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Part 78: Endgame - Epilogue

For some reason, Ike's decided to discard his Lord outfit. Shame. It kinda suited him.

I stand here today as a testament to your fortitude and commitment. I understand this will never suffice, but I wanted to take a moment to say something to you all.

I hope I may continue to rely on you.

For the following scenes, obviously dead units' lines are cut, certain lines are added (or changed) based on Supports, and a few scenes are changed if certain units are dead.

Additionally, with Ike/Soren A-Support:

There's only one place for me to be, Ike... and it's by your side.

Additionally, with Ike/Titania A-Support:

You've become a great man, Ike. For now and ever more, please continue to be our commander.

Additionally, Ike/Oscar A-Support:

What a long road we've traveled! And yet, in many ways, it seemed to pass so quickly. I'm proud to have fought beside you, Ike.

Of course, if I hadn't been by your side the whole time, victory might have slipped away...

I'm going to keep practicing so I can be better than ever! Thanks for having faith in me!

...the easygoing life of a mercenary is the only life for me. Tee hee! Now let's go find some good-looking lasses!

You're a snot-nosed whelp, and I'm still better than you. Don't ever forget that.

If I could train under you, it would be great! So let me stick around for a while. All right?


I think I've gotten used to a few of these noble customs and whatnot, but I still can't handle the bowing. It makes me antsy... and itchy, too.

Oh, my lord Ike... Hee hee!

Alternatively, with Ike/Elincia A-Support:

I think I've gotten used to a few of these noble customs and whatnot, but I still can't handle the bowing. It looks painful, and it's so cold and formal. Just talk to me without all the ceremony.

My lord Ike... That's, um...


N-nothing! It's nothing...

Because of you, I believe we better understand how best to serve Princess Elincia.

From this day forth, we will give our all to see the restoration of this land and its people.

But you were a bull! Thank you! Now I can go home and see my family once more!

We'll open an inn with good food and drink. And free butter on every table! We'll be rich in no time!

We'll let you know when everything's all set up. You can drop in anytime.

We'll even give you special rates! Hmm... Maybe we should call it General Ike's Inn!


I must return to Begnion and present a report on the war's outcome.

Aren't you going to take Begnion's soldiers with you? You lent us quite a few.

Though the war may be over, it will take many weeks to see the country secure. I spoke with the princess earlier, and she asked that we help if possible. So I'll leave them in your care a while longer.

We really do owe Begnion a lot, don't we? In the end, we got not only you, but a whole battalion of reinforcements. General Zelgius and his troops are the reason we were able to minimize casualties during the final battle. He and his men took care of the retreating Daeins and allowed us to focus on the enemies before us.

No matter the assistance you had, the victory itself is a result of your strength and leadership. I know two people who will be very pleased to learn of your triumph.

Please give my thanks to both the apostle and Sephiran. I plan to go and thank them myself someday, but...

Understood. Fare well, General Ike. I look forward to seeing you again.

Fare well.

Alternatively, if Tanith is dead:

It was a glorious victory, General.

General Zelgius! What are you doing here?

Looking at it now, it all may seem a bit impertinent, but... I came with reinforcements in case things took a turn for the worse. Your opponent was the Mad King Ashnard after all, and if worst had come to worst... well, you might have needed the help. Duke Persis ordered us to join in the fight and rescue Princess Elincia at the very least.

Oh, I see.

My apologies.

No, no... I appreciate the concern. It was a dangerous day.

Your Crimean army proved up to the task. Let me offer you my congratulations. You did well to win the day. I'm certain the troops we lent you, and the apostle herself, are quite pleased.

Our success was thanks to the Begnion shield protecting our flank. Not the soldiers you lent us, but your reinforcements capturing and holding the retreating Daein soldiers. Because of that, we were able to concentrate on the enemies before us without concern for our rear guard.

I was merely following the orders of my superiors.

In that case, please express my appreciation to the apostle and Sephiran. One day, I will go and thank them in person.

