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Part 72: Endgame - Preamble

The Crimean royal palace, located in the center of Melior, is famed for its beautiful gardens where the world seems at peace.

But times have changed. Countless battles have raged in these idyllic confines, and a new dark lord now sits upon the throne. The palace itself has not suffered--it remains a study in dignity and elegance. Yet there is no peace on this day. A grim tension fills the air, engulfing all it touches in deafening silence.

Within the heart of the palace sits the author of this war: Ashnard, king of Daein.

Ike, supreme commander of the Crimean army, and Elincia, princess of Crimea, have completed their battle preparations. Now, they spend a tense morning waiting for the decisive battle that will conclude their yearlong odyssey.

They wait for the beginning of the end.

Hoo boy.


We're cutting straight to business today. Speaking of cutting, Mia did rather a lot of it, and I think she's earned an MVP.

It's our last time around the base! What a bittersweet occasion.


Friend (*):

... I'm sorry, Mist.


I knew how much the medallion meant to you, and I stole it nevertheless. No matter the words I use to apologize, I did something unforgivable. I gained your trust-- and Ike's-- and betrayed it. Then I compounded my dishonor by fleeing. ... I am so very sorry...

... Ah, Mist. I do not deserve your kindness...

... Mist, please allow me to apologize as well. I am the one who is truly at fault here. What Nasir did, he did for me.

I'm honestly quite curious. Plus, I want to help! But... But I doubt that I can. So, I'm going to wait. I've decided to wait until the two of you can tell me about whatever it is. So... you don't need to worry about it anymore. All right?

... Thank you, Mist.

Thank you.



Friend (*):

It doesn't matter how hard the fight you're facing might be, I always feel excited the night before!

I'd like to tell you how wrong that is, but I can't. I... can't seem to calm my nerves, either.

We're going to win, you know? King Daein won't survive the day.

Mmm... I wonder.

Oh, it's you. Heya, Ike.

Do you have some need of the king?

Yeah, will you tell him I'm here?

We will. Wait here.

You know me too well. You're going to circle the capital and ensure that no airborne enemies escape. That's clear, isn't it?

Yes. I think encircling the capital's a good idea. We'll guard the west and take care of airborne combat as well. The Phoenicis and Kilvas armies are unbeatable in that regard.

Kilvas is going to help out?

Of course.

After what we saw in the dungeons of Gritnea Tower, we all agreed that King Ashnard must pay. Reyson and Leanne helped to sway certain opinions. It was tough, but in the end, we understood what needs to happen.

That will be enough. At least I know I can rely on you.

Well, to be perfectly honest... I wouldn't mind a chance to remove Ashnard's head from his shoulders.

It's just like the time I fought the Black Knight... You're being kept away from the main fight. My apologies, hawk king.

That's all right. But if you find yourself overwhelmed, give me a call.


And as for you, Reyson. I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, but--

Don't worry, I won't die. I'm not going to leave Leanne and my father all alone.


... No, I think not. It's just Tibarn after all. He doesn't really want help from Kilvas anyway.

The hawk king may not care, but... Prince Reyson would surely feel that you had betrayed him yet again, Nestling.


Oh, and dear lady Leanne as well. If you were to flee in the face of the enemy, it would break her heart. Hah...... It would be so sad... HAAAH... Heeee!


Friend (*):

We'll win.

I knew you'd say that! Ha! You don't fool me anymore. But even so... I appreciate your bravado tonight.

Master Giffca! What are you doing here?

The king felt uneasy knowing you were here on your own. I come in his name.

So, are you going to fight with us?

That is my purpose. That is, if Lord Ike grants his permission.

Of course. The Daein army is large, so we're going to be attacking them from the front and holding the two eastern gates. I'd be very appreciative if you would agree to take command of that front.

If that is your wish, I can but agree.

What's this now? You weren't satisfied with the work I was doing? I mean, I know that I'm no Master Giffca, but please...

Ranulf, I want you to be with me. Is that all right?

He's in good health. The king... has given me a message for you two.

A message? Not orders?

