +1.5, Hit +15, Avo +7.5

I'm ready for today's lesson, Gatrie!

Great! Er... right. Let's begin where we left off last time. Do you know what adaptation means?

I certainly do.

See adaptation is... Wait... you do?

It means changing your strategy to take advantage of different circumstances.

Ahhh... So that's what it means... Er, yes! That's exactly right! You're smart AND beautiful, Astrid! I knew what adaptation meant. I just wanted to test my favorite student, and she passed!

Oh, you flatter me! Thank you for your kind words.

Well, I do have one more test question... Er... do you... have a boyfriend?

A boyfriend?

That's right! Oh, don't worry! I don't happen to have a girlfriend. You know... for the moment.

I don't have a boyfriend. But... I do have a fiancé.

What?! A fiancé?!


Well, er... Congratulations!

Gatrie! Do you have something in your eye?

Oh... Don't worry about me. ... Sniff... Sniff... As long as you're happy... ... Sniiiifff...

Gatrie! Where are you going?

I screwed up again! I thought I had a chance this time, too. Hmmm... Wait... She said she had a fiancé, didn't she? Going out of her way to tell me that... She must want me to swoon her off her feet and steal her away! That's it! She should have just said so! Wait for me, Astrid!

Poor Gatrie.



Lethe/Muarim (A):

Heaven/Thunder: Hit +15, Def +1.5, Avo +7.5


What is it?

I'm sorry I gave you a hard time. I must have just been envious of how comfortable you are around beorc.


Yes... you can deal with the beorc on an equal footing without losing face. It may seem like nothing to you, but it's something I once couldn't imagine.

You can do the same.

Grrr... you may be right. Yes... I must change my attitude.

I think you will feel better that way. I've never seen you with a peaceful look on your face before. That makes me worried...

Hah. Am I really that frigid?

Most of the time. But I'm glad to see that you're warming up. Why don't you tell me more about why you are so harsh with the beorc? I might be able to understand.



Mordecai/Ulki (A):

Water/Water: Atk +3, Def +3

I have an idea, Ulki.

What is it?

Janaff is your king's eyes. I will be yours. Carry me on your back. You will help me fly, and I will show you the night forest.

... No, you'd be too heavy. I can't carry you.

Hrrrm... I see. I am sorry to trouble you. I can see at night, and you can fly in the sky. I thought it was a good idea...


It was a foolish thought.

No, it was very kind. Well, what if... Yes, suppose I grow stronger, and you, well, lost some weight... Then we could give your idea a try.

I will! Then, you can take me to Phoenicis, and I will see your home! I will do what you have asked! Except... I must lose some weight. I do not like that. I like to eat... No! It will be worth not eating! I will see Phoenicis!

... Uh... It was just a thought. Let's not go overboard here...



Well, I guess we should BEXP now.

This is Mist, capping Strength.

Ever since that miraculous ballista dodge I've been inclined to feed Reyson levels. I've not regretted it yet.


Also sweet.


Let's get outta here.


Just over those mountains.

So we're finally going to join forces...

Reports say that King Ashnard is gathering his forces in the capital. The time to work together is certainly upon us.

Mmm... If we go around that mountain and avoid it, how much time will we lose?

A couple of days, at least.

In that case, we've no choice but to go through them, right?



Hrm. This looks annoying.

We must not let Crimea join forces with those sub-humans!

Yeah. Annoying.

Those boulders didn't get up there all by themselves... Are they seriously going to roll them down on us?

At first glance, it seems a simplistic trap, but these narrow paths make avoiding the rocks impossible. I think they may be surprisingly effective.


"We run up the mountain as quickly as possible and smash the enemy commander!" Right?

Right... How did you--

I know... genius.

Actually, that is the best plan. Try to avoid the boulders and reach the top as quickly as possible. Once there, defeat the general.

Right. Move out!


Asshole terrain feature? Check.

Siege asshole? Check (Purge flavour)

Flying magic weapon boss asshole? Double Check. (and oh lord does he have a surprise for the unwary)


All of which brings us, kicking and screaming, into Voting Time!

Into the twelve spaces we're allotted we'll be putting Ike and Mist as per usual, Reyson as also per usual, Jill because damn if I'm not bringing a flyer, and also it's time for Geoffrey and Largo to get their customary free turn.

So, yadayadayada, six spaces up for voting.

Choose from Oscar, Titania, Soren, Mia, Rolf, Marcia, Volke, Nephenee, Zihark, Astrid, Gatrie, Stefan, Tormod, Muarim, Devdan, Janaff, Ulki, Tanith, Shinon, Calill, Tauroneo, Ranulf, Haar, Lucia, Bastian.

We're also going to forge ourselves a sword for endgame use. Names welcome.

48 hours or some such. Proceed!