Understood. Now then, I will return to Daein.

What about the troops you've lent us?

Though the war may be over, it will take many weeks to see the country secure. I spoke with the princess earlier, and she asked that we help if possible. So I'll leave them in your care a while longer.

I see. It's very appreciated.

It's our pleasure. By your leave.

Oh, I owe so much to you, Ike. Thank you so very much! I'll see 'ya around!

But I just want to live a more responsible life. Plus I'm tired of men threatening to break my knees... Good-bye, Ike!

This war has given me the confidence to enter the service of the Begnion knights. Thank you so much!

All of our desert friends are waiting for us. And wow, do we have some stories to share with them!

War is horrible. Yet, maybe we've gained something of value, after all.


Yep! I'm outta here. I've got some important guests to convey to the king.


(Master Ike! Thank you for everything.)

We herons prefer to live near the forests, after all. Tibarn spoke with King Caineghis on our behalf.

You're not returning to Serenes?

While we made our peace with the apostle, we're not ready to live there again.

I see. You'll be able to return someday. Beorc and laguz will come to understand and respect one another.

You may be right. I hope you are.

Giffca, I'm in your debt as well. Gallia's a very special place to me... I'd like to visit again someday, if I may.

Come whenever you are able. The king will be pleased to see you. And one more thing... Gallia will not spare any effort in aiding Crimea's reconstruction. We will be sending supplies and workers to you shortly.

That is much appreciated.

Alternatively, with Ike/Ranulf A-Support:

Come whenever you are able. The king will be pleased to see you.

Oh, and another thing. You'll be seeing me again soon. Gallia's decided not to spare any effort in aiding Crimea's reconstruction. I'll be back shortly with a whole army of workers and laborers. Look for us!

All right, we'll be waiting.

Um... do you think... I could touch the medallion one last time? For my mom? ... And dad?

(Yes. It's all right, isn't it, brother?)

Of course. Go ahead, put out your hand.

Is that enough?

Yes. I just wanted to... say good-bye.

Thank you.


And you, too, Ike.

And I'd also like to give our heartfelt thanks to your parents as well. For fulfilling the hopes of our sister... Thank you.

(Thank you, our kind-hearted Beorc friends.)

Mmm... yes!

Alternatively, with Ike/Reyson A-Support:

You... You're welcome!

So, Ike, when you come to Gallia, you must visit us as well. Understand?

Yes, I'll be there. Take care.

I will lend you much strength!

You were a good fighter. Too good to leave with these beorc. We'll meet again.

Additionally, with Ike/Lethe A-Support:

I don't know when, but... If that thing we talked about happened... that would be fine. I guess. Not that I care. So... good-bye.


We've built quite a close bond, haven't we?

This is true. We're especially grateful for your help in Serenes Forest. The next time you're visiting the southern coast, come to Phoenicis. The entire country will celebrate your arrival.

The country of the hawk tribe, eh? That would be fun. I'm interested in what kinds of food you eat.

We collect berries from trees on peaks that no beorc could climb. The juices and desserts made from it are beyond compare. We have ocean delicacies, mountain treats... We have everything.

I'll pass on the desserts... But I'll take extra helpings of meat!

Ha ha! Leave it to me.

You don't have to visit Kilvas. It's our policy not to invite beorc into our home. Unless they pay well...

Ah, King Kilvas... Despite all of your posturing, you came to our aid in the end! You turned out to be a better ally than I dared hope for.

Pah! Keep your foolish tongue inside your foolish head! ... And don't tell anyone! I have a reputation to think of.

Fare well. And I'm serious about Phoenicis, too. Come anytime!

Um, that is, if I'm not busy on an errand for the king.


It's my homeland, after all.

Thank you for everything, General Ike. Hmm... I hope they packed enough food... I'm pretty hungry...

Apparently, there's an unused Ike/Zihark support in the game, which gives you this:

Crimea's an interesting place, but I've decided to travel to Daein. ... We never did have our match, did we? Of course, I'm no longer in the same class as you... I'll be training hard for the next time we meet!


