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Part 76: Endgame Hard Mode

Final Part 2, The Anticlimax

Here we are. Now I know Artix had a pretty easy time with this chapter, but you can be sure that IntSys pulled out all the stops to make this this chapter the pinnacle of challenge on hard mode.

Just fucking with ya. Once again, IntSys has taken the Zephiel route and given Hard mode Idoun nothing but an extra drop of HP. Was this some kind of inside joke to the Devs? Whatever.

That's pretty fucking lazy, too.

Anyway, Shin and Ray murder the two starting manaketes.

A reinforcement goes for Ray, but Nosferatu ends up negating it entirely.

I guess it is worth nothing that these dragons are pretty bitchin (this one has higher Hp than Idoun ) but again we have the legendary murder weapons so it's moot.

The last level up screen. Ain't it adorable.

I was playing FE7 last night for fun, and every time I got a level up my hands instinctively hit the macro I'd set to take a screenshot. Dammit.

Okay everybody, this is it.

The final battle.

We might no-... oh.


So yeah.

Welp, that's the end I guess.

So yes, even on hard mode FE6 ends with a definite whimper. Still, it was fun tagging along for the ride. But now I am finally free of the suffering, and we can all move on to new-

Hold on a moment, I just got slid a memo here... "There are two trial maps that can only be accessed by playing hard mode."