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Part 10: Update X - The Good Lord Is Back

Update X - The Good Lord Is Back

I think we're far beyond this being a trap now.

Never mind, I stand corrected. That group of enemies right at the start is quite fearsome. In general, there's quite the army assembled here. I went back and looked at the vanilla hard mode version of this map, and now it looked downright barren to me compared to this. There's a lot going on here. Well, let's get to it!

The first move is going to be semi-defensive in nature - Josh and Ross take out the fighters while Gilliam starts on a merc and Seth waits on the defensive. We should be able to weather the counterattack just fine and thus can use the rest on the guys on the left and a ranged attack on the injured merc.

Vanessa levels after taking out the archer.

And Garcia gets a well deserved level for killing a merc with a 41 hit hand axe hit.

Ephraim shows up with the gang after the first turn, and it's very welcome.

They set up defensively as well.

Franz was the only one taking any serious damage from the first turn, with Ross not killing the merc and therefore being safe and Seth and Gilliam being basically impervious.

Eirika takes out the knight and gets an interest in this "leveling Strength" thing.

And Franz just disappoints here.

Ross levels up as well by taking out the mage, and suddenly that first group doesn't seem so tough anymore.

Next player phase, Kyle seems a bit surrounded, but it's nothing we can't deal with.

Kyle takes out the archer, Ephraim oneshots the cav...

...and Forde disappoints. He does get the kill on enemy phase though.

Meanwhile, Ross takes on the knights.

And then, we get the usual cavalry reinforcements...

...but also some surprise fliers!

I can't be arsed to deal with the cavs in any way but the easiest one right now, so Ephraim it is. Go and oneshot some guys.

Natasha gets more combat ready with another level.

As for the fliers, we set up just outside their range and hope we can take them all out in one clean sweep on the next player phase.

Ephraim keeps getting better as he turns the cavs into mincemeat.

Then Ross goes and shows him up with this level while fighting the knights.

And we get more cavs and more fliers. This could get tricky.

Artur whittles down the wyvern and picks up this level in the process. Hm, I wonder if Forde can kill this half-HP wyvern?

...ugh. That's a silver sword, Forde!

Joshua picks up the kill instead after Franz did some more chipping with a javelin.

And since I basically have to have some units in range of the new reinforcement fliers, might as well stick Seth in there and see if he can take some fire.

And indeed, Seth takes most of the heat, taking out the peg as well.

More reinforcements. Another three cavs, another three fliers. Thankfully, Ephraim can easily deal with the cavs, and Garcia and Artur can take out the fliers that were already here...

...and Seth and Gilliam set up to meet the next group. I think we've got this in hand now.

Ross picks up a skillful level in taking out the lone shaman still standing around after getting hurt by Artur, who then had to rush to meet the fliers.

Ephraim's cavalier meatgrinder gives him another level.

And on the next player phase, Lute gets promotion ready by taking out a peg. No reinforcements this turn, so now we just need to take out the remainders and we can move on.

And in doing that, Garcia picks up a level as well.

Colm grabs the first treasure. A guiding ring is very useful, we have plenty magic users that can use a promotion fairly soon.

Surprise! Purge asshole! Thankfully Colm would have barely survived a crit. Still, I think we'll let Seth make the monk use up his Purge uses just in case.

Meanwhile, we split up the gang and let the other half head towards the other treasure chests to clear everything out for Colm to eventually get there.

In cleaning up the area before the chests, Vanessa gets even quicker.

The group moving right has made it to the central area and is starting to pick at the last units before Tirado.

And on the same turn, the group moving left has made it through as well!

And then there's Colm.

As the two groups combine and take out Tirado's entourage, Forde gets... a solid level. I guess that's all I can ask for with him.

Natasha is promotion ready. That's pretty quick!

And while we thought we had everything taken out, Sacred War gives us a knight at the bottom staircase and four cavs to deal with before we can truly concentrate on the boss. However, we'll just move Garcia to block one hallway (all cavs have lances) and Gilliam will block the other. Eirika plugs the knight with the rapier.

Alright, now let's deal with this boss. Let's have Seth wreck him.

...ah. Oh well, then Ephraim will do the trick.

...huh. What is this guy?

+8 HP, +1 STR, +3 SKL, +3 SPD, +7 LCK, +1 DEF and -2 RES. Also...

Hoplon Guard: +1 LCK, +1 DEF, +1 RES. Protects against effectiveness for armor and cavalry units.

Well, that's a lot more useful for him right now than protecting against critical hits. So it looks like his weakness, as is, seems to be magic.

So basically this is the best we'll get. We'll set up Lute and Natasha to try and whittle down Tirado. Thankfully she's fast enough to double, or else this could've gotten really bad.

We could've gotten Artur on support, but is that 5 crit? I don't think so!

Gilliam levels in taking out the reinforcement cavs.

Lute levels while fighting Tirado, and that's not helping!

But at least she gets a better one after the kill.

And then I remember I've forgotten about Colm for a few turns now. So now he gets to slowly trek to the chests while everybody else waits.

And he picks up more promotion items! Will be very useful as many of our units have already passed level 10 and can be promoted as necessary.

That'll be it for this chapter!


Route choice!

And of course we pick Ephraim. We just have to go through the ghost ship.

So next time, it'll be Fort Rigwald, and I'll get up to some incredibly stupid shit. See you then!