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Part 73: Endgame - More Preamble

Father, Mother, my lord Uncle... Your Elincia has returned...

Before they march, would you... speak to them?

What? Y-y-you want me to... address the troops?

Giving men the courage to fight is the duty of a leader.

I... I don't know how well I'll do, but... I will try.

For old time's sake, there are about six different variations on this conversation for varying combinations of mortal status of Geoffrey, Bastian and Lucia. Not one word is changed.


Hear me! Beloved friends of the laguz!
You, too, have given all for our fair cause.
Hear me! My trusted company of old!
You men of Greil did see me to this day.

We march today into the jaws of fate;
our enemy lies in wait o'er this hill.
If on the 'morrow, Ashnard lives no more,
my fondest dream is to among you walk
and give you each my heartfelt thanks anew.

Lend me your strength! Lend me your weary hearts!
Today we make our fate for good and all.
One life can make a mark upon this world.
One life can move the wheel of history.
Be that one life! Fight well! Fight brave!



It's said we grow into the roles we're given, isn't it? Elincia will make a splendid queen.

That's... That's just what Nasir said! What? It's true! Stop it! Don't give me that I-can't-believe-what-I-just-heard look.

Nasir said it, right? Whew! That's a relief! I thought the world had gone mad.


Very well, we're ready--

Say, Ike! This is the end of the end, you know? So... rather than just giving orders... Why don't you say a word, too?

I think Princess Elincia said enough!

You want me to say something... like Father would have done?


Oh come on, game.

OK, just this once, let's look at the stupid option:

No, that's not me. I'm not going to do it.

What? How boring!

I'm perfectly happy being boring. Come on, it's time to go.

What else can we do? He's just being Ike, after all. I suppose we should go, too.


And then we cut to battle.

Of course, that's the stupid option.


Before this final battle, there's only one thing I want to tell all of you... I don't want any of you dying on me! Remember--you only have one life! At a time like this, it doesn't matter what our blood ties are. We are family.

So if you don't want to cause your family any grief, then live! Don't drop your guard! Don't turn your back! Use every drop of your strength! Our road has been long, but it ends today! Let's liberate Crimea and free our friends... and our families... from Daein's tyranny!



I am not leaving.

But if... If we lose Your Majesty, the Daein royal bloodline itself will be lost!

Are you saying I will lose? Hm? Is that what you wish to say?

... Of course not! However, our army is in dire straits. It is merely an act of prudence, Your Majesty. I humbly ask that you consider the continuance of the bloodline above all else. Of course, your judgment--

The value of the thirteenth generation of Daein's royal family is not so high as to warrant your pathetic display.

Your... Your Majesty... That is--

I have no need of inconstant retainers. You are an obstacle. Away with you.

... B-but, Your Majesty...

My sole desire is to rule through strength. The weak perish, and the strong live on... This is the law of nature. It is the law the goddess herself created when she forged this world.

... It appears that further conversation would only be a waste of time. Though even if His Majesty desires it not, I will remain and protect him. I cannot allow the legacy of Daein to end here!

... From the fifteenth year of my life... and for twenty more years until his death... I did serve him faithfully.


Oh, but it doesn't end there. There was my stepmother, too. And every brother who stood to be a legitimate heir... All of them died by my hand.


Are you still determined to protect me? Knowing this truth?

Even knowing now as I do... you are still your father's son. The blood of Daein's kings flows in you. You are all that remains.... By your leave.

In truth, there is nothing in this world more humorous than a knight.


Is... Is that...


Elincia, what are you doing?! Get back!

... Ashnard...

Wh-what did you say? THAT is the king of Daein?!


You look quite different than you did the day that I cut your father and mother down like cattle... I can hardly believe you're the same little girl who did nothing but tremble and stare at me.

You... You craven-- I've returned to see you defeated! I will no longer allow you to treat Crimea any way you please!

Haaa haa haa! How brave and noble of you. However, you are not the one I seek.

Oh come on. Mounted units can't shove!



King Ashnard of Daein! Your treachery dies on my blade!

Oh ho? Ah ha ha ha haaaa! I see that blade in your hand... It is a sacred blade, is it not? The only type of blade that can pierce my armor. Hm. It matters not how famous the blade. If the wielder lacks skill, the greatest sword is nothing but blunted steel.

Don't worry. You will see for yourself how blunt it is.

I expect good things from you, son of Gawain. What you see before you are my elite, handpicked soldiers. How will you deal with them? I'm looking forward to watching you. Don't disappoint me!



Well, here we are.

Let's savour this moment, shall we? Have a look around;

There are actually less units here in Hard Mode than in Normal. But... well, still a net increase in Asshole Quotient. On the left side, some badass paladins.

On the right, generals and halberdiers. There are Feral Ones running around the grass and in the middle.

Bolting Asshole right in the middle of the map.

This motherfucker here? He's not just packing the strongest light magic in existence; he also has a God Damned Fortify Staff. It will majorly heal everyone within 10 squares of the asshole. That is a pain.

Directly in front of him is a sub-boss surrounded by generals, and behind all that, are some stairs (guarded by wyverns) leading to Ashnard.

It gets better.

This guy right here? He's got Deadeye.

This inconspicuous looking warrior? Vantage.

This asshole? Astra. Buddies: Runesword and Killing Edge.

Killer Lance. Vantage.

Brave Axe. Nihil.

And let's go out on this note. Ashnard is actually fairly uninteresting skillwise, but damned if he doesn't have the single most powerful weapon in the game. Oh hey, he has zero luck! Happy memories of FE7! Not a damn chance, motherfucker; that weapon, like Ragnell, makes him immune to any crit not backed up by Wrath, and, oh yeah, he's got the whole Goddess' Blessing thing going on too. Have fun with that!


Welcome, one and all, to the last and final edition of Voting Time! as far as you know.

Fourteen spaces in the endgame team in all. Nasir is for some reason joining Ike in the hall of mandatoriness; they'll be joined by-


-y'know what? Fuck it. It's the God Damn End Game. This only happens once per LP.

All twelve remaining spaces are up for voting on. Pick whoever you like from the pool. There'll be no forced picks other than the ones the game forces. There'll be one last BEXP and Skill binge after the vote, and then we can put this game's main campaign in the ground. Let's make the endgame voting a total clusterfuck.

Choose from Oscar, Soren, Mia, Rolf, Mist, Marcia, Volke, Nephenee, Jill, Astrid, Stefan, Muarim, Janaff, Reyson, Tanith, Tauroneo, Ranulf, Haar, Bastian, Largo, Elincia.

Oh, and here's one more thing for you to think about...

Do you prefer Lions, Hawks or Ravens?

Godspeed, gentlemen. See you in 48 hours.