That's right. He said to be sure you make it home alive. And then he said that your work in the past year has been most satisfactory and that he's sincerely grateful to you both.

... That's... such an honor!

We have fought hard. But... it wasn't a bother. Ike and the others are good beorc... We are happy to fight with them.

I see.

It's time for our final round of supports. Let's clean em out!


Ike/Titania (A):

Earth/Light: Avo +15, Hit +7.5, Def +1.5

Titania? I wish to thank you.

W-what? What's with all the formality?

There's no guarantee that any of us will see tomorrow, and I want to tell you this while it's still in my head. Will you listen?

Um... All right, but... what's with you? And what have I done to deserve your thanks?

You have done much. You helped my father build this company. He had lost his wife and had two young children to care for... I wish to thank you for that.

...Oh, Ike...

I've taken everything in my life for granted, and it was all possible because of you. My thanks is far too late in coming.

It's not necessary, Ike. What I did, I did because--

You loved him. Didn't you?

...!!! ...Um...

Perhaps I'm wrong. Regardless... I stand here alive today because of you. And I still want to thank you for it. Had you not lent a helping hand, I would most likely be dead. And my father's life cut short as well. You helped to keep him alive until the Black Knight brought him down... You made his final years happy. Thank you.

Oh, Ike... ...I don't... ...Sniff... ...Sniff... ...Sniff...

Unlike my father, I lack both experience and strength, but... I'm learning. Please, keep aiding and supporting me. Please...

... Sniff... Of course... Of course I will, Ike.



Thunder/Wind: Def +1.5, Avo +15, Hit +7.5

Mr. Haar?


That's strange. I didn't have to call for you a hundred times before you answered!

Well, I figured this way I don't have to listen to your whining.

Oh, so that's how it is? Well, whatever...

What are you going to do when this war is over, Jill?

Hopefully go back to Daein. I want to be near my father's grave.

I see.

What about you?

If I survive sparring with Ashnard... I don't know what I'll do. I've already thought about guarding Lord Shiharam's grave.

Does that mean you're not happy being with me?

That's not it. I was just thinking you probably don't like being with me.

Why would I not like that?

Then if we both survive this war, let's start a wyvern courier service. We'll make a lot of loot.

Sure... If we survive.

...huh. That kinda came outta nowhere...


Makalov/Bastian (A):

Thunder/Wind: Def +1.5, Avo +15, Hit +7.5

Whatever is the problem, Makalov?


We went unto the hall and gambled there.
We stayed until the cock did crow at dawn!
So why do you bestare me with a look?

Bastian... You lied to me, didn't you?!

What, me? I did not in my--

LIAR!! "I've never been to a gambling parlor," you said... HA!! You looked more at home there than I did! What's more, I lost my shirt and you cleaned house! And you're telling me not to glare at you?! Ha! Explain yourself! And no more poetry!

... Sigh... I didn't lie to you, Makalov. That was the first time I ever set foot inside a gambling parlor. However... The nobles have a similar gambling game that I was quite familiar with.

Blast! The rich just get richer! What's wrong with this world?

The gold I won is not that important. I came along simply because you wanted me to test my luck. But... I did break the house, didn't I? I couldn't have dreamt a better ending! It makes me positively giddy. Ta ha ha!

You don't need the money? Well, I'll gladly take it!

Not a chance. War consumes money at an astonishing pace. This goes right into Crimea's war chest.

No need to worry about that. Crimea will win this war.

Hm? Is that so? Why do you say that?

Because she has a disgustingly lucky man like you on her side. There's no way she will lose two battles in a row.

I see you have a gift for foresight.

So about that money...

If Crimea is victorious, I shall fill your coffers with so much gold that even a team of oxen could not drag them!


I don't make promises I can't keep. I have many means to make money. Don't you worry yourself over that.

You're on! I better give this war my best. It's the gamble of a lifetime!

Goddamnit, Makalov.


Reyson/Tanith (A):

Fire/Earth: Atk +1.5, Hit +7.5, Avo +15

Your Highness. I owe you my thanks. Your songs saved my life the other day.

