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Part 77: Endgame - Maniac

Maniac - Endgame

So. Endgame, huh? As per usual, they've added some siege tome Sages (2 Blizzards) as well as some dragons and a few, less annoying units.

The dragons are pretty strong, as in on par with the strongest dragon in the last map. And now there's 7 of them.

The Swordmasters have capped skill/speed as well as Astra. Only saving grace here is their low defense.

The Paladins are no slouches either. I didn't screenshot the Wyvern Lords but they're rolling with capped defense and the Counter skill, just to annoy you even more.

So, since this is the endgame I decided I wanted to do something a bit different, just for fun.

Say hello to our team, people. Yes, we'll tackle the endgame map on the hardest difficulty with 3 units, this can't possibly go wrong, could it? Ike and Nasir are force deployed, Illyana is coming with us for some healing and to show off a couple of things.

So here is Illyana, notice one stat is ridiculously high? That's her crit. I decided to actually pull out the crit glitch to give her Thunder tome 255 crit chance. I know I said I wouldn't use it, but it's too good not to show off.

Nasir is stocked up with Laguz Stones and staves, in case we run out. In hindsight, bringing that many Physics was unneccecary, but it's not like I could have done anything else with them.

Thanks Nasir, great start. Take note of the positioning, we'll be here for a while.

So, first turn ended with us being rushed from all over the map. Even the Wyvern Lords from up top are making their way down. I hit end turn here, because I have a good position already. I'm not in a rush, it's not like Ashnard is going to chase after me if I take too long.

The next turn looks a bit more dangerous, surrounded by dragons is not something you ever want to be. Luckily I brought a Laguzguard to put on Ike.

Oh no, you didn't just...oh boy, unleash the beast.

Ike berserk mode with Resolve is a thing of beauty, and he has Wrath as well, just to make him even more ridiculous.

Imagine a lot of this happening. Both at range and melee, Ike just murders everything in his path.

The Wyvern Lords have finally come down, right where we want them

Need I say any more? They thought Ike was a good target and paid for it with their lives.

Some of them realized that Ike was a bad target and instead attacked Illyana. Still a very bad choice considering what she's holding.

Not even Sages are exempt from being fried in one shot. It's a bit cheap, but come on, I've done this legit from the start, I have the right to some fun.

Thanks Nasir, keep on tanking the bottom part for us, you're doing a great job.

Look at this, this is great. I love this tome.

Know what other tome is cool? Rexbolt.

Illyana channels a big ball of electricity...

The screen pans up to show the cloudy sky...

A huge bolt of lightning crashes down from the sky!

Massive amounts of electricity hits right on top of our enemy.

The screen flashes and even more lightning is discharged. This is easily the coolest animation in the game, bar none. It's great, the screenshots can't really do it justice, go look it up if you want to see it for yourself in all its glory (or just, you know, play the game yourself).

Apparently this display of awesome magical might angered Ashnard, as he is saying something nasty to us here (I can't read Japanese, give me a break).

Oh really now. At turn 9 Ashnard decides to say "fuck it" and just charge us himself. He spawns his buddies up on the ledge too. The bishop can heal from 13 spaces away, and the Wyvern Lords will charge you right away.

Oh right, everybody else decides to charge you as well at this point, including Bryce and the remaining dragons. Yeah, it's as bad as it looks.

I decide to gamble a bit, Ike is still in Resolve range, so he can double Ashnard with his additional speed.

That extra attack wasn't needed, he critted on the first hit, putting Ashnard down. Oh right, the second form...well damn, we're about to get dogpiled by 4 dragons, a sub-boss and a bunch of others. This isn't looking good.

Naesala! Come help us!

I healed Ike up with Illyana in case Ashnard would hit him, let's go, round 2!

His first hit connected and hit us straight into Resolve range, Ike hits him back for a good amount as well.

Ike? Why are you fistpumping? Oh right, we get a second attack because of Resolve.

Oh. Ehm. Right. That sure was something, Ike. Good job. Naesala? Nevermind, you can go back now.

So that was Maniac mode everybody! I think I might have had a bit of an easier time than I should have due to me having such a blessed team, but it was still fun and challenging, and recommend you trying it out yourselves if you can.

Wait, did I forget something...? Oh right. That.

You should know how this works.

I mean, it's the triangle attack, we all know what's coming.

Wow, those are some atrocious odds Marcia, I even gave you two Arms Scrolls so you could use a Silver Lance for this.

This is the difference between the Pegasus triangle attack and the Brothers' version, you get a bit of talk right before it. That's...neat I guess.

Really, this is pretty terrible, I mean, you can only use it in this chapter, it just feels like an afterthought.

At least you don't need to use the same weapons, Marcia is using a lance for this while Tanith and Elincia are using swords. Apologies for not showing it in an actual run, I'm sure you'd enjoy watching me trying to keep Marcia alive but I think my way of doing this chapter was more fun.

Thanks Fedule for the great thread and for letting me do this. I'll post my top 5 when he does so we can compare killcounts easier.