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Part 49: Chapter 19B Hard Mode

Sorry about this one being a few days late. Artix, I ain't bitching and it's great to see you updating again, but you managed to pick the busiest time of the week for me. So yeah, just an fyi that if there are any more Tuesday or Wednesday updates in the future, mine won't be out till Thursday evening, at the earliest.


Chapter 19B: Thieves are for Scrubs

The usual crew is coming along, though I made a mistake an forgot to equip my guys with some vital gear. We'll see soon enough. Also yeah I'm aware of the graphical glitch in the corner: I don't notice it until 1/3 through the chapter.

Troopers are up to 20 speed now, with all the same strength and skill from before.

These guys are actually kind of terrifying now: they're min/maxed as hell, but that 25 str is going to hurt like hell if it connects.

Even the sword masters are starting to get some decent strength.

22 Magic? Jesus.

Fucking Gel is an asshole. He's faster than everybody in our entire army, including Rutger, not to mention he has decent luck, very high skill, and he's on another fucking throne. This is why I like Ilia better; I don't have to put up with this shit.

As Fedule said, these guys are kinda obligatory at this point.

Rutger starts things off. Yeah the lightbrand is underwhelming, I know.

Magic Clarine, Magic!

Tate is the first of several units that actually do quite well on this map, much to my surprise.

Er... Roy isn't one of them.

This guy apparently had an elixir, and runs off (on to a river ) to heal. I've been playing a lot of Shogun 2 recently, and I'm disappointed that he didn't choose to face an honorable death instead.

Gonzales starts cracking on the Western wyverns.

Okay Ellen.

Team stupid finishes up with the nomad charge.

Meanwhile team awesome starts working on finishing their local wyverns.

That 97 crit.

Well that was quick.

Lance and Alan are actually really dodgy with their A support, so Lance pleasantly surprises me here!

Well that lasted long.

...Or not! Lance gets woken up by Ellen, and he proceeds to finish what he started, and get a damn good level out of it.

Ahaha, wow. Yeah, Lou spends most of this chapter slinging aircaliburs around.

I miss Bizarro-Lou.

Team stupid still isn't done.

Alan, you too? Where are you guys finding all this competence?

Gonzales slams his head into the wall a few times to break it down.

Clarine doesn't have a restore stave.

I'm sensing a running theme.

If Dieck got 3 more levels of just this over and over again, I'd die happy.

This'll come in handy. later.

Er... okay.

So yeah, Team Awesome managed to breech the wall first, so they're kinda getting mobbed. Not that they mind, more exp!

These three spawn on top of Ellen and Lou.

Fuck. How are the others doing?

Oh, Ellen killed two of the wyverns by herself. Okay.

Dammit, single stat-ups were Artix's thing this chapter. Stop copying him!

Useless for now, a godsend later.

Gonzales took quite the pounding, so he retreats for now.

Luckily Ray has recovered from his strep throat, so he dishes out some healing.

So Gonzales runs back into action... for an empty level. I may have just finished playing through Mother 3, and may now have a much greater appreciation for this emoticon.

These nomads are getting dangerously close, and Clarine is still silenced.

Also two wyverns spawn.


Ellen's magic is coming along pretty well considering I haven't been grinding her. That might change though, since we're actually kinda rapidly approaching the end game here.

Is my Rutger speed screwed?

This looks like an uphill battle...


Zeiss gets some healing.

I... whatever Ellen.

Rutger and Gonzales really need a support: They are an unstoppable glass cannon tagteam.

Fucking Gel, die already!

Alan steps up to the plate, using his A support's perks to their full advantage.

Gel however has other plans, so he goes for Shin and gets murdered. Okay.

Some strength would be nice, but I won't complain about extra speed.

So yeah, much like Artix, I finished this before Gel could make all those guys pop out of the houses. To be honest I didn't even know that happened. That's pretty neat.

And we're through here.

Next Time: IS Realizes the last chapter was too easy. The situation is rectified.