I am glad you are safe. I have never seen your Pegasus balk before an enemy. She usually moves so swiftly.

We've been fighting so hard lately. I think she must have been exhausted. She didn't want to let me down... If you had not sung your galdr then... I don't like to think what could have happened--to her or to me. Again, I thank you, Your Highness.

Do you still think I am of no value because I do not fight?

No, Your Highness. I hadn't realized how valuable you could be. I was arrogant, and I was wrong. To think I'd intended to protect you, and yet you wound up saving me. I have dishonored Begnion.

It does not matter. As long as you understand that I need no protection.

No, it matters quite a bit. I'm in over my head. I cannot remain here, not after this humiliation. I return at once to Begnion. There, I shall await the judgment of the apostle.

You jest! It was a minor tactical error. You needn't abandon us for--

No... Dishonorable discharge is the only path left for me... The apostle charged me with a task, and I have failed her.

If you will not listen to reason, then I see only one recourse. I appoint you as my escort. You have fulfilled your apostle's orders.

But, your Highness, I have already seen that I will be nothing but a burden to you. How can I protect you?

I will protect you. We will protect one another. Remain here, and fulfill your duty.

Your Highness, I would be pleased to accept your appointment. I have misjudged you once. I swear I shall not do it again.


Tauroneo/Largo (A):

Thunder/Wind: Def +1.5, Avo +15, Hit +7.5

Hmmm... That's not it. That's no good, either...

Are you thinking about your pub again?

Hey, Tauroneo! Can you dish me up some more of your good advice?

Glad to.

I'm trying to come up with a name for my pub.

What do you have so far?

How about "Savory Pies And Stuff"?

Hmmm. It's a bit... odd.

Maybe you're right. let me think... I want this to be a pub where both beorc and laguz can walk on in, get a meat pie and a frosty beverage, and be happy. So how about we name it the "All You Beorc And Laguz Come On Down And Get Yourself A Meat Pie Pub"!

That's a little long.

No good, eh? Nuts. What am I gonna do? I'm no good at thinking up stuff like this.

Maybe you're trying too hard. How about naming it after something you think is important?

Hey, yeah! I'll call it "Calill". She's always been my favorite.

Naming it after an old flame, eh? I say go with that. I'll be sure to drop in for a pie and a brew when you open your place.

You better! I'll have your favorite drink waiting for you! Your favorite drink is... Wait, I know this... I wrote it down somewhere... Oh, here it is... Strong!


Bwaaa ha ha haaaa!!! Leave it to me!



Geoffrey/Elincia (A):

Fire/Heaven: Atk +1.5, Hit +22.5

I've listened to all that you've had to say, Geoffrey. Now it's time for you to hear me out.

By your command.

You fight too hard and take too many risks to protect me in combat.

Is that not what a knight is sworn to do?

But you put yourself at grave risk!

It is true. I have felt the bite of steel several times while protecting you... But I would do so again without a thought!

You promised me long ago that you wouldn't needlessly jeopardize your life for my sake. I guess you don't value your life after all.

Your Highness...

I know you think I should stay at camp and rest on silken pillows without suiting up for battle. But... There's no way I could stand... Stand seeing someone so dear to me die just beyond my grasp. So... now you know why I asked this of you.

I don't know if you realize all that you've done for the soldiers. Do you see how you have raised the spirits of the Crimeans since you began fighting alongside them? Their princess herself leads the charge! She doesn't ask the soldiers to risk their lives without risking her own. They adore you. And that is why we win our battles. They fight with a ferocity no other force could possibly match. They will win at any cost.


I admit I have been fighting recklessly. ... I did so knowing you were near me. I knew you'd be by my side If I were gravely wounded.

Yet... You feel me a burden.

I can't imagine fighting without you anymore. If you do hold my life dear, please keep fighting. Lead us to victory!

Oh, Geoffrey. I'm so sorry I brought you so much torment. I misunderstood you. I am... so immature.

I disobeyed your direct orders. That's no badge of honor, either.

