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Part 71: Chapter 28 - Maniac

Maniac Chapter 28

Going to preface this chapter by showing that no, Ena's dialog does not change between difficulties. She still thinks there are 30 enemies, 10 dragons etc. I guess they don't teach math in dragon school.

In truth, the enemy count looks a lot more intimidating. There are over 60 enemies, which is a big step up from Hard, and remember that all of the enemies have better stats as well. Oh, and there are 6 Siege tome Sages as well as 2 Sleep Bishops and 1 Silence Bishop. You know, just in case you tried to make this quick or something.

Aside from our very nasty Swordmasters that are not only level capped, but also close to stat caps as well...

We have our "normal" dragons. These guys can be pretty tough if you don't have a good magic user.

And then there is the super dragon. Only one of these on the map (fortunately), but come on, 40 strength and 36 defense? Really now IS, really.

Dragons are, as we all know, weak to lightning. Jill breaks out the Bolt Axe and chips off a big chunk of this dragon.

Thoron does a much better job though.

I decided to let Tibarn in on some killing since most of my units are already at 20 and don't need the experience. Tibarn has to have some hidden Provoke status somewhere since he gets all the siege tome users to attack him despite other, less godly units, were in range.

My fighting siege tomes with siege tomes strategy that I've employed since way back doesn't really work any more, the enemy Sages just have too much resistance at this point for it to be worth it.

...didn't I kill you 10 or so chapters ago?

A Sleep Bishop decides to run up and sleep Oscar for some reason. It would have been somewhat dangerous if Tibarn wasn't here to drag all the siege tome Sages away from him. He only got attacked by that Tiger which wasn't a problem. By the way, those Bishops have 12 range with their staves, so you can't really avoid them with how the map is set up.

First wave cleared. Tibarn is really making this easy for me.

Hawk, meet Nasir. Nasir is great since he can draw attention when he's untransformed and still live after he gets attacked.

Damnit Zihark, I told you to stop that last chapter.

Turn 5 spawns some cats.

Tibarn is almost invincible, but he can take some damage here and there that can add up, so be sure to keep him at full.

Case in point. The siege tome Sages are definitely the most annoying part of this map.

Turn 6 comes with some bird reinforcements.

Tibarn decides to go for the last Sleep Bishop, making my life a lot easier. Also note the amount of enemies in this screenshot and the one before it.

Tibarn cleaned house while Ike and co. got completely ignored. Tibarn

Turn 8 brings this interesting group of reinforcements. 13 Tigers from nowhere, thanks Maniac. I was lucky that I only had Team Earth and Tibarn up there, otherwise that would probably have been a reset.

Mist hit 20 while throwing heals from a safe distance. She might not live up to Fedule's Mist, but she's still a very good unit.

Zihark also managed to steal enough kills from Tibarn to hit 20. He's far less impressive than I want him to be, but he's at least good at dodging things (aside from sleep )

Tibarn and Team Earth clean up, the boss gets murdered by Oscar and the map is over. This map looked really hard at first, but after I remembered how broken Tibarn is it turned into a stroll towards the Seize point with some obstacles inbetween. Oscar got the MVP, but we all know who the real MVP is this chapter.

Also, as a bonus, I decided to play around a little with Resolve. I didn't get as good results as I wanted, but some were at least good enough to show off.

Oscar gets some ridiculous avoid when he's fully supported and has Resolve active. There are barely any units in the game that can touch him when he's like that. Not quite as good unsupported, but he can still wreck faces if he gets the chance.

Oh yes, Boyd. Look at that 45 strength and 40 speed. He's not incredibly dodgy though, which kind of throws a wrench in my plan of having him solo a map, but he can do some crazy damage at least.

Like so. That hit critted by the way, so that would be a 201 damage crit. Boyd is awesome