Thanks to you, Rajaion was saved. And... so was I... Thank you.

So, you were with King Daein because you were trying to save Rajaion?


(See? There's this Rajaion business again. "Saved" isn't really how I'd describe what happened...)

She told me that Rajaion was with King Daein, and that he had been warped almost beyond recognition. Long ago, Ena's parents died, and I was unable to do anything for her. Even so, she still came to me for help. No matter what, I had to help her... It was to that end that I used you...... I am so sorry.

It's all in the past now. There's nothing for you to worry about any longer.

Thank you, Ike.

Will Ena return to Goldoa?

Yes. We must take Rajaion back to his hometown.

We? Are you going, too, Nasir?

For the first time in decades, I will walk on Goldoan soil.

That'll be nice. Take care of yourself. And give my regards to Kurthnaga.

I will. Until we meet again.


Except for that one moment when I learned of your deception, I never thought of you as an enemy.

Huh. Even now you defy my prediction.


When we were sailing off the coast of Phoenicis, remember? I said that war would change how you look at things.

I just can't pretend to be anything I'm not. I've never been any good at that.

Please stay that way, Ike. Don't change for anyone.

I'll see you again, won't I?

Yes, I'm sure of it.



The Crimean people, who suffered gravely during the harsh Daein occupation, have at last regained their freedom. These same Crimeans have a saying: "No matter how harsh the winter, spring will ever follow." This popular proverb proves true as the warm winds of change begin to blow across the countryside. The war has left the country in ruins, but the people rise from the ashes and take the first steps towards rebuilding their nation.

Though once scorned and despised as sub-humans, the laguz put aside past enmity and come to the aid of their neighbors.

And the Crimeans never forgot it was Gallia that fought beside them and helped free them from the yoke of Daein oppression. Led by the examples of Elincia and her retainers, Crimea begins transforming into the land its king had dreamed of. A land where beorc and laguz live together in harmony and equality.

And now, the day of her crowning arrives.


We're rebuilding a country that was completely devastated by war. It's bound to be tough.

You're right. I bet Princess Elincia and the people in the palace are twice as busy.

Speaking of Elincia, what's she doing?

She's in that room over there, surrounded by court officials. They seem really busy. I feel so sorry for her.

As long as she's getting at least a little bit of rest, I'm not worried. But she probably isn't...

Maybe if I sang her a lullaby... Ah! Oh, no! I forgot!

You forgot what?

Hey, yeah... We never did find out who Altina is, did we? She was the only one who could sing the galdr... Well, when things calm down, we'll have to head out and search for her.

Is that Altina you speak of? One of the three who defeated the dark god?


I arrived mere moments ago. Let me congratulate you on a successful end to your journey.

Thank you. Please tell me, do you know who Altina is?

Oh, then it was a mistake... We can't give a song to someone who died so long ago...

There is one who yet shares both bloodline and name--the true heir of Altina.

Who is it?

None other than the apostle herself.

The apostle? Is this something everyone in Begnion would be aware of?

No, there are very few who know that name. Why do you ask?

The apostle is Altina...

Oh, I'm so relieved! And exhausted, too! Ike, I'm going back to my room. See you later, Sephiran.

... No, nothing like that. It's just that so much has happened between Begnion and Serenes...

Would you tell me about it? I would hear what you have to say on this matter.

Sure. To tell the truth...


The assassination of the apostle, the Serenes massacre, and the use of the medallion to revive the dark god... All of it was part of Ashnard's grand scheme.

That's the conclusion we came to.

... You have me at a loss.

Why is that?

Now that you have presented me with this information, I don't know what to say.

I merely fulfilled the hopes of my father and mother.

Now you speak from hindsight. Rescuing Princess Crimea, winning the apostle's trust, and defeating King Daein... With laguz at your side, no less! You have accomplished all of these miraculous things.