I'm sure I'll keep causing you troubles... but please... never leave my side, Geoffrey.

Princess Elincia... My life and blade are yours.


Tormod/Calill (A):

Fire/Dark: Hit +7.5, Atk +3, Avo +7.5

Hey, pretty lady! What do you think of my magic now?

Hmm, let's see...


You've worked very hard. I have nothing more to teach you.

Whooo-hoo! Now I'm a mage, too!

Yes, I suppose you could say that. You have inspired me, Tormod. Your passion makes me want to study more of the arcane arts. I think I'll start learning magic again.

What? Are there still things that you need to learn?

Ha ha ha! Oh, Tormod. I have only shown you the tip of the magical iceberg. Anyone can learn that much with hard work and practice. Maybe not as quickly as you, but... Whether you can go further, however, depends on your own essence.

My essence?

The abilities that you were born with... or lack. Having a certain essence is the key to mastering magic.

Wh-what do you think? Do I have a magical essence?

Sorry, Tormod. But you and I, we're nothing special. Some talent, yes. But not the true essence.

Then... this is it? This is as far as I'll go? I can't be the world's mightiest mage, no matter how hard I try?

Well, there is a way to improve magical abilities beyond one's essence, but... even that has limits. And a price.

What kind of way?

You let a spirit come into your body. It's called Spirit Charming.

That sounds crazy!

Some would say so. Magic comes from these spirits--from their interactions with the natural world. If you take that power into your body, your magic will see a dramatic and powerful improvement. In plain language, you turn your body into bait. You get better magic, and the spirit gets... you.

W-what? It... it EATS you?

As I understand it... the spirit will slowly consumes your soul in exchange for essence. So I suggest you not make such a bargain unless you're absolutely prepared.

Who would do such a thing?

Oh, there are many people... I'm sure the intelligence officer of this mercenary group is one of them.

You mean that Soren fellow?

You know the mark on his forehead? That's what happens when you cut a deal with a spirit.

Are you serious? Wait, I've seen those marks before! The old man in the desert who taught me magic had one on the palm!

Many magic users in Begnion and Daein hide such marks. They fear being confused with the Branded.

Branded? What's that?

Never mind that! Just listen to me. Don't cut deals with spirits. The price is too steep.

But I want to be strong! I want--

You can still improve your magic without making such a bargain. Look, we're both nobodies in the big scheme of things. Let's just try to help each other out.

Oh... all right. I'll work hard to be the most average mage I can be!

Ha ha ha! Now you're talking!!


Astrid/Makalov (A):

Wind/Thunder: Hit +7.5, Avo +15, Def +1.5


Hey! Astrid!

... Hello, Makalov.

Um... yeah... look... Lemme give this back to you.

Was there something wrong with my pendant?

No! Not at all! That big gem alone could have fetched 5,000 gold, easy.

Then why are you giving it back? Aren't you desperately in need?

Well, it's like this... Just as I was walking into the pawnshop, guess who I see? My stupid sister! She demanded to know where I got it! She got all angry and started yelling at me! Again!! She thought I stole it.

But I gave it to you, Makalov.

Of course! And I told her that! But then she started crying and stuff. Said that I ripped you off and I was a big swindler... So I thought I should give it back before she hits me on the head with her big lance again.

I see.

You're quite lucky, you know. You can give away an expensive pendant like other people give away a sandwich! My sister doesn't even have a cheap necklace, much less a huge whopper like that. The goddess is so unjust. She only favors the aristocracy.

I'm... I'm sorry...

Hey, I wasn't asking for you to apologize.

My pendant was really worth that much? I... I only wore it because my beloved grandmother gave it to me when I was just a girl. I had no idea...

Whoa! It's a memento!? Why the heck did you give me something so important?

That pendant is just an object. Memories of my grandmother always remain in my heart, even if I let the pendant go. I suppose I thought it would do more good if I gave it to someone in need.

You... You're so... good. Look, I'm really sorry!! I'm just a crook. I tried to bum some money off of you so I could go gambling. Ah, Astrid! I'm a dirty, flea-ridden cur! I'm nothing more than a wet sack of trash! Please forgive me!!

