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Part 79: Endgame - Maniac Unit Rankings

Here's my top 10 in case people want to see it.

Starting off with the people who didn't get a nice picture. I have no idea how Titania could get 7th place. I used her a lot in the beginning but I benched her around chapter 17. I guess it shows how good your Jeigan (or in this case, Oifaye) is on higher difficulties. (In case you don't recognize the characters, starting from 10th, Tanith, Rolf, Astrid, Titania and Zihark)

Jill also got a surprising amount of kills, but she was incredibly helpful ever since I got her so I guess it's only appropriate.

All those boltings paid off it seems. Not much to say about Illyana, she's my favorite mage in the game and does her job on par with, if not better than Soren.

Not even (sort of) soloing the last map could get Ike a higher place in the ranking.

Hello Boyd, looking happy there. Boyd is easily one of the better units in the game (barring any unlucky streaks). Did I mention I like Boyd? Because I totally like Boyd. It would have been amazing if he got 1st place, but alas, that honor goes to...

Oscar! With almost 200 kills this guy has been holding chokepoints for me since the start, picking up kills left and right. This came as no surprise to me since he's been getting at least half of the MVPs if not more.

Do note how the units in Fedule's top 5 didn't even reach 100 kills (aside from Ike), where my top 5 starts at 129. It shows pretty well how many extra units Maniac throws at you. I don't mind though, it was a lot of fun. I think that was all from me, unless the trial maps are any different in the JP version. Looking forward to seeing the trial maps, I forgot they even existed