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Part 69: Chapter 22 Hard Mode

Chapter 22: Roy's Our Boy

Let's jam.

You know em', you love em', it's the staff assholes!

Apparently Zephiel has some mandate that nobody can be faster than him, so a lot of units on this map have speed problems.

Roy will lead the charge.

So here's the problem: I only have one restore staff at the moment, which means that if this berserk guy decides to spam it on the side Ellen is not on, we're screwed. So instead, Niime puts him to sleep.

Of course, this only buys a three turn respite. But wait!

"Distort" here being berserk.

Oh baby.

My hope now is that our friend here will go for the soft, squishy berserk druid who is currently asleep and thus unable to counter.

Pictured: the only thing of note during enemy phase.

Besides this, that is!

Interestingly, Roy does have a new map sprite, even when the SoS is not equipped. Thanks IntSys, I guess.

Anyway, Roy's pretty beastly now, though he lacks in killing power due to having swords and a low strength cap.

There are a few of these low level scrubs hanging around the palace. What the hell Bern, we're past the cannon fodder crowd by now.

Our berserk friend takes out berserk asshole, clearing the one big obstacle for me this chapter.

Glorious magic!

Everybody to the left has a ranged weapon, hence my hugging the wall.

Fenrir fucking hurts, mostly due to these guys having maxed magic.

Ray is going to tough it out.

Why not?

Just chillin' down here is a brave bow. Times like these make me mad that you can't nick 99% of the enemy's weapons.

...Okay! I didn't need you to take out that other druid, but thanks for going above and beyond.

Oh, and silence asshole goes down.

Roy, after having exhausted all my stat ups. Not exactly the most optimal use of my money, but I'd rather just spite the RNG.

This is a good level, but honestly Ray could get nothing but speed for the rest of the game and I'd be happy.

Roy's flaunting his new frontline ability.

I am okay with this.

Not so much this. Lou just doesn't have the magic to contend with these guys.

Roy's sprite actually looks fairly cool here. Why did IntSys make his default stance so dumb?


And that would be how I almost had to reset.

Rutger gets some range practice in.

As does Roy, who's finally done with fucking around.


Speaking of brave weapons, this guy have a brave axe.

Miledy softens him up for a shit level.

Roy follows suit.

I'm sensing a theme.

Fight fire with fire, baby.

Oh Gonzales, you didn't even need to crit.

Speed and defense? Okay.

That's because there are two switches. We've discussed this, idiot.

Killer edge guy here scratches us. Actually he could have critted, and Roy still wouldn't have given a fuck.


I sure do love the color green.

Shin does too.

Rutger charges alone into the breech. Somehow, I think he'll be alright.

Pictured: Roy 1RKO'ing berserkers.

Not that it's a new feat to Rutger.




Tate goes to deal with them.

And Miledy gets the second.


Roy continues to carve a path to the door.

Considering he's capped the entire left side of this screen, that's not too bad.

Miledy and Tate are now on full "kill the staff assholes" duty. I know they'll come back.

We've arrived.

The asshole twins come back.

They are dealt with summarily.

I forgot these guys show up, but luckily it's just when I'm entering the room.

Stealing is wrong. Unless I do it.

This guy is so tanky that Rutger could crit twice and still not kill him.

Oh, and the other thief didn't spawn because Percy was chillin on the stairs. I imagine that the moment the thief poked his head out, Percy's horse just trampled on him.


Switch guardian no. 2 holds a brave sword.

Or at least, he did.

I help myself to some much needed loot.

Shin parrots the same line of dialog every character spouts.

And here we are at last.

The two groups of southern reinforcements arrive.

They're okay.

Also, there be dragons.

Look familiar? I'd hope so, because the only difference between Zephiel in hard mode is that he gets 2 HP. That's it. Come on, step it up IntSys. Look at those fuckin' caps, at least give him 30 strength and some more speed.

Anyway, let's clear out this throne room and get to the big guy himself.

Roy of course does the heavy lifting.

Unlike his stats.

Faster, faster!

2/3 possible is good.

And wow, does the Sword of Seals burn fast.

More okayish levels.

More Roy being Roy.

And we're alone at last. Now the-

You are testing my patience, reinforcements...

Luckily a lot of competent people are still roaming the map.

Very competent.

Seriously, just this level up. I'd be fine with it.

Roy starts to throw down with Zeph.

Zeph is actually fairly outmatched. He's not even three-shotting us, and Roy can double him.

Granted a few reinforcements show up to chip in, but...

The big man goes down.

Right, clean up time.


Eh, speed is speed.

Why are you so bad, Dieck?

That takes care of the last of the enemies.

Now I burn a bunch of turns getting Astol over to the other side of the map.

And that's the end of-

Or not. Tune in next time!

Next Time: Lakeside Timeshares with the Enemy.