Oh Makalov... I'm not upset.

You're more forgiving than the goddess herself!

Oh... That's nonsense.

I'm serious! You're practically a blinding beacon of moral greatness!

Please, stop teasing me. When a fine gentleman like you stares at me like that... Oh, it makes me so... ... I'm so embarrassed.

Huh? A fine gentleman? Me?

Oh, no... I can't believe I said that... Excuse me! I've got to go!

What was that all about? When you're raised like she was, I bet you don't even learn to like men.

Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no no no no no


Ike/Reyson (A):

Earth/Fire: Avo +15, Atk +1.5, Hit +7.5

Reyson? How are you holding up? You look like death warmed over.

I know, Ike! Believe me, I know that better than anyone. But, please. Let me do this. Let me fight to the end.

Well, all right. But I don't want you dropping dead the minute this war is over!

My body should return to normal once the medallion settles down... Don't worry. My will is still strong. I have to confront Ashnard. I have to discover the truth.

I'll help you with that, Reyson.

I told you not to treat me spec--

And I need you to help me, too.

... R-really?

We each posses unique powers. If we combine our might, it will lead to victory in future battles.

I see... Very well. I appreciate your help.

Hang in there, Reyson. The end is in sight.


Muarim/Largo (A):

Thunder/Wind: Def +1.5, Avo +15, Hit +7.5

Hey, Muarim! That lifting competition we had the other day was epic!

Yes. It was a good time.

People got interested when we were seeing who could lift the most cured hams! That crowd was huge!

Mmm... It got a bit out of hand when we started lifting people.

Bwa ha ha! We were neck and neck right until the end. The last thing I stacked on my back was that big smoked ham, but then you picked up that girl! What was her name again?


Yeah, that's her. We could have settled the competition if we had known which was heavier. Huh! I still think it was the ham...

You were quite amazing.

Amazing? Me? Naw, not Largo! You were the incredible one!

I'm not talking about how many hams you lifted. You were able to draw everyone together. It gave them a laugh, despite the stress of battle. Everyone had a chance to relax and blow off some steam.

Well, everbody deserves a good belly laugh! Bwaaaaa haa haa haaaaaa!!

You also treat me and everybody else the same. You are a good beorc.

Bwa ha ha! I just call it like I see it! I don't deserve any credit for that. For now, let's call our match a tie. How about some arm wrestling next time? There's no way you can beat me at that!

Hah! We shall see!


Calill/Geoffrey (A):

Dark/Fire: Avo +7.5, Atk +3, Hit +7.5

Ah! I see!

So that's why her existence was never made public. Instead, she was taken to the royal villa and raised in secret.

It's a rather complicated story for a... commoner like me to understand. To grow up like that... Hidden from the eyes of the world.

I don't think the princess minded. She grew up with the love of her parents and Lord Renning. She didn't have to inherit the throne. She lived happy and free, like a country aristocrat.

She would probably still be happy if it weren't for that Daein attack!


Oh, I'm sorry, Sir Geoffrey. I was careless with my words.

No, you speak the truth.

I think your earlier story was even more fascinating, though! I can't believe that you are the son of Elincia's foster mother and have known Her Highness since childhood.

Those early days were the best of my life. Crimea was at peace, and the whole land was filled with such beauty. The princess was especially beautiful... I remember chasing her and my sister, Lucia, around the villa... But alas! She is above my station! I can never have her, and yet... I cannot forget the past!

Shush! You can't wallow in your own memories like that! You have to live in the here and now! It's true that times are hard. We spend every day fighting, covered in sweat and blood... But there is always hope! You must find what... pleasures you can whenever possible.

Calill. You are right. I must not lose hope. I regret my outburst.

Oh, that's all right. Actually, I prefer a man who's a couple links short of a full chain. Makes him more interesting.

Thank you. For now, I will devote myself to rebuilding Crimea. Though I think fondly on the princess, I know that our time together will never be as it once was. To serve her for life and watch her happiness from a distance... I can live with that.

Or you could just elope! Kidding! I'm kidding. Besides, you're too straight laced for that. I know you. It's a shame. The two of you would make a nice couple.

...You're a good person, Miss Calill.

Oh, I know it! You can't just find a smart, attractive woman like this on every corner, you know?

You are indeed a gem among stones.

Oh, no! Don't try to sweet talk me now! It's far too late for such flattery! I know how you feel about the princess. I wouldn't want to compete.

Mmm... That's unfortunate.

Ha ha ha! Well, at least we became good friends. Expose your heart to me without fear, brave Sir Geoffrey! I'll stand by you to the end.


Janaff/Lucia (A):

Thunder/Earth: Def +1.5, Avo +22.5

In Crimea, we dream of peace for all people. Friendship that transcends nation, creed, and race. Beorc and laguz, living in harmony.

Transcending race, huh? Crimea is an odd country. I heard you even let laguz live within your borders!

Yes, due to our bond with King Caineghis. And now, Princess Elincia hopes to establish such alliances with other laguz nations.

It's a pretty thought. But do you think that a friendship which transcends nation, creed, and race will come so easily?

It will not be easy, but it can be--

For example. You know that Phoenicis and Begnion used to be bitter enemies, right?

Yes, I know.

The apostle finally recognized the Serenes massacre, but who knows how long it'll take that news to spread over the country? Before that happens, there could be more fighting. War might erupt anew. If so, whose side will you choose?

I would--

It'll be Begnion. Come on! Am I wrong? And in the eyes of Phoenicis, Crimea is nothing more than a Begnion colony. Which means I'll fight against you.

Princess Elincia would do everything in her power to avoid such a war. However, I am her loyal vassal. In the event of conflict, my path is clear.

Same here. The king's ally is my ally. And the king's enemy... But if I can help it. I'd rather not fight a good-looking woman like you! Dinner would be much more enjoyable.

I agree, Janaff. When this war is over and Crimea rebuilt... let's meet again. Not as enemies, but as friends.

I hope you'll be old enough to go out without a chaperon by then!

I hope so as well.


Ike/Elincia (A):

Earth/Heaven: Avo +15, Hit +15


We finally reach the capital tomorrow.


How are you feeling about it?

More than a little anxious... but... We've finally made it. I'm home. More than anything. I feel relief.

You've grown strong Princess.

That's only because I had such a great role model.

Hah! I think you meant to say bad role model, right? By the way, do you remember what you said to me on the southern sea?

W-what did I say? Hopefully, it was nothing too embarrassing.

You said, "Give them a sound thrashing".

Oh... er... that? That was... um... I was trying to fit in, my lord Ike. To be rough and capable like the rest of you.

You caught me off guard with that one.

Hee hee! It brings back memories. When I fled the capital and was told about Crimea's defeat in Gallia... I prepared myself to live in crushing colorless despair for the rest of my days. But when I look back, I can see there were some warm rays of hope... poking through.

You're right...

Tomorrow, I will face King Daein and reclaim Crimea... or die in the attempt. It is the only thing on my mind.

You employed me as a mercenary. I'll give you your money's worth! ... No, it means more than that... To my last breath, I will do all that I can to ensure your dream... Elincia.

Oh, Ike...


And there we have it. Every single support! Let's hit the shops for the last time.

First up, our final Forge. We haven't had a golden axe yet, so here's one now.

Steel and Silver in every offensive configuration! If your armoury is not 100% Silver and better at this point, then you are Doing It Wrong.

Had we not been nabbing Physic staves left and right since the first possibile opportunity, it might be more of a relief to see Aimee finally selling the damn things. Well, no matter; besides those, there's every other denomination of healing staff, and also Elixirs, on which we stock up in full knowledge that I'm probably never actually going to use them. Seriously though, this is the time to empty all your money, and not just because it's the God Damn End Game; the file you finish this map with is the file that will be carried into Trial Maps, so if you want to be well armed therein, you'd better stock up now.


Well, it's been a long time coming. Let's bring it on home.