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Fire Emblem: Sacred War + Fire Emblem 7 Randomized

by TheMcD

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Original Thread: Balance Is Made Up & Stat Caps Don't Matter - Fire Emblem: Sacred War



So, what's all this then?

This is Fire Emblem: Sacred War, a ROMhack for Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones. The original release post describes this hack as follows:


This is a Remake of the original Sacred Stones game in an effort to make the game more fun to play with new features, a new freshness as well as new challenges and obstacles to conquer.

So basically, you can kinda consider this to be a remix of Sacred Stones. The story is the same, as are the characters, but the maps, while generally getting the same idea across, are different, there's changes to weapons and classes that mix things up... so while you're generally still playing Sacred Stones, you're definitely getting a new and fresh experience.

So what's so special about this hack?

Well, there's something extra about this hack that you won't see in that description. This hack doubles as a sort of challenge hack. While you won't notice it in the early game, the lategame ramps up in difficulty quite a bit compared to Sacred Stones, and then there's the postgame...

...let's not beat around the bush. The postgame gets fucking nuts. It starts difficult, then gets a lot harder, then kicks it into maximum overdrive and never looks back. Despite all of it, I found the experience of playing through this hack... enthralling, somehow. Despite feeling like bashing my head against a wall at times, I wanted to keep going. I mean, I did eventually break down and cheat, but still. It was interesting enough that it kept me going for a long time, where smarter men might have cut their losses. I feel that's worth something.

All in all, I hope this will make for an interesting and entertaining LP.

Haven't I seen this hack before?

Depends. If you're reading this on the LP Beach, you might remember that there was an earlier attempt at LPing this hack by Moonside that ended up abandoned. In fact, it was this LP that set me upon playing the hack, and which eventually led us here. If you're reading this on SA, you might remember me going over my recollections of playing through this hack in vilkacis's bows-only Sacred Stones LP in something that looked like an LP update, but instead of game screenshots it was Discord screenshots.

So what LP will this be?

Standard fare SSLP. I might get a bit more creative with it for the postgame, but that's a while off, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Anything else we need to know?

I will be assuming two things going into this:

- You are familiar with Fire Emblem, and specifically Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones. I will not explain basic gameplay or anything like that. I will only go into things that the hack does differently from regular Sacred Stones - though there are a lot of those things.
- You either know or don't care about the story of Sacred Stones. The story is untouched in this hack, there is only an addition in the postgame. I will be skipping basically all of the story apart from that addition. If you want the regular story, read Blastinus's LP on the Archive.

What about a spoiler policy?

I'll just keep it simple and ask that you don't bring up stuff that hasn't come up in the LP yet. Particularly the postgame stuff. There's some crazy shit in this hack, and I want people to be able to see it for the first time.

Now, let's get to it.


Update I - This Is Probably A Bad Idea... Eh, Whatever.
Update II - Not Quite Untouchable
Update III - Don't Fire Emblem While Tired
Update IV - Eirika Lacks The Strength To Carry On
Update V - Monster Mash
Update VI - The Boss Box Begins
Update VII - Breaking News: Ephraim Still Good
Update VIII - Here Actually Not Be Any Dragons
Update IX - Ballistaless
Update X - The Good Lord Is Back
Update XI - Insert Training Montage Music Here
Update XII - Sometimes, You Just Say "Fuck It"
Mini-Update I - A Bunch Of Basic Weapons
Update XIII - Ancient Mariners Not Included
Update XIV - Copious Grinding Action
Update XV - The Fuck Zone
Update XVI - Purge Panic
Update XVII - Death In The Dunes
Update XVIII - Things Go Bad
Mini-Update II - Oh No! More Weapons!
Update XIX - Reinforcements Everywhere
Update XX - Scrambled, Fried Or Poached
Update XXI - Fuck This Map
Update XXII - Fucking Hell This Map Is Big
Update XXIII - The End Of The Beginning
Update XXIV - Tier Lists Are Popular These Days, Right?



What's all this, then?

This is Yune, a universal Fire Emblem randomizer that as of writing can randomize the three GBA Fire Emblem games, Genealogy and Path of Radiance, with some pretty fun results.

And what's this doing in the Sacred War thread?

Well, I've always had some sort of FE randomizer thing on my LP shortlist, and I just figured there's no time like the present, since I probably won't be doing FE related stuff for a while after this thread is done.

So what in particular will this be?

The three of us - Kinu, Icon and I - will all randomize Fire Emblem 7 using the same settings but with different seed phrases. We will then all play our randomized versions at the same time. Hijinx ensue.

Anything particular to know?

Most things I'll go over in the beginning of the first video, but generally speaking, I'm not looking to make some sort of hardcore challenge out of it or anything. So emulator speedup is encouraged, as is using savestates to bypass bullshit. Because, well, we're starting with Lyn mode, and Lyn mode can have some situations that are for all intents and purposes impossible. So while we will let ourselves get hit with the bullshit, I'm not going to require us to suffer through it several times over.

What settings are you using?

Our separate seed phrases are as follows (without quotes).

TheMcD: "I don't know why you believe this killing is your destiny, but I pray that you will someday know peace."
Kinu: "Oh yeah, baby, funk it!"
Icon: "Iconoclast"

And with that, let's get going.

With the way things were going, we decided to call the LP quits after Dragon's Gate. So that's all there is.
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