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Part 2: Update II - Not Quite Untouchable

Update II - Not Quite Untouchable

Alright, let's see what the next chapter has in store for us.

There's a lot more enemies around here than you might be used to from vanilla. Thankfully, since only the fighters will move towards us, we're still fairly good with just "park Eirika in a forest and Seth far away and let the slaughtering begin".

Eirika picks up another level during the stabbing, and gets even more myrmidon.

Still, it looks like she has this well in hand.

Reinforcements! Let's see what has changed with these two.

Gilliam - Knight:


LV: 4
HP: 25

STR: 9
SKL: 6
SPD: 5 (+2)
LCK: 3
DEF: 10 (+1)
RES: 3

MOV: 5 (+1)
CON: 12 (-2)


HP: 80% (-10%)

STR: 55% (+10%)
SKL: 45% (+10%)
SPD: 25% (-5%)
LCK: 30%
DEF: 50% (-5%)
RES: 25% (+5%)

Well hot fucking damn, look who got an upgrade. Yes, 5 move knights are a thing now! And not only that, but they can use axes now! Not to mention, Gilliam got some more speed to start with, which is always helpful (even if the growth loss hurts a bit). The added skill growth will help with hitting with axes, too. All in all, pretty nice boosts for Gilliam. Now, let's check one of his weapons, since we already looked at the axe.

Iron Lance: Rank E. Range 1. Weight 7 (-1). Might 6 (-2). Hit 80. Crit 0. 50 uses (+5).

Slightly weaker and slightly lighter. Not exactly a major change. Next, the other one.

Franz - Cavalier:


LV: 1
HP: 20

STR: 7
SKL: 5
SPD: 7
LCK: 4 (+2)
DEF: 6
RES: 1

MOV: 7
CON: 9


HP: 60% (-20%)

STR: 55% (+15%)
SKL: 40%
SPD: 55% (+5%)
LCK: 50% (+10%)
DEF: 30% (+5%)
RES: 35% (+15%)

Wow. I did not think Franz needed a buff, but I guess he got one. Who needs HP when you get basically all your other growths buffed? Back when I first played through this hack, the 4 Cav Crew featured heavily into my plans. I think there might be a repeat of that here in this playthrough. Franz is just really good.

Also, you'll note that there's a "talk" slot in the stats menu. This will show you who this particular unit can talk to. If there are multiple targets, it'll cycle after some time.

And Franz's got a new weapon for us too.

Iron Sword: Rank E. Range 1. Weight 5. Might 4 (-1). Hit 90. Crit 0. 50 uses (+4).


Here you can see a little speech bubble above Franz showing that Seth can talk with him. Very handy feature.

We set up defensively and let them come. Everybody gangs up on Franz this time, I suppose because of better hit odds (in the 30s instead of around 20). Nobody really does anything.

Gilliam takes his axe for a spin and immediately misses and gets hit in return like a dipshit. The rest of the gang does fine.

Seth even gets in on the action and shows me both of his animations in the same battle! Good job, Seth.

And Franz gets a good level killing the last fighter on enemy phase. Good job, Franz.

We then move Gilliam forward to start fighting the soldiers, and let him take his axe for a spin. He's doing pretty good with it. On the other hand, these are soldiers. So, eh.

Surprise! Six new enemies! These guys will come for you, so you might be caught a bit off guard. But still, there's plenty of good defensive terrain nearby that you can use to your advantage.

So we just set up accordingly. We have forts, we'll use them, god damnit. Free healing!

And after two rounds of just letting the enemy approach, this is where we're at. Things are looking pretty good.

Eirika picks up a defensive level killing her fighter.

And after a bit more mopping up, here's where we're at.

Gilliam levels while trying to get rid of the last soldier...

...while Franz tries to hit the myrmidon on a fort. I'm pretty sure this is the first time anyone's been hit so far. But Gilliam and Franz working together eventually manage to take that one out as well, leaving us with just the boss.

Breguet's gotten a bit beefier as well. +9 HP, +1 STR, +3 SKL, +5 LCK, +6 RES, but -1 CON. I don't get why these early bosses are getting RES boosts. It's literally impossible for us to have magic here! Oh well. Breguet's still slow as fuck, though.

Alright, Eirika. Take care of him!, Eirika. That's not how that works. That is in fact the absolute opposite of how it's supposed to work! Also, check the neat new battle window for when you have animations off.

And then you crit on enemy phase for a one-shot. I'll take it. Both Eirika and Franz are now at 98 and 99 EXP respectively, so we'll see some levels next chapter.

I also went and checked the houses, but they seem to be the same as vanilla.

So let's just finish this chapter.

Free money!

And that'll be it for this time. Again, not too long an update, but I just wanted to get on the weekly rhythm I wanted. I'll probably end up condensing two chapters into one update next time if they end up short as well, but we'll see how that goes. See you next Thursday!