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Part 22: Update XX - Scrambled, Fried Or Poached

Update XX - Scrambled, Fried Or Poached

Alright, time for eggs.

The enemy quality, as expected, has gone up a bit. Note that dracozombie.

Of course, I also have some toys available to me (bought those from the shop at Jehenna).

Turn one is mostly uneventful, just moving up and taking Purge for a spin.

And that gets L'Arachel another level! She'll be at 20 soon.

Also, I decide to snipe one of the eggs on the other side with a Purge shot.

Next turn, Amelia gets a level taking out an egg.

Marisa gets her first swordmaster level, and hey, strength!

Lute gets a level too! Everybody gets a level!


Otherwise, it's a lot of moving up and taking out some monsters.

Also, Shadowshot? Kinda dangerous.

Tana responds with a level from another egg.

Doubling with Purge. Weird. Probably kind of a waste, but I don't really care. Taking out other long range assholes seems like the best use.

We get our first reinforcements - a whole bunch of gargoyles.

Franz picks up a terrible level on egg duty.

Ewan levels on taking out an eyeball. I'm getting the feeling there's going to be a lot of level up screens here.

Also, the phantom gets stoned.

This allows him to take all the fire on enemy phase. Also, the first egg starts hatching. I think I might've misunderstood how it works, seems to be by time instead of distance, but I'm too lazy to go back and change the map image.

Ross gets a level by starting to take out the gargoyles.

The new phantom does some good work in taking out a gargoyle and chipping two to near death, but he gets stoned too. That will be relevant in a bit.

We're kinda spread out right now since I figure we're going to be done cleaning up here soon and will have to move down again but still need some units up to clean up.

Vanessa gets a level from egg duty.

And Duessel gets one from blasting the gorgon with Garm since I wanted it dead this turn.

Now begins the long march back. Those nationalist monsters will never see it coming. And the phantom will be stuck up there because he's still stoned. Oh well.

I don't know why I thought Myrrh was immune to fire terrain damage. Maybe because she's a dragon?

Figure I might as well blast the shit out of this cyclops.

And I also do some Purge blasting on the way just for the hell of it.

Alright, one trap disabled, only about 30 more to go!, I'm not doing that.

L'Arachel picks up a level healing. She fast. And lucky, I just noticed. So yeah, if we ever need a dodge tank, we know where to look.

Some monsters decide they can take on Myrrh. They can't.

The eggs start hatching, but at this point I don't really care.

And so, the great march begins. We're gonna take a fuckton of damage, but it'll be OK. I have a secret weapon. A secret weapon you already know about.

Ephraim picks up a level fighting the gorgons on the other side.

And then we use the secret weapon - Fortify. Bam, instantly everybody healed up. Easy!

Now that the crew can finally show up to the bottom right corner, we can clean up and get ready for the move north.

Lmao get fucking rekt. Vantage crit on enemy phase.

Eyes counting as fliers is very helpful at times - this eye had crit on basically everybody, and nobody but like Gerik and Myrrh had a one-shot kill. So this is quite nice.

Some monsters decide attacking Myrrh is a great idea. It's not.

The boss spider gets plinked to death by some of our magic users.

Reinforcements! Haven't had those in a while. I wonder how the phantom will do against that group of five. The eyes are no problem, since basically everybody is right there.

Ewan picks up a level fighting the eyes.

Turns out phantom does pretty good against those reinforcement monsters.

Cormag gets a level.

And now, with a bit of gorgon luring, we've got the boss isolated.

It's kinda fucking badass. The weapon isn't quite that impressive, though - 10 might and poison.

So it doesn't look all that impressive in the end - though this is our tank. We'll see how we deal with this guy.

OK, yeah, when we use someone with less defense, it looks a fair bit scarier.

Surprise! This might be a bit iffy.

Let's just play it safe. Regular tank Duessel and dodge tank L'Arachel take point.

Meanwhile, the phantom actually takes out the group of five down there.

Enemy phase brings the L'Arachel level cap. Kinda bad, but whatever, she's capped speed and luck. Duessel and L'Arachel clean out the reinforcements easily on enemy phase.

Before I forget. Let's steal this. Now...

...legendary weapons being effective against monsters has its uses sometimes. And that'll be it for this chapter! This one didn't take that long - or at least it took about the same amount of time as other recent chapters, but a lot of it was walking from A to B and fucking with that damaging floor.

Next time... ugh.