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Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals

by Artix74

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Original Thread: Let's plumb the depths of the RNG's spite in Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals!



What happens when you take a reasonably popular strategy game, move it to a handheld, strip out most of the cool features that gave it depth, remove all but one victory condition, and give you units with growths that look like they belong in Thracia 776? get this. Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals is the sixth installment of the series, and the first to be released on the Game Boy Advance, though much was lost in this transition. Gone are most of the refinements from FE4 and 5, like the lovers system, skills, fatigue, capturing enemies, and the fire/wind/thunder magic triangle; what's left is a game mostly terrible units (complete with a Lord capable of giving FE5 Leaf a run for his money as "Worst lord in the series") and every single map is a seize map. To its credit, this game does mark the first appearance of the support system, complete with all the brokenness that it entails.

Regarding Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (FE7)

Plotwise, Sword of Seals is a sequel to the events of Blazing Sword (or more accurately, FE7 was made as a prequel to this game). It is not required to know the events of FE7 to enjoy FE6 on its own, but for the purposes of this LP, I am assuming you do. If you are not familiar with the game, nothing beats playing it yourself, but I'm told I did a pretty thorough LP of it.

On a similar note, this LP is being written under the assumption that you are at least passingly familiar with the basic Fire Emblem mechanics. By all means, ask and I or someone else in the thread will elaborate and answer any quesitions, but I am not going to waste any time writing up a post detailing how stats, the weapon triangle, etc. work. Anything out of the ordinary in comparison to the rest of the series will be noted, but not at length.

On Commentary

If you followed the FE7 thread, you know pretty much what to expect, but you can expect primarily informative commentary from myself. Much like the Hector Hard Mode run of FE7, Fedule will be joining me (he'll always be in bold text), but there may be other guests depending on who's available, the chapter in question, which way the wind was blowing at 8 am this morning, etc.

That said, I already have a list of people I plan on having as guests (if they're willing). Asking if you can guest is the quickest way to not be allowed to guest, and if you ask more than once I'm going to report you for white noise/spam posting. I don't want to see anyone beg for a spot, and I know that no one else does either. I repeat, Do not ask if you can guest, I will contact you if I want you to.

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Table of Contents

(Trial Map 4, 5, and all hard mode updates courtesy of Sydin)


Fanart, Contributions, Other Shit

Toothache gives us a TAS run of the game. Come back when you get the real ending, scrub.

Toothache with the cross-game humor

Tenacrane unleashes a scientific and magical revolution upon the world: The Perpetual-Motion Axe. And yet, somehow, it could still probably hit Fir.

Jake, what are you doing here? Go back to Alky's thread. (by Adelheid Stark)

Bellmaker posted:

I'm gonna have to go arou-
Ford the river!
Ford the river!
B-but my goods will be washed away!
Ford the river!
You don't count.

Sydin leaves our humble merchant with few favorable options. Bellmaker is happy to give some input on what Merlinus should do.

Now that's just ridiculous, OFS, where would they even get a sword that big?

Captain Bravo reveals the secret behind the various nomad trooper oddities.

Reaver-chat culminates in OFS's depiction of the humble archer's greatest foe.

OFS tells the sad tale of the little wyvern rider that could(n't).

We have to go Sheeper

Roy and the gang celebrate Christmas while holed up in Bern Keep. Omniphile gives us a sneak peak at the proceedings.

Let's MSPaint some level-up templates!

These masterpieces come from HotandColdAF.

Captain Bravo shows us the true glory of Bors.

GrabbinPeels figures out the secret of Fir's class.

OrangeFluffySheep does...whatever the hell he does.
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