I had trusted and valiant companions at my side. It was only through their support that I was able to do these things.

Ever the humble one, eh?

You would do that?

None of you can leave Crimea. The new queen will need your strength.

... I suppose that will be the case for a little while, won't it?

... A little while? You are the hero of Crimea, General Ike. If you wish it, no post will be beyond your reach.

I don't care about any of that. It's more trouble than it's worth. And I don't see the value of being some fancy lord. are a... Wha ha ha ha ha!

Is something strange?

Yes. It's very... Haaaa ha ha haaaaa!

Um, I think that's enough.

I'm... I'm s-s-sorry. ... Hee! Hee... Ahem...

Sure. What is it, Titania?

Princess Elincia... Oops! It's Queen Elincia, isn't it? The court ministers want Queen Elincia and you to come out onto the balcony and greet the people.

What? Greet the people? ... Me?

Yes, you. I've done what I was asked to do! Now hurry up and get going!

The people of Crimea wish to see their hero and to sing his praises--even if the hero himself protests.

If they want a greeting, surely their new queen, Elincia, would suffice. I'll go speak to her.

Your story, the everyday mercenary who becomes a hero will awaken ugly appetite and ambition in many. It will be the cause of strife and discord throughout the land. I'm certain Ashnard saw the truth in this. In a way, Ashnard's dream may have been fulfilled. The seeds of war have indeed been sewn across the continent.


Watch the Cutscene!

What's wrong? Everyone's waiting to see you.

I'm nervous. I've spent my whole life in hiding. No one ever taught me how to rule a kingdom.

I don't think I'm ready to be their queen. I don't think I'm ever really going to be ready.

What's the matter with you?

Ike, stop it! How can I--

Did anyone teach you how to hire mercenaries?

No, but that's not the same--

How to win back lost allies? How to win back your lost kingdom?

But that's... That's different.

No, it's not.

You've done such an amazing job.

And I think you always will.

I see.

All right, come on.

We'll do this together.

Thank you, my lord Ike.

I am...

I am so blessed to have met you.

And so it was that, in the spring of the year 646, Elincia Ridell Crimea saw peace return to her homeland.

In the years to follow, the story of Queen Elincia and her noble hero, Ike, spread across the land and inspired the songs of many a wandering troubadour.


<fast forward five minutes of rehashed sepia-toned cutscene screenshots>

Ladies and gentlemen, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.


After the credits roll, you get reminded of exactly how much real time you spent on each mission, with no consideration whatsoever for the fact that breaks may have been taken. Seriously, you can spend hours just moving items around in the Base menu if you're not careful. It all adds up.

This is followed by a rundown of all your units ranked by their total number of kills; a pretty meaningless statistic given the varied lengths of time each unit is available for. Nevertheless, here's the top five:

Pretty much the lowest level unit in our endgame team, Rolf has double-earned this accolade by racking up all these kills almost exclusively on player phases. Good work!

Nephenee never did get to really play with her Wrath skill, but she sure didn't waste any time getting her shit together and taking her enemies' shit apart.

From demure noblewoman to impenetrable frontline badass murder machine in four and a half chapters, Astrid has been an indispensable part of our A-Team from the moment she first picked up an axe.

Did you know Soren was three EXP away from finishing the game at 20/20? Well, you do now. Despite his total lack of starting strength, Soren never stopped racking up kills even when he was spending every other turn grinding his staff rank.

And do you even need to ask who the winner is?

With over 150% of the kills of anyone else on this list, Ike surprises absolutely no-one by cutting a bloody swath through the majority of the game, winning an overwhelming victory despite a deliberate attempt to hold him back for most of the game to stop him ramming into the level cap ten chapters early.

And, in case you're wondering, Mist came in 7th with about 60 kills. Not bad when you consider she was unable to attack for a good amount of her playable time, and even after that spent most of her time healing.


Well, this has been a fun couple of months; I'd like to than-


Next Time: Let's give this thing a look in, shall we? Oh, and there'